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TLC results, live match coverage

Call us fickle, but we love new Daniel Bryan

He may hate us, but we still appreciate the Beard. Who else has impressed you lately in the pro graps game? Come see last week’s results, and cast a vote in this week’s Standings.

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Evolve 117 recap & review: A series of down endings?

Well, no, not quite, but Evolve 117 was a really strong show all the same. Let’s break it down together, folks.

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The Latest

Eddie Kingston makes his Evolve debut, gets called out by Montez Ford

Oh, and Johnny Wrestling is headed back to his old stomping ground next month, too!

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The not-so-little company that cried ‘heat’

WWE’s using Jim Neidhart’s memory to drive a feud between his daughter Natalya & Ruby Riott. Has it made a difference?

A very dramatic video from Nikki Bella, who feels like ‘the phoenix’

This video lacks some perspective but it gives you an insight into Nikki’s thinking.

Despite being part of the bad Raw angle, this should be a great match

We should be more excited for this match and probably would be if it weren’t part of the lame authority angle.

Evolve 117 live results: Aichner vs. Theory vs. Strong

Evolve is back and you can follow along with the best dang wrestling community on the interwebs right here.

WrestleMania push on a pole match

Who will break out of the midcard and who’s headed for the Andre the Giant Memorial? A feud that’s sprung out of the Baron Corbin story has led to a match with a weird stip that might answer that question for Elias and Lashley.

Heath Slater is suddenly a big deal on Raw

Fortunes can change in a hurry in sports entertainment. Here’s three acts who are rising, and three who are falling, after a busy week in WWE.

You need to watch this Becky Lynch edition of WWE Chronicle

It’s as good as you would imagine.

Of Dance Breaks and Fantastic Hats

They may only be in the final because everyone else is injured or in another match, but count your blessings. This is going to be fun!

Two times we were scared somebody was FUBAR at ROH Final Battle

There were probably more than just these two, but these stuck with us.

Ole pottymouth Jericho is back brawling at New Japan press conferences again

The IWGP Intercontinental champ is finally back with the company and building to his Wrestle Kingdom 13 showdown with Naito using some familiar tricks.

It’s a long way back up top if you want the Cruiserweight Championship

Or so Cedric Alexander has learned in the months since he lost the title to Buddy Murphy. Let’s break it down together, folks.

Watch The Elite’s goodbye from ROH Final Battle

See it for yourself (before it shows up on next week’s BTE).

Becky on Nia being irrelevant, why she & Ronda will main event ‘Mania, and how it will end

The Man goes off.

Protect Ya Neck

Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio head into TLC for a chairs match built with a feud which feels like it could have aired on SmackDown in the early aughts.

Evolve 117 & 118 previews: Roderick Strong returns!

Evolve’s closing out the year in style with a double-shot featuring some killer matchups. Let’s break ‘em down together, folks.

The Daily

Talk about stuff here.

Rumor Roundup: Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax, WWE plans in 2019, NXT release, more!

The latest rumors, including why Rousey might be missing house shows, talk of a big idea from WWE in 2019, and more!

TLC predictions

Here’s how our staff of learned pro wrestling blowhards sees it going down.

The Elite thank ROH, tease ‘All Elite’ during Final Battle curtain call

It looks like Cody, The Bucks, Hangman and probably SCU are all done with Ring of Honor after Friday’s PPV. What’s next? Their farewell didn’t feature any official announcements, but it’s clear what they want us to think...

Impact Wrestling’s numbers increased for their last real show of the year

The bump even came against a very popular football game.

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Can we get excited for new Raw tag team champs?

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable have an uphill climb to restore credibility but they look up to the task. Plus, the latest rankings!

Predicting the match order at TLC

When will Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins take place on this pay-per-view?

ROH Final Battle live results: Cody vs. Lethal, more!

It’s Ring of Honor’s marquee event of the year, and it could be the last time we see most of The Elite in the promotion.

Vince McMahon returns to Raw next week

Ratings are down, so a McMahon is coming back!

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Writing pro wrestling

The nature of what writers for a promotion like WWE are asked to do makes it damn near impossible to be consistently excellent, or even very good.

Cody’s reason for not working ROH’s MSG show points to All Elite Wrestling

Rhodes already said he wasn’t going to work G1 Supercard on WrestleMania. His explanation on the eve of Final Battle sheds some light on why, and what that mean for his future plans.

Becky responds to those ‘bitching about how I buried them on Twitter’

The Man explains how, and why, she uses social media so expertly.

Bobby Lashley is out here promoting TLC with his ass

It’s an All Mighty butt. Is it helping you decide to watch Sunday’s PPV?

Has the WWE Universal title lost its prestige?

Who will be king of the blue brand?

Creating Raw is hard, and that has nothing to do with saying it sucks

The challenges of putting out five hours of TV a week are many, and interesting to pick apart. They’re also of no concern to the customer who’s decided to stop watching a crappy show.


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