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Wrestling's First Tweet Showdown

twitterSomehow I don't picture Blackjack Mulligan or the Warlord engaging in an internet battle of words. But effeminate wrestlers Chris Jericho and the Miz took their in ring feud to the internet randomly began an online diss off on Twitter. There's no indication this will lead anywhere or that the two will begin feuding on WWE television anytime soon. It is an interesting way for the WWE to bring back some of the edge to their promotion and get people talking about an otherwise forgettable program. I wonder who has to explain to Vince what a tweet is?

The battle begins after the jump.

Miz: theres a 10 story parkin structure with thousands of fans booing me as i walk to the bus. im awesome

Jericho: you're gay

Miz: u flat iron ur hair n im the gay one?

Jericho: hmmmm good call. Then again u use mounds of sculpting paste to assemble your purple fauxhawk as u admire yourself in the mirror

Miz: if u looked this good u would do the same.

Jericho: if I looked that good I would put a bag on my head

Miz: i cant do this back n forth my dad always taught my to respect the elderly.

Jericho: Did he teach u to say "do u want fries with that?"...might come in handy someday.

Miz: it did come in handy back in 1996 remember those days when u actually had hair. its cool though bald is the new black.

Jericho: And the fauxhawk is the new fanny pack.

Miz: listen clay jericho i mean chris aiken i mean y2gay ryan seacrest called n he wants his highlights back

Jericho: Adam lambert called and he wants you back...

Miz: i ate some bad food i have to go take a chris jericho

Miz: as i sit here in the stalls of jericho i cant get this parasite out does anyone have a code breaker?

Miz: code broken i broke the walls down.

Jericho: Just heard Miz's match tonight in Adelaide was cancelled due to lack of interest...

Jericho: I'm glad Miz thinks of me when he's taking a dumpski. I think of him when I'm banging his mum...

Miz: i just talked to my mom and she said not to worry it happens to alot of guys, you were nervous. Also y does she call u pinky

Jericho: I heard Miz had a barnburner of a match tonight...people ran out and burned their barns in p

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