Daniel Bryan joins The Wyatt Family: Mick Foley argues in favor of it


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is taking a different approach to Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family and looking at a way that this could be best for business.

Just this past Monday night on RawDaniel Bryan finally gave in to Bray Wyatt's advances and joined The Wyatt Family (read why you should be excited, and maybe a little afraid, by clicking here). There has been some debate regarding whether or not a heel turn took place. The Wyatts are bad guys, after all, and Bryan just aligned with them.

But that's not really the story that's being told.

Bryan hasn't necessarily turned his back on the fans; he's simply given up on his fight against the so called "machine". He didn't sell his soul to the cult leader so much as outright give it away. The set up certainly seems to point to Bryan eventually finding himself once again and relighting the inner fire that took him to the top in 2013.

He could help "make" Bray Wyatt along the way.

That's what WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is arguing, at least. From a recent Facebook post:

For the record, I am a huge daniel Bryan fan. I thought a Bryan win would have been best for business at "Hell in a Cell". I think Bryan winning the Royal Rumble, and the potential of 75,000 strong in New Orleans chanting "YES" at the conclusion of Wrestlemania - providing an image for the ages....and sending people home HAPPY - will be what's best for business in April. But could this recent turn of events with Bray Wyatt be what's best for business now?

It could be.

Personally, I see the WWE World heavyweight Championship in Daniel Bryan's future. But in the meantime, he has a chance to do something almost as important and prestigious; he has a chance to help MAKE somebody.

Last month, I mentioned that Bray Wyatt (yeah, I know I called him Way Bryatt on the TLC PPV) had that "IT" thing - those tricky two letters that can spell the difference betweeen a talented performer and a star, between an asset to the company and a main eventer. But even a peformer with that "IT" factor needs something else to get them there - a bridge of sorts to get lead them on that next step of the journey. Every performer in our business needs that intense personal issue, that rivalry, that FEUD that truly puts them on the main event map.

I was lucky enough to have had those feuds at the right times along the way. I was lucky wnough to have had those feuds when I needed them - with Sting in 1991, and with The Undertaker in 1996 - the right opponents at the right time to put me on the main event map. I like to think that I was that right person at the right time for a few people over the years. It's an honor I take great pride in.

Daniel Bryan has that chance. It's not easy. But do I think he's up to it? YES, YES, YES!

If done right, Wyatt could help catapult Bryan back to the top of the card and get him over even further while Bryan can return the favor and cement Wyatt has a top star with whom he can feud with over the next five years at the same time.

That's a win for everyone.

As Foley mentions, though, it's not easy and requires the story to be told well (so far so good), patience on part of those in charge (so far so good), a great match or two during the program (not yet and an iffy proposition), and a big payoff (not even close and a bad track record doesn't bode well for it).

There's a ton of potential here. Let's hope Foley's wishes come true.

Because it most definitely would be best for business.

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