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Rumor Roundup: NXT, Xavier Woods injury, WWE Network updates, more!

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SmackDown tag team title match set for TLC

It’s a match you’ve seen a few times already, but it should be good!

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A grown man just got a spanking in the ring on SmackDown

A headline made possible by Vince McMahon.

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The Latest

ACH goes in depth on his issues with ROH, Jay Lethal

In a series of tweets, the new MLW signee called his time with Ring of Honor the worst of his career, and documented some of why he dislikes one of the company’s top stars.

WWE finally makes a match official for TLC

It only took until just over one week to showtime to get the first match announced.

AAA Lucha Capital 2 Finale: Hijo del Vikingo wins, Big Mami robbed

The tournament is over, after episode 8 gave us nine luchadores and three luchadoras vying for the honor to be crowned Lucha Capital champion.

The Britt Baker challenge has come full circle

The WWE star the AEW star was concerned about when she was shown on WWE TV has now posed like the AEW star after AEW poked fun at her appearing on WWE TV. Shut it down.

Teddy Hart out, ACH in with MLW

Big personnel moves from Court Bauer’s fed.

NXT showed off its awesome women's division with an all-woman house show

It wasn’t Evolution 2, but it was pretty damn cool. And proof the future is bright.

Impact Wrestling recap & reactions: ODB returns

The big story was helping Eric Young’s kayfabe old lady get her food truck business restarted after a fire, but there was also a slamming three-way, amusing talk of mizarks and rizats, and much more!

Killian Dain lands on people, they land on NXT’s injury report

Damian Priest was pulled from his schedule match with the Beast of Belfast due to a rib injury. Wanna guess what Priest’s replacement Pete Dunne is now selling?

Dynamite highlights: Mox looks unstoppable, Cody makes MJF an offer, more!

All Elite is back with a full playlist of the best bits from another quality two hours of wrestling on Dec. 4..

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Evolve 141 & 142 previews: WALTER and Timothy Thatcher return!

Timothy Thatcher is back, baby! Evolve’s got another big weekend of action and we’re here to break it down for you, folks.

I’m kinda dreading Daniel Bryan’s new look

We look at how Bryan’s character is always tied to his look as we preview tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

The Daily

Talk about stuff here.

World Tag League night sixteen results: Chaos vs. Suzuki-gun

Enjoy the another day of matches in New Japan’s tag team round-robin tournament along with the best pro wrestling community on the internet!

Flair & Graves agree she’s just going through the motions

Corey Graves’ attempt at a Charlotte Flair hot take only points out bigger problems inside WWE creative.

Mike Kanellis denies rumors he asked for WWE release due to storylines

Another interview and another point of view on Mike Kanellis and his last few months with WWE.

AEW Dynamite Fallout: MJF and Bunny, Butcher & Blade, Nyla suspended, Fenix as The Rock

The action doesn’t only take place on TNT, and we’ve got you covered with pertinent & fun bits you may have missed.

For the first time in two weeks, AEW tops NXT in viewership

Both shows bounce back from Thanksgiving Eve, but one was a little more bouncy.

Ziggler is probably losing to Reigns Friday on SmackDown

WWE books a match for Friday, but it feels like fans have seen this one plenty of times before.

CM Punk on Hulk Hogan: ‘I’ve met him, and like him even less now’

Getting the feeling that CM Punk does not like Hulk Hogan the character or the human being.

Big E had the same reaction as everyone when Brock beat Kofi

Why did Kofi Kingston have to get squashed like that?

Mauro Ranallo receives a standing ovation from NXT crowd

A very cool gesture for a returning Mauro Ranallo on Wednesday night.

MLW Opera Cup preview, plus insights from MLW’s Myron Reed, Savio Vega and Richard Holliday

Sermon on the Mat: Tomorrow comes today!

Slow week as we move deeper into the holiday season, but with Tournament For Tomorrow coming back we’ve got plenty to look forward to. C’mon and find something new to watch!

NXT highlights: Lee’s rise, Yim & Kai brawl, Kushida & Kassius return

See anything you may have missed from another quality two hours (and eight minutes) of wrestling on Dec. 4.

The Daily

Talk about stuff here.

Poll: Did AEW or NXT deliver the better show on Dec. 4?

Who won week 10 of the Wednesday Night War?

NXT recap: The Keith Lee Show

Keith Lee’s ascension to the top is something else.

Rumor Roundup: Lashley/Lana arrest, what Vince likes & doesn’t, AEW buyer’s remorse

The latest rumors, including what angle the Chairman loves these days, a performer he’s not high on, why Marty Scurll to AEW might not be a done deal, and more!

World Tag League night fifteen results: FinJuice vs. Suzuki-gun

Enjoy the another day of matches in New Japan’s tag team round-robin tournament along with the best pro wrestling community on the internet!

Dynamite recap: Women’s division on the rise

In addition to the women getting story development, Dec. 4 saw Cody descending into desperation, Jungle Boy becoming a Jungle Man, and Mox wrecking another challenger to his tough guy throne.

Voting is now open for NXT's 2019 Year-End Awards

Check out your choices and find out what hashtags you need to place your vote!

Hardy Boyz 2.0 is now a trios act

We anxiously await Bartie’s first victory over Drake Maverick.


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