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Rumor Roundup: Raw turns, Crown Jewel status, Bliss & Mysterio absences, Taker schedule

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Evolution confirms how underserved SmackDown’s women’s undercard is

The Women’s title feud is fire, but then what? We talk that, the latest Crown Jewel drama and more in our preview for Oct. 23.

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Support for Roman’s leukemia fight keeps on coming from all over the globe

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SmackDown Live results: Evolution go home show

Follow along with this week’s episode of "SmackDown," the last stop before "Evolution."

I just want to watch everyone hug Roman Reigns forever

The outpouring of love and support after his heartbreaking announcement is so endearing.

Ambrose turns on Rollins seconds after they win tag titles

Damn you Dean Ambrose. Not tonight. Not like this.

Nikki Bella slaps the taste out of Ronda Rousey’s mouth

And it was a stiff slap.

Did Elias just turn face?

Elias may be turning a corner and we’re into it.

McIntyre spoils Braun-Heyman segment with a nasty Claymore kick

We are ready for a fully fleshed out Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman feud.

I lost it when Seth Rollins did

The pain of cancer has touched so many, and Rollins’ visceral response to his friend’s diagnosis took me back to how it touched me.

Brock, Braun to go one-on-one for vacant Universal title at Crown Jewel

After Roman Reigns’ shocking announcement, WWE went with the most obvious solution to determining the next Universal champion.

Brothers of Destruction get last word in odd promo battle with DX

The feud between Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Kane is failing. What can the WWE do to save it?

Wrestling world reacts to Roman Reigns’ leukemia fight

We’re all somewhere between Dean Ambrose’s stunned stare and Seth Rollins’ devastated tears...

WWE releases statement on Reigns’ fight against leukemia

He is bringing awareness to the disease.

Roman Reigns reveals he has leukemia

He has relinquished the Universal championship, but maintains this is not a retirement.

Raw results, live blog: Evolution go home show

Follow along with this week’s episode of "Raw," the last stop before "Evolution."

I need more in character Wyatt commentary on NFL personnel decisions

It’s not like he’s doing anything on WWE television these days.

Featured Fanshot

A timely John Cena tweet


The kind of press release you get when you write about pro wrestling

Pro wrestling is one hell of a business.

DX, tag title match, contract signing announced for Raw

WWE waited until the last minute but they’ve booked a full card for this week’s episode of "Raw."

More conflicting reports on Roman Reigns’ status

He’s reportedly at Raw and may not be injured after all.

Sounds like we could be getting Rhodes vs. Aldis III

NWA owner Billy Corgan hints as much in his reflection on the company’s first PPV under his stewardship, which also comments on the production issues which afflicted the broadcast.

Report: Reigns injury, Cena & Bryan refusals leave Crown Jewel ‘in trouble’

WWE’s Saudi Arabia woes continue.

An unsurprising six-woman tag team match announced for Evolution

You knew this was coming!

The McMahons sure do love dancing

My god, it’s full of GIFs.

Who does & doesn’t show up for Raw could be very interesting (spoilers)

Some not surprising names are reportedly on-hand in Providence for the Oct. 22 show, but some surprising ones could be missing. UPDATED: With some possibly conflicting reports about a certain Big Dog.

James Ellsworth had himself a wild week

Jimmy Dream is in demand in 2018.

Fox said to want Cormier calling a sports-like SmackDown; what does that mean?

DC on the mic sounds great, but we’re gonna need more details before we get too excited about the plans to give the blue brand ‘more of a sports presentation’.

The NWA definitely did a couple things right with their 70th Anniversary PPV

The main event winner puzzled some fans (although maybe that was the point?) and production issues plagued the broadcast, but the night had some high points.

WWE should learn lessons from Evolution feuds

Raw is skipping over the build to Crown Jewel’s Universal title match

Who’s Braun Strowman facing at Crown Jewel? The hype for Oct. 22 might make you think it’s Drew McIntyre. More on that, and the rest of the curious booking we’ve been getting on Monday nights, inside.

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This Ronda Rousey-Nikki Bella feud rules

If I didn’t know better, I might think they really hate each other, and that’s all I want from my pro wrestling.

Rumor Roundup: WrestleMania 35 main event, McIntyre, WWE filming house shows, more!

The latest rumors, including talk of the WrestleMania 35 main event, what may be in Drew McIntyre’s future, why WWE is filming house shows, and more!


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