The Complete List of WWE's 2013 PPV Match Times

Ed Webster

Here is a listing of the match times for every single WWE Pay-Per-View match from 2013, as well as individual match times for every single wrestler. Can you guess which superstar finished with the most ring time?

WWE hosted 12 unique pay-per-view (PPV) events in 2013, spanning 88 total matches. These 88 matches combined for a total bell-to-bell time of 19 hours (h) 33 minutes (m) 43 seconds (s), resulting in an average match time of 13m 20s. Here is the complete sorted list of match times (this does not count any pre-show matches):

  1. 55m 07s: Royal Rumble match (Royal Rumble)
  2. 31m 19s: Elimination Chamber match (Elimination Chamber)
  3. 26m 55s: Cena vs Bryan (SummerSlam)
  4. 26m 38s: WWE Championship MITB match (Money in the Bank)
  5. 25m 17s: Lesnar vs Punk (SummerSlam)
  6. 24m 35s: Orton vs Cena (TLC)
  7. 24m 01s: Bryan vs Orton (Battleground)
  8. 24m 00s: Rock vs Cena (WrestleMania 29)
  9. 24m 00s: Lesnar vs HHH (WrestleMania 29)
  10. 23m 25s: Shield/Cesaro/Swagger vs Rey/Usos/Cody/Goldust (Survivor Series)
  11. 23m 20s: Punk vs Rock (Royal Rumble)
  12. 22m 09s: Bryan vs Orton (Hell in a Cell)
  13. 22m 08s: Undertaker vs Punk (WrestleMania 29)
  14. 21m 21s: Punk vs Jericho (Payback)
  15. 21m 14s: Cena vs Ryback (Extreme Rules)
  16. 21m 07s: Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination (TLC)
  17. 21m 00s: Cena vs Ryback (Payback)
  18. 20m 56s: Rock vs Punk (Elimination Chamber)
  19. 20m 10s: Lesnar vs HHH (Extreme Rules)
  20. 18m 48s: Cena vs Del Rio (Survivor Series)
  21. 17m 33s: Orton vs Bryan (Night of Champions)
  22. 16m 58s: Del Rio vs Big Show (Royal Rumble)
  23. 16m 52s: Punk/Bryan vs Rowan/Harper (Survivor Series)
  24. 16m 24s: WHC MITB match (Money in the Bank)
  25. 16m 03s: Del Rio vs RVD (Battleground)
  26. 15m 44s: Punk vs Heyman/Axel (Night of Champions)
  27. 15m 18s: Del Rio vs Cena (Hell in a Cell)
  28. 14m 51s: Shield vs Cena/Sheamus/Ryback (Elimination Chamber)
  29. 14m 48s: Punk vs Ryback (Battleground)
  30. 14m 43s: Cena vs Henry (Money in the Bank)
  31. 14m 39s: Shield vs Usos vs Cody/Goldust (Hell in a Cell)
  32. 14m 28s: Del Rio vs Ziggler (Money in the Bank)
  33. 13m 55s: Shield vs Cody/Goldust (Battleground)
  34. 13m 55s: Axel vs Kingston (Night of Champions)
  35. 13m 51s: Punk vs Heyman/Ryback (Hell in a Cell)
  36. 13m 50s: Ziggler vs Del Rio (Payback)
  37. 13m 41s: Punk vs Shield (TLC)
  38. 13m 25s: Del Rio vs RVD (Night of Champions)
