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Death of a Dude: Arturo Gatti

Note: As requested by management; a do over.

Arturo Gatti was found dead today in a hotel room in Brazil, seemingly of suspicious means. Undoubtedly, Camaros up and down the parking lots of Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, and Wildwood are already having tributes splashed in the windows to their fallen hero, boxing's last Italian/Quebecois Blood And Guts Hero (TM by HBO). No word yet obviously on funeral arrangements, though its certain that when they are made, many New Jersey and Staten Island salons will be jammed with guidos needing to their highlights done for the ceremony.

Gatti will be remembered for his wars, which elevated himself and other second tier fighters to main event and millionaire status, along with a number of controversial issues, such as his heavy alcoholism and reputed cocaine use in the 1990s, his assault on a girlfriend in Atlantic City earlier in the decade, and the infamous Joey Gamache fight, where he was allowed to weigh in without being on a scale and subsequently nearly killed the 20 pound lighter Gamache the following night.

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