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Playboy reaches deal with TNA

Who will be posing for Playboy? (And pics!)

So Cal Val and Traci Brooks both announced today that TNA has reached a deal with Playboy to provide models for the magazine, and they will be the first two. Val has said for months on her personal blog and Twitter that she had been speaking to Playboy reps, but the timing wasn't right. That being said, Traci will be first, and is said to have already had her shoot. That would explain why she now has a prominent role on TNA Impact. Her issue will be the November edition, which means it will hit retail in October. No one in TNA seems to know if their talent will be on the cover, which basically means it won't, as that was one of the first things the WWE made sure to get into their contracts with Playboy. Also, it has been strongly hinted that Christy Hemme will be next, making her second trip to the Playboy Mansion for a photo shoot, as her first was while she was signed with the WWE.

Speaking of the WWE, they had a very lucrative deal with Playboy for years, but the partnership dissolved in order for the WWE to go forward with their pursuit of a TV-PG rating.

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