  39. 13m 05s: Del Rio vs Big Show (Elimination Chamber)
  40. 13m 02s: Orton vs Big Show (Extreme Rules)
  41. 12m 30s: Del Rio vs Christian (SummerSlam)
  42. 12m 25s: Bryan vs Wyatt Family (TLC)
  43. 12m 10s: Shield vs Bryan/Orton (Payback)
  44. 11m 30s: Total Divas vs True Divas (Survivor Series)
  45. 11m 22s: Jericho vs Ryback (Money in the Bank)
  46. 11m 20s: Del Rio vs Swagger (Extreme Rules)
  47. 11m 10s: Orton vs Big Show (Survivor Series)
  48. 10m 36s: Shield vs Sheamus/Orton/BigShow (WrestleMania 29)
  49. 10m 36s: Axel vs Miz vs Barrett (Payback)
  50. 10m 29s: Del Rio vs Swagger (WrestleMania 29)
  51. 9m 56s: Kaitlyn vs AJ (Payback)
  52. 9m 46s: Ambrose vs Ziggler (Night of Champions)
  53. 9m 34s: Ambrose vs Kane (Payback)
  54. 9m 25s: Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars (Royal Rumble)
  55. 9m 19s: Axel vs Miz (Money in the Bank)
  56. 9m 13s: Jericho vs Fandango (WrestleMania 29)
  57. 8m 41s: Ambrose vs Langston (Hell in a Cell)
  58. 8m 36s: Jericho vs Fandango (Extreme Rules)
  59. 8m 21s: Cesaro vs Miz (Elimination Chamber)
  60. 8m 18s: Bray Wyatt vs Kingston (Battleground)
  61. 8m 03s: Henry vs Ryback (WrestleMania 29)
  62. 8m 01s: Kingston vs Miz (TLC)
  63. 7m 59s: Sheamus vs Henry (Extreme Rules)
  64. 7m 49s: Kane vs Bray Wyatt (SummerSlam)
  65. 7m 49s: Miz vs Fandango (Night of Champions)
  66. 7m 40s: Axel vs Truth (Battleground)
  67. 7m 27s: Shield vs Prime Time Players (Night of Champions)
  68. 7m 25s: Team Hell No vs Shield (Extreme Rules)
  69. 7m 07s: Cesaro/Swagger vs Santino/Khali (Battleground)
  70. 7m 03s: AJ vs Kaitlyn (Money in the Bank)
  71. 6m 49s: Kingston vs Ambrose (Extreme Rules)
  72. 6m 45s: Kaitlyn/Ziggler vs AJ/Langston (SummerSlam)
  73. 6m 40s: Sandow vs Cody (SummerSlam)
  74. 6m 39s: AJ vs Brie (Battleground)
  75. 6m 35s: AJ vs Natalya (TLC)
  76. 6m 28s: Langston vs Sandow (TLC)
  77. 6m 18s: Team Hell No vs Ziggler/Langston (WrestleMania 29)
  78. 6m 02s: Truth vs Brodus (TLC)
  79. 5m 57s: Langston vs Axel (Survivor Series)
  80. 5m 53s: Los Matadores vs Real Americans (Hell in a Cell)
  81. 5m 35s: AJ vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie (Night of Champions)
  82. 5m 33s: AJ vs Brie (Hell in a Cell)
  83. 5m 19s: Natalya vs Brie (SummerSlam)
  84. 4m 48s: Natalya and Khali vs Summer Rae and Fandango (Hell in a Cell)
  85. 4m 48s: Henry vs Ryback (Survivor Series)
  86. 3m 56s: Ziggler vs Kingston (Elimination Chamber)
  87. 3m 15s: Kaitlyn vs Tamina (Elimination Chamber)
  88. 0m 08s: Bryan vs Orton (SummerSlam)

