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What should Brock's encore be?

Given the nearly universal praise outside a couple internet dorks about Brock Lesnar's actions last night, the question exists: What can Brock do to keep up the level of interest in himself from the media? I've got a few ideas that are surefire.

-Rape someone. Could be female! Could be male! Hey, if outrageous behavior worked for Mike Tyson, why not Brock? He can take a couple years off and then come back even bigger than before.

-More racial epithets. Imagine Brock facing Kongo. Man, he could really work a heel gimmick talking about how Kongo's musculature is the result of being black. Or picture Cain Velasquez/Brock Lesnar! Illegal immigration is a hot button topic in America, and Lesnar could feed into it and become a huge crossover star with Red State USA. They need a hero. Brock could be their man.

-Make attacks against the general public. A long standing way to draw heat is to make cracks about the people in the arena. Don't just talk about how poor they are: Offer them money, Ted Dibiase style, to do awful things. Since this is the UFC, don't even use actors. Pay off Affliction shirt wearing crowd members to randomly attack other people or drink vile substances, then denigrate them as you hand them money.

-Drive in on a beer truck and splash the Octagon during a prelim. It worked for Steve Austin! Look how well beloved he is by not only Americans, but the respect he recieves around the world.

As you can see, MMA is just scratching the surface. Mainstream credibility, here we come!

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