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What I LOVE about Pro Wrestling: Reason One

"I hama Santino Marella anda I hama the best thing in ALL of pro wrestling!"

"I hama Santino Marella anda I hama the best thing in ALL of pro wrestling!"

Throughout the last 5 years or so I have slowly grown disinterested in pro wrestling for various reasons. Raw and Smackdown used to be must-watch TV for me, but as time has gone on I have gotten to a point where I no longer watch Raw live, and more often than not I fast forward through most of the shows that I record on my DVR. Diva matches, lengthy in ring promos, Legacy, none of these things interest me. The one thing that I will stop to watch regardless of the situation is anything involving Santino Marella. Between the comedic timing, the uni brow and the Eurotrash look Santino has carved out a niche as the finest bit of comic relief in wrestling. Is he a good wrestler? Hell if I know. The one thing I am certain of is that the goofy bastard can make me laugh like no one else. Five years ago I would have been dead set against the mere thought of Santino. Back then madeup terms like "moveset" and "workrate" hindered my ability to simply sit back and enjoy wrestling. Santino is living proof that being able to wrestle 5 star wankfests is a fine tool to have as a pro wrestler, but it is not a requisite. So here's to you, Santino, reason #1 of why I LOVE pro wrestling!

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