The list above shows that 25% of the matches fall between each of the following time ranges:

  • 0m 08s to 7m 34s
  • 7m 34s to 11m 26s
  • 11m 26s to 16m 55s
  • 16m 55s to 55m 07s

The fact that the median time (11m 26s) is nearly two minutes below the average match time of 13m 20s is a direct result of the large amount of time that is allocated for the main event matches.

Cumulative and Average Match Times

Here is the sorted list of total match times for each individual performer, along with their won-loss record.

[For elimination matches, survival time was used as a performer's match time. There were six of these elimination matches: Royal Rumble match, Elimination Chamber match, Punk vs Heyman/Axel, both Survivor Series elimination tag team matches, and the Fatal 4-Way tag team match at TLC.]

  1. 3h 34m 36s: CM Punk (5-6)
  2. 3h 27m 35s: John Cena (6-3-1)
  3. 3h 25m 16s: Daniel Bryan (5-8-1)
  4. 3h 10m 55s: Randy Orton (6-5-1)
  5. 2h 36m 14s: Alberto Del Rio (8-3)
  6. 2h 09m 40s: Chris Jericho (1-5)
  7. 2h 05m 24s: Cody Rhodes (4-4)
  8. 2h 04m 57s: Ryback (1-8-1)
  9. 1h 58m 09s: Roman Reigns (6-3)
  10. 1h 54m 28s: Seth Rollins (6-3)
  11. 1h 44m 51s: Dolph Ziggler (2-5)
  12. 1h 39m 24s: Jack Swagger (3-5)
  13. 1h 37m 20s: Sheamus (1-4)
  14. 1h 32m 36s: Dean Ambrose (6-3)
  15. 1h 25m 58s: Big Show (0-6)
  16. 1h 21m 55s: Goldust (3-2)
  17. 1h 09m 59s: Antonio Cesaro (3-4)
  18. 1h 09m 27s: Brock Lesnar (2-1)
  19. 1h 08m 16s: The Rock (2-1)
  20. 1h 04m 07s: Curtis Axel (5-2)
  21. 1h 02m 06s: Kofi Kingston (1-5)
  22. 59m 36s: AJ Lee (6-2)
  23. 56m 06s: Rob Van Dam (1-2)
  24. 55m 11s: Damien Sandow (1-4)
  25. 55m 07s: Rey Mysterio (0-3)
  26. 52m 02s: Kane (2-5)
  27. 48m 48s: The Miz (1-5)
  28. 46m 50s: Fandango (2-3)
  29. 44m 10s: Wade Barrett (0-3)
  30. 44m 10s: Triple H (1-1)
  31. 42m 53s: Mark Henry (2-3)
  32. 39m 08s: Christian (0-2)
  33. 34m 09s: Big E. Langston (3-2)
  34. 33m 47s: Natalya (2-3)
  35. 32m 12s: Kaitlyn (2-3)
  36. 31m 27s: Jey Uso (0-2)
  37. 29m 35s: Paul Heyman (1-1)
  38. 29m 17s: Luke Harper (1-1)
  39. 29m 17s: Erick Rowan (1-1)
  40. 29m 14s: Jimmy Uso (0-2)
  41. 28m 49s: Brie Bella (1-4)
  42. 28m 32s: Bray Wyatt (3-0)
  43. 22m 08s: The Undertaker (1-0)
  44. 21m 33s: Bo Dallas (0-1)
  45. 15m 36s: Heath Slater (0-1)
  46. 14m 46s: Titus O'Neil (0-2)
  47. 14m 37s: The Great Khali (0-3)
  48. 14m 06s: Tamina (0-2)
  49. 13m 42s: R-Truth (1-1)
  50. 11m 30s: Nikki Bella (1-0)
  51. 10m 10s: Naomi (1-1)
  52. 10m 08s: Darren Young (0-2)
  53. 9m 29s: JoJo (1-0)
  54. 9m 20s: Brodus Clay (0-2)
  55. 8m 17s: Summer Rae (1-1)
  56. 7m 48s: Santino Marella (0-2)
  57. 6m 06s: Aksana (0-1)
  58. 5m 53s: Diego (1-0)
  59. 5m 53s: Fernando (1-0)
  60. 5m 27s: Tensai (0-1)
  61. 4m 05s: David Otunga (0-1)
  62. 4m 03s: Eva Marie (1-0)
  63. 3m 05s: Sin Cara (0-1)
  64. 2m 47s: Rosa Mendes (0-1)
  65. 2m 30s: Drew McIntyre (0-1)
  66. 2m 29s: Cameron (1-0)
  67. 2m 26s: Zack Ryder (0-1)
  68. 1m 58s: Jinder Mahal (0-1)
  69. 1m 25s: Alicia Fox (0-1)
  70. 0m 05s: The Godfather (0-1)

And here is a listing of the number of matches each superstar or diva competed in:

  • 14 matches: Bryan
  • 12 matches: Orton
  • 11 matches: Punk, Del Rio
  • 10 matches: Cena, Ryback
  • 9 matches: Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose
  • 8 matches: AJ, Swagger, Cody
  • 7 matches: Axel, Ziggler, Kane, Cesaro
  • 6 matches: Jericho, Miz, Kingston, Big Show
  • 5 matches: Sheamus, Goldust, Sandow, Fandango, Henry, Langston, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Brie
  • 3 matches: Lesnar, Rock, RVD, Mysterio, Barrett, Bray, Khali
  • 2 matches:  HHH, Christian, Heyman, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Rowan, Harper, Titus, Tamina, Truth, Naomi, D-Young, Brodus, Summer Rae, Santino
  • 1 match:  Undertaker, Dallas, Slater, Nikki, JoJo, Aksana, Fernando, Diego, Tensai, Otunga, Eva Marie, Sin Cara, Rosa, McIntyre, Cameron, Ryder, Mahal, Alicia, Godfather

CM Punk edged out John Cena and Daniel Bryan for the most match time on 2013 PPV events.

