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Famous Vince McMahon WTFery: WBF 1992

In 1991, Vince McMahon took his longtime creepy adoration of bodybuilding and took it upon himself to start the World Bodybuilding Federation. His idea was to combine wrestling gimmicks and storylines with...dudes flexing a bunch. He got weekly television and cross-promoted like crazy with the WWF. He set up an official line of WBF vitamins and supplements, an official WBF magazine, and lured a bunch of top names away from the established bodybuilding leagues, thus getting them all in major heat and in terrible positions when they had to go crawling back after the WBF eventually (quickly) folded.

Vince managed to put on two PPVs for the WBF Championships, and they feature some of the most awkward, insane, coked-up shit that he's ever produced. Believe me, that's saying something. Please enjoy/be creeped out by the above clip of Berry DeMey's segment of the 1992 show, which features straight-up the first four minutes of a porno (with equivalent acting ability) and then segues into a guy posing while Vince McMahon does his 1990s WWF-style "WOWWWWWW LOOKAT THAT" commentary.


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