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Bobby Lashley Signs With TNA

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Former Wrestlemania 23 headliner and current MMA freakshow Bobby Lashley has officially signed with TNA, reports the Observer. Despite the fact that he appeared on a TNA PPV some months back, it has taken him until now to come to an agreement with the professional wrestling superpower known only as Total Nonstop Action. This is sort of a non-story, as no one cares about Bobby Lashley as a professional wrestler even a little bit. He's going to continue to train and fight as an MMA fighter and continue to be talked about as a potential "dream opponent" for Brock Lesnar by people who have no god damn idea what MMA is. Expect to see the above confused expression roughly every time Bobby Lashley is on camera in TNA. The Orlando studio audience will also mark the first time anyone has ever chanted for Bobby Lashley.