This list shows that 19 of the 70 performers only accumulated match time on exactly one of the twelve PPV cards. The Royal Rumble match accounted for 9 of these performers (Dallas, Slater, Tensai, Otunga, Sin Cara, McIntyre, Ryder, Mahal, Godfather). The divas tag team elimination match at Survivor Series accounted for 7 of these performers (Nikki, JoJo, Aksana, Eva Marie, Rosa, Cameron, Alicia). The remaining 3 wrestlers from that group are Undertaker, Diego, and Fernando.

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton were the only men to accumulate match time on every single event, if you count Orton's extremely brief cash-in match at SummerSlam. The only other men to wrestle in at least 10 matches include CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, and Ryback.

Ryback had more total match time than Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Antonio Cesaro, and Kofi Kingston. In fact only 7 wrestlers accumulated more total match time than Ryback.

Of the wrestlers who competed in at least 2 different matches, the highest winning percentages went to Bray Wyatt (100%), AJ Lee (75%), Alberto Del Rio (73%), and Curtis Axel (71%).

Here is the same list of 70 superstars, now sorted by their average match time. The Royal Rumble match had a great influence on this list (just look at Bo Dallas and Heath Slater), so for a few superstars I also included what their average match time would have been if the Royal Rumble match was excluded from consideration.

  1. 23m 09s: Brock Lesnar
  2. 22m 45s: The Rock
  3. 22m 08s: The Undertaker
  4. 22m 05s: Triple H
  5. 21m 37s: Chris Jericho (16m 21s without Rumble match)
  6. 21m 33s: Bo Dallas
  7. 20m 46s: John Cena
  8. 19m 34s: Christian
  9. 19m 31s: CM Punk
  10. 19m 28s: Sheamus (15m 01s without Rumble match)
  11. 18m 42s: Rob Van Dam
  12. 18m 22s: Rey Mysterio (22m 16s without Rumble match)
  13. 16m 23s: Goldust (18m 10s without Rumble match)
  14. 15m 55s: Randy Orton (17m 21s without SummerSlam cash-in match)
  15. 15m 44s: Jey Uso
  16. 15m 41s: Cody Rhodes (14m 45s without Rumble match)
  17. 15m 36s: Heath Slater
  18. 14m 59s: Dolph Ziggler (9m 11s without Rumble match)
  19. 14m 48s: Paul Heyman
  20. 14m 43s: Wade Barrett (13m 30s without Rumble match)
  21. 14m 40s: Daniel Bryan (16m 32s without Rumble match and SummerSlam cash-in match)
  22. 14m 39s: Luke Harper
  23. 14m 39s: Erick Rowan
  24. 14m 37s: Jimmy Uso
  25. 14m 20s: Big Show
  26. 14m 12s: Alberto Del Rio
  27. 13m 08s: Roman Reigns
  28. 12m 43s: Seth Rollins
  29. 12m 30s: Ryback
  30. 12m 26s: Jack Swagger
  31. 11m 30s: Nikki Bella
  32. 11m 02s: Damien Sandow (9m 44s without Rumble match)
  33. 10m 21s: Kofi Kingston (8m 12s without Rumble match)
  34. 10m 17s: Dean Ambrose (11m 18s without Survivor Series elimination match)
  35. 10m 00s: Antonio Cesaro
  36. 9m 31s: Bray Wyatt
  37. 9m 29s: JoJo
  38. 9m 22s: Fandango
  39. 9m 09s: Curtis Axel
  40. 8m 35s: Mark Henry
  41. 8m 08s: The Miz
  42. 7m 27s: AJ Lee
  43. 7m 26s: Kane (8m 25s without Rumble match)
  44. 7m 23s: Titus O'Neil
  45. 7m 03s: Tamina
  46. 6m 51s: R-Truth
  47. 6m 50s: Big E. Langston
  48. 6m 45s: Natalya
  49. 6m 26s: Kaitlyn
  50. 6m 06s: Aksana
  51. 5m 53s: Diego
  52. 5m 53s: Fernando
  53. 5m 46s: Brie Bella
  54. 5m 27s: Tensai
  55. 5m 05s: Naomi
  56. 5m 04s: Darren Young
  57. 4m 52s: The Great Khali (5m 58s without Rumble match)
  58. 4m 40s: Brodus Clay
  59. 4m 09s: Summer Rae
  60. 4m 05s: David Otunga
  61. 4m 03s: Eva Marie
  62. 3m 54s: Santino Marella
  63. 3m 05s: Sin Cara
  64. 2m 47s: Rosa Mendes
  65. 2m 30s: Drew McIntyre
  66. 2m 29s: Cameron
  67. 2m 26s: Zack Ryder
  68. 1m 58s: Jinder Mahal
  69. 1m 25s: Alicia Fox
  70. 0m 05s: The Godfather

The part-timers dominate the top of the average match times list. Brock, Rock, Undertaker, HHH, and Jericho top the list.

