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Brock Lesnar's Apology Tour

Why does Brock Lesnar feel the need to apologize for UFC 100? Over and over he's had to make a mea culpa to the media. But why? All he did was inject some life into the sport of MMA.

For years MMA stars engaged in "fake" feuds, way faker than pro wrestling. Before the fight, the words would fly faster and more furiously than Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. When the fight was over they would hug and assure the audience that they didn't really mean it and that they were really friends.

Screw that.

When Lesnar was mad at Frank Mir, he really meant it. He beat the hell out of Mir and then got in his face. Mir had disrespected him. Why should he pretend it was all good now?

Lesnar's refreshing attitude is resonating with UFC fans. UFC 100 will likely top 1.5 million buys on PPV. Lesnar will be the biggest star in UFC history by this time next year. What is he apologizing for again?

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