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MVP: Don't Be Like Me

Back when he was known as Alvin Burke Jr, WWE Superstar MVP spent almost 10 years in the pokey for kidnapping and armed robbery. After getting out of jail, he joined the only profession that would have him: professional wrestling.

Still, Burke wants the kids to know that his is not the only path to success. Often, you can achieve without having to spend your prime in jail. Burke hosted 10 troubled young men at RAW in Miami, youthful offenders walking the wrong road.

"It was great to spend some time with these young men to set a positive example.

"As WWE superstars we have the unique ability to encourage young people who may be following the wrong path to change their lives for the better.

"Having had the opportunity to change the direction of my own life, it meant a lot to be able to show these young men what they can achieve if they decide to make that change."

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