Stone Cold Steve Austin talks 'interesting' atmosphere backstage at WWE, wrestlers walking on eggshells

Gage Skidmore at Wikimedia Commons

Good old Stone Cold was at "Monday Night Raw" this week and he had some thoughts on his experience that you need to hear.

Just this past Monday night (Feb. 10, 2014), WWE ran Raw at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Because of that, Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up backstage to tape content for his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, with various wrestlers (John Cena, Big Show) and managers (Zeb Colter) while shooting the breeze with all the wrestlers running around throughout the evening.

Well, today's Steve Austin Show: Unleashed dropped and Austin had an interesting take on what the atmosphere was like:

"It was a pretty interesting atmosphere there. As I say in some of the interviews to come with some of the talent that I just talked about with Dutch Mantell, Zeb, with John Cena with Big Show with Steve Regal, you know, some people are walking on eggshells over there a little bit. There's only one game in town. The WWE superstars hold themselves to a very high degree of professionalism there but maybe somewhat walking on eggshells, afraid to piss anybody off because there really are no other options when you get booted out of WWE. Hopefully these cats will start taking chances, or chances within reason. And if their gimmicks aren't so great to rethink these gimmicks and present them to Vince, who is a business man and will take the time to listen to anybody who's got an idea. That's the thing about Vince, he's always willing to listen to an idea. He's busier than a son of a bitch right now with this network about to launch. He seemed a little preoccupied when I talked to him and I think he's got a lot on his plate and a lot going on."

He also talked about the roster being thin but the top of the card being wide open for someone to break through:

"Now, it's true that the powers that be do not believe in certain people. It is up to the talent to make management believe in them and give them a push. There is a pretty thin roster of talent in that locker room. There's a lot of guys and gals, but when you talk about the cream of the crop, you're talking about the best. Vince McMahon will let anybody be a star that has the potential to be a star. ... The doors are wide open, the ceiling is unlimited."

And we have to pass along this hot take of his on WWE booking Rey Mysterio in the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble match and why it was a bad decision:

"That guy's had an incredible career and I laughed at old Rey Rey and said 'god damn, Rey, number 30 in the Royal Rumble, who in the fuck do you got heat with?' And I told Vince, I said 'god damn, Vince, I wasn't doing nothing, if you need a god damn 30 spot in a Royal Rumble throw down a phone call. I'll put my god damn knee braces in the bag, and fly down to be your number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble'. I said 'don't fuck Rey over like that; shit, Rey's a god damn babyface.' They should have stuck a heel in that spot. So Rey Rey was laughing and he rode off into the sunset and that just goes back to booking, man. You can't have a cat like Rey Mysterio in the number 30 spot when the whole crowd is wanting and cheering for Daniel Bryan to come join the Royal Rumble and throw a bunch of trash over the top ropes and go to the main event in WrestleMania. I still don't understand that booking decision. That would have been a very opportune spot for a real hot heel. That would have been a very good spot for one Wade Barrett. Make him the number 30 spot, let the people boo him, that's what they're trying to do anyway. Common sense booking, shit."

The entire podcast is well worth the listen, and you can do that below.

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