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"Don't Worry About It"


Shaq was the special guest host on RAW and John Cena became the #1 contender at Summerslam. What did wrestling's loveable pundits think about it?

Let's find out together.

Todd Martin

Todd liked Shaq, calling him "predictably awesome." But he didn't like the way the WWE continued to bury their young stars.

Jack Swagger and MVP were the younger guys with promise in the beat the clock challenge, and of course they were the ones who were eliminated with minutes left on the challenge. HHH on the other hand, needed to be attacked with a weapon before his match just to explain him not quite winning in time. Miz was treated like a joke again in the main event.

Wade Keller

Keller thought Shaq was good, but didn't like the way the WWE failed to protect the business by putting him over so strong.

I question making Jericho seem so small and intimidated by a basketball player when we're supposed to take him seriously as a physical threat. I know this isn't UFC, but you wouldn't see Matt Hughes or Michael Bisping or Chuck Liddell, despite a size difference, acting so scared of Shaq because they'd be confident they could take him easily

What did you think?

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