Even though The Shield regularly receives a heavy dose of wrestling time on television each week on Raw and/or SmackDown, their average match times on this list of PPV matches doesn't seem so great. Notice that all three men (especially Ambrose) rank below the average match time of 13m 20s. Ambrose was hurt by multiple brief US Championship defenses as well as an extremely short survival time (2m 14s) in the elimination match at Survivor Series. Meanwhile Rollins and Reigns had matches that each lasted less than 13 minutes at WrestleMania 29, Extreme Rules, Payback, and Night of Champions. The only match that any of these three men appeared in that lasted longer than 15 minutes was the elimination tag team match at Survivor Series.

This is strongly related to how difficult it is to get significant PPV time for wrestlers that are not involved in main event matches. The 12 main event matches had an average match time of 21m 52s, whereas the 76 undercard matches had an average time of 11m 59s. The Shield competed in zero main event matches, so in that sense the average times for Rollins and Reigns are not necessarily alarming. In fact Rollins and Reigns still ranked above the median match time and also cracked the top ten wrestlers in terms of total PPV match time for the year.  Most of the other undercard wrestlers who compete with each other for PPV time would love to be in that position.

Dolph Ziggler is one of those performers who is still struggling to increase his PPV time. His 49m 48s iron-man performance in the Royal Rumble match accounted for 47.5% of his total PPV match time in 2013. His 6 other matches combined for a total time of 55m 03s and an average match time of 9m 11s. The main reason to be pessimistic for Dolph going forward is that he accumulated a grand total of zero seconds of PPV match time over the final 4 PPV events of the year. He only wrestled in a couple of pre-show matches in that time.

It should be noted however, that Dolph's Royal Rumble performance alone earned him more match time on one show than The Miz earned all year long. The Miz has gone from a WrestleMania main eventer to a guy who mostly gets filler matches on PPV cards, if he even makes it onto the card.

Chris Jericho made the most of his limited PPV appearances in 2013. He only wrestled in 6 matches yet still finished 6th in total match time. This is due to his long match time on three events: Royal Rumble (47m 54s), Elimination Chamber (31m 14s), and Payback (21m 21s).

Big E. Langston has yet to receive any significant time to stand out on PPV. He wrestled in 5 of these 88 matches, but none of those matches ever reached the 9-minute mark. In fact only one of those matches even surpassed 7 minutes in length. Langston's average match time of 6m 50s ranks as the worst among all male wrestlers with at least 5 PPV matches in 2013.

AJ Lee is the clear top wrestling star of the divas division, as she was featured in 8 of the 11 matches that included at least one diva. In fact she wrestled on each of the last 8 PPV events of the year. However her average match time of 7m 27s, while being about as good as it gets for a diva, is still lower than even The Miz.

The entire divas division struggles to get significant time on PPV. 11 matches featured at least one diva, and these matches had an average match time of 6m 38s and a median time of 6m 35s. The remaining 77 male-exclusive matches had an average match time of 14m 17s and a median time of 13m 05s.  And if you discard the 12 main event matches from consideration, the remaining 65 male-exclusive undercard matches had an average time of 12m 54s and a median time of 11m 22s.

Daniel Bryan's match times are all over the place. Here is the complete listing for all 14 of his matches:

  • 26m 55s: Bryan vs Cena
  • 26m 38s: WWE Championship MITB match
  • 24m 01s: Bryan vs Orton (Battleground)
  • 22m 09s: Bryan vs Orton (Hell in a Cell)
  • 17m 33s: Bryan vs Orton (Night of Champions)
  • 16m 52s: Bryan and Punk vs Harper and Rowan
  • 16m 36s: Elimination Chamber match survival time
  • 12m 25s: Bryan vs The Wyatt Family
  • 12m 10s: Bryan and Orton vs The Shield
  • 9m 25s: Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars
  • 7m 25s: Team Hell No vs The Shield
  • 6m 41s: Royal Rumble match survival time
  • 6m 18s: Team Hell No vs Ziggler and Langston
  • 0m 08s: Bryan vs Orton (SummerSlam)

In general, Bryan's tag team matches dragged his average down while his main event matches boosted it up. His match times went up once he joined the main event scene starting with Money in the Bank, as he wrestled on 5 straight PPV main events from July through the end of October.  Prior to Bryan's match with Cena at SummerSlam 2013, the last time Bryan fought on PPV in a one-on-one match was SummerSlam 2012 against Kane.

