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"No Man is greater than the Man they call Vader!!"

[dailymotion id=x9uvy0]

Thats a direct quote from Big Van Vader before his tag match with Steve Austin against Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.

I was invited to write here so im going to give it a shot. I'll try to be brief since im sure you are more interested in watching the video.

I've watched wrestling since I was six years old. For most of those years my favorite wrestler has been Leon White aka The Baby Bull aka Bull Power aka Big Van Vader aka Super Vader aka Vader.

What I loved about Vader at his best was he made me believe wrestling was real. I could know for a fact the rest of the show was fake but for the fifteen minutes he was wrestling I had no doubt he really wanted to hurt the guy he was wrestling. Watching his best matches recently that has not really changed. He would deliver brutal beatings but most importantly he would take a brutal beating.

I'm going to link to a few of his matches here. The ones that give you the best idea of why Vader was so awesome.

This is a match from a November 1992 episode of WCW Saturday Night. To set it up, Vader had attacked Sting earlier in the program. In retaliation Sting broke a board over Vader's back hurting him for the first time ever. Harley Race is panicing because Vader has to wrestle Dustin Rhodes in the King of Cable semi final. Race wants the match post poned. Bill Watts refuses and bans Race. Its taking everything Dustin has to hurt even an already injured Vader. Dustin hits the best bulldog I have ever seen. It drives the top of Vader's head right into the mat.

Vader finally takes control of the match, After this Dustin gets whatever offense he can. But its not enough to win. Vader hits a huge clothesline with Dustin taking a crazy 360 bump on the concrete. Vader ends the match with a huge splash off the the second rope.

Even though Vader dominated the match, Dustin still came out looking good. I think thats what separated Vader from most other monster heels. Nobody ever came out of a match or feud with Vader looking bad.

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