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History of Wrestling: Superstar Billy Graham in Florida, "I will break these chains..."

Superstar Billy Graham entered the Florida territory in 1984 after having an unsuccessful couple of years at the box office in the WWF. Having abandoned the classic blond goatee, tie dyed look for black tights and a dubious karate moveset, he worked several short programs in different promotions before being hired by Eddie Graham for his Florida Championship Wrestling. Upon his debut, he joined Kevin Sullivan's "Army of Darkness", known throughtout the country as one of the hottest angles going on in wrestling thanks to Sullivan's pseudo-Satanic promos. Graham was a member of the group for several weeks, often teaming with Sullivan in tag matches, when the following clip happens. In it, Graham watches Sullivan attack Fallen Angel (the late Nancy Benoit) one too many times, and ends up hanging from a leather strap for coming to her defense.

That is not the reason this clip is here, however. No, what follows the hanging and Sullivan's rambling interview is one of the most famous promos ever recorded in wrestling history. It involves Graham, chained to the hot desert floor, making clear that this wouldn't be your everyday feud. It wouldn't even be your average good versus evil. No, this was going to be Jesus Christ taking on Satan, one on one, in a wrestling ring.

I would love to say a match came out of all this that was as good as the interviews from the two men, but there wasn't. They feuded only briefly, before Graham abruptly left for Crockett Promotions, based out of the Carolinas. There, he once again donned the black tights and threw horrible judo chops at "The Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant.

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