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Rumor Roundup: Legends at WrestleMania 35, WWE changing plans, Undertaker, more!

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MLW Roundup: LA Park vs Mance Warner death match, NYC updates, new shirts

The Sat., Mar. 23 episode of MLW Fusion will feature a skeleton man against a lite beer connoisseur... and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Braun Strowman smashed Colin Jost’s car to sell toys

Something to keep in mind the next time you wonder ‘who are they writing this show for!?!?’

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New Japan Cup Night 11 results: Okada vs. Ishii

New Japan Cup rolls on with the eleventh of twelve shows. Come follow along!

Evolve 123 & 124 recap & review: No more Mr. Nice Guy

Anthony Henry’s getting real shot down and he’s feeling mean, folks. Let’s break Evolve’s last weekend before the big one down together.

Sting still only willing to come out of retirement for Undertaker

It’s almost certainly never going to happen, but on the off chance it could, he’s willing.

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WWE needs a cooler

An idea for a character WWE hasn't tapped into.

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WWE has lost control of the narrative

An ongoing issue with WWE.

Baron Corbin is trying, bless his heart

John Cena, however, speaks for us all.

Becky: I’ve been told to ‘go easier’ on Ronda & Travis, they’re ‘getting upset’

A tweet which will probably re-start the social media wars claims the husband and wife can’t handle how savage The Man was being toward them.

The latest sign the AEW roster will wrestle for other promotions

Kenny Omega sent word to DDT that recent All Elite signee Michael Nakazawa can still work there... and that he might be back, too. Now, about New Japan...

One of WWE’s best heels is gonna have to come back as a big babyface

Even without sympathetic coverage of his injury, Tommaso Ciampa was likely to return to an initial pop. With NXT painting him as a dreamer fighting an uphill battle, it might be more than just initial.

Becky Lynch turns heel

It was a heel turn when Durant signed with Golden State, right? Why should The Man be treated any differently.

Hogan reportedly working WrestleMania weekend

Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania returns to the event his popularity made possible back in the 80s?

Robbie E made his NXT debut as a capri pants-wearing manager

The Robert Strauss brand is the latest sign managers are coming back to WWE, at least on the black-and-gold brands.

‘Ronda on the Road’ is the weirdest damn thing

I don’t know if it’s because it’s an expertly crafted worked shoot or a train wreck, but I can’t look away.

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NXT UK recap and reactions: Collision course

The set-up for the TakeOver match between Pete Dunne and WALTER is just the tip of the iceberg for a strong episode which also features Kassius Ohno, Eddie Dennis and more!

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Rumor Roundup: John Cena plan, WrestleMania 35 matches, Allie, more!

The latest rumors, including if John Cena is still planned to work WrestleMania 35, what other matches to expect on the show, and more!

Unsure on WM 35, Undertaker reportedly returning for next Saudi Arabia show

WWE wants The Undertaker back in time for their first Saudi Arabia show of 2019.

More WWE superstars come out in support of Kofi, Big E’s statement

The Kofi Mania story is evolving and touching on topics WWE is usually not comfortable talking about.

Jim Ross confirms contract talks with AEW

Has AEW found the voice for their promotion?

Body cam video of Jimmy Uso’s arrest has been released

New footage of Jimmy Uso’s arrest is here.

This is the babyface Miz we’ve all been waiting for

The Miz is having way too much fun being a babyface.

Two-time Impact Knockouts Champion inks deal with AEW

AEW makes another move to grow their women’s division.

NXT announces another title match for TakeOver: New York

TakeOver: New York gets its fifth and possible final match for the card.

Another sign Bray Wyatt may or may not be returning soon

Maybe creative finally has something for Bray Wyatt.

Alexa Bliss on her wrestling future: ‘It just depends’

In a new interview, the five-time Women’s champ talked transitioning to a non-wrestling role, and said she’s ready to jump back in the ring if that’s what the story calls for.

Sermon on the Mat: ...and now for something completely different!

WSU returns after a nine-month hiatus, Alpha-1 brings NXT UK talent in and more this week. C’mon and find something new to watch, folks!

Hijo del Fantasma gone from AAA, now an independent

The luchador many American fans know as Lucha Underground’s King Cuerno is freelancing - at a time when lots of companies are hiring and booking talent.

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New Japan Cup Night 10 results: Tanahashi vs. Sabre

New Japan Cup rolls on with the tenth of twelve shows. Come follow along!

NXT recap & reactions: Slump buster

NXT set up their TakeOver title match this week.

Rumor Roundup: Saudi Arabia vs. ‘Mania, Gargano plans, Bash at the Beach

The latest rumors, including what WWE’s biggest money making show is in 2019, a sign this year’s WrestleMania card is coming together later, how Ciampa’s injury has changed things for his old tag partner, lots of AEW items, and more!


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