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Jarrett caught with his fist in Angle's cookie jar.

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Last week, an anonymous TNA Employee called up the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show and claimed Jeff Jarrett has been boning down with Kurt Angle's ex-wife Karen. It's also rumored they are now living together, with Kurt and Karen's children in tow. Now it looks like Jeff Jarrett will be taking a "Leave of absence" from TNA for a little while. The chatter around the ol' internet water cooler points to this being an "If he stays I go" situation and Angle may take over Jarrett's booking duties because he is a big baby who's hating on the player and not the game. Of course, this IS wrestling AND a promotion that employs Vince Russo, so no doubt this will all end up in an angle and we'll probably get to see a Jarrett Vs. Angle "Jarrett's Wife's Corpse On A Pole" stip for the blowoff match.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Observer