WWE names the 50 'coolest' maneuvers of all time

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This is a cool list.

If you've spent any time here at Cageside Seats, you know we're big marks for countdown style lists and to that end, WWE.com never disappoints. The latest in the long line of fodder for the new WWE Countdown show on the Network focuses on the 50 "coolest" maneuvers of all time.

Don't confuse that with finishers, though they are included. Just think of each wrestlers signature moves and imagine what a list like that would look like.

Or just read it below. Remember to head over to WWE.com for a complete breakdown.

50. Ultimate Warrior's Gorilla Press Slam
49. Victoria's Widow's Peak
48. JBL's Clothesline from Hell
47. Daniel Bryan's "Air Goat" (Suicide dive)
46. Dean Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf
45. Roman Reigns Superman Punch
44. Arn Anderson's Spinebuster
43. Mick Foley's Cactus Elbow
42. Undertaker's Old School
41. Killer Kowalski's Stomach Claw
40. Christian's Killswitch
39. Booker T's Harlem Hangover
38. Carlito's Backstabber
37. Chris Jericho's Lionsault
36. Tazz's Tazzplex
35. Cesaro's Very European Uppercut
34. Mankind's Mandible Claw
33. The Brian Kendrick's Sliced Bread #2
32. Ultimo Dragon's Dragon Sleeper
31. Eddie Guerrero's Three Amigos
30. Kaval's Warrior's Way
29. The Great Muta's Asian Mist
28. Lance Storm's Rolling Single Leg Boston Crab
27. Umaga's Samoan Drop
26. Bret Hart's Ringpost Figure Four Leglock
25. Jimmy Snuka's Superfly Splash
24. Paul Orndorff's Piledriver
23. Tajiri's Tarantula
22. Saturn's Death Valley Driver
21. Sabu's Triple Jump Moonsault
20. Batista's Batista Bomb
19. Scorpio's 450 Splash
18. Brock Lesnar's F-5
17. Rob Van Dam's Five-Star Frog Splash
16. Kane's Chokeslam from Hell
15. Cesaro's Cesaro Swing
14. Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music
13. Scott Hall's Razor's Edge
12. Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb
11. Randy Orton's RKO
10. Goldberg's Spear
9. Rob Van Dam's Van Terminator
8. Scott Steiner's Frankensteiner
7. Mr. Perfect's Perfect-Plex
6. Macho Man Randy Savage's Top Rope Elbow Drop
5. Bret Hart's Sharpshooter
4. Undertaker's Tombstone
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner
2. Evan Bourne's Air Bourne
1. Jake "The Snake" Roberts' DDT

At a glance, there are a few issues at play here. Orton's RKO making number 11 while Diamond Dallas Page's Diamond Cutter is nowhere to be found is indefensible. Triple H fails to make the list despite having an awesome finisher. Batista's powerbomb is far too high.

And where the hell is the Tombstone?

Then again, it's good to see Kaval get some love, Bourne be given a high placement for his big spot, and Roberts' get the recognition his flawless DDT deserves.

Your thought on this, Cagesiders?

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