Alberto Del Rio is pretty much the opposite of Bryan in terms of his consistent match times throughout the year. Here is his full match time listing:

  • 18m 48s: Del Rio vs Cena (Survivor Series)
  • 16m 58s: Del Rio vs Big Show (Royal Rumble)
  • 16m 03s: Del Rio vs RVD (Battleground)
  • 15m 18s: Del Rio vs Cena (Hell in a Cell)
  • 14m 28s: Del Rio vs Ziggler (Money in the Bank)
  • 13m 50s: Del Rio vs Ziggler (Payback)
  • 13m 25s: Del Rio vs RVD (Night of Champions)
  • 13m 05s: Del Rio vs Big Show (Elimination Chamber)
  • 12m 30s: Del Rio vs Christian (SummerSlam)
  • 11m 20s: Del Rio vs Swagger (Extreme Rules)
  • 10m 29s: Del Rio vs Swagger (WrestleMania 29)

Just about all of Del Rio's matches fall in that 12 to 17 minute range. None of them were main event matches, yet only his two matches with Swagger ranked below the median match time. It is interesting that Del Rio fought against only 6 unique opponents across his 11 matches. He wrestled a pair of matches against 5 different superstars, with Christian being the only opponent he didn't fight twice.  All 10 WHC-exclusive matches featured Del Rio as either the champion or the challenger.  And his lone remaining match was a number one contender's match for the WHC, when the champion Ziggler was out with a concussion.

Cena and Punk started the year as established main eventers, and their PPV match time all year long reflects that status. Their combined 21 matches accounted for 36% of all PPV match time for the year, and none of those matches went shorter than 13m 30s. 21 of the 37 longest PPV matches of the year feature at least one of Cena or Punk.

Here are the five longest one-on-one PPV matches of the year that did not include at least one of Cena, Punk, Bryan, Orton, or Del Rio:

  • 24m 00s: Lesnar vs HHH (WrestleMania 29)
  • 20m 10s: Lesnar vs HHH (Extreme Rules)
  • 13m 55s: Axel vs Kingston (Night of Champions)
  • 11m 22s: Jericho vs Ryback (Money in the Bank)
  • 9m 56s: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn (Payback)

Match Types and Finishes

Finally, here is a quick look at match types and match finishes, with an occasional timing detail thrown in.

The 88 matches broke down into the following match types:

2 Money in the Bank Ladder matches

1 Royal Rumble match

1 Elimination Chamber match

63 Singles matches (avg time is 12m 37s, avg time without cash-in is 12m 49s)

  • 37 normal Singles matches featuring 1 man versus 1 man with no stipulation
  • 7 normal Singles matches featuring 1 woman versus 1 woman with no stipulation
  • 1 Three Stages of Hell match
  • 1 Fatal 4-Way match featuring 4 women
  • 1 Triple Threat match featuring 3 men
  • 1 Extreme Rules match
  • 1 Hardcore Rules match
  • 1 I Quit Match
  • 2 Last Man Standing matches
  • 2 No Disqualification matches
  • 1 No Holds Barred Career-Threatening match
  • 1 Ring of Fire match
  • 1 Steel Cage match
  • 1 Strap match
  • 1 TLC match
  • 1 match where the title changes hands on a DQ or Count Out
  • 1 HIAC match with a special referee
  • 1 normal One-On-One match with a special referee
  • 1 MITB Cash-in match with a special referee

21 Team matches (avg time is 11m 54s)

  • 7 normal Tag Team matches featuring 2 men versus 2 men with no stipulation
  • 1 normal Tag Team match with the Rhodes Family Career on the line
  • 2 Mixed Tag Team matches
  • 2 6-Man Tag Team matches
  • 2 Handicap matches featuring 3 men versus 1 man
  • 1 Handicap HIAC match featuring 2 men versus 1 man
  • 1 Tag Team Handicap Elimination match featuring 2 men versus 1 man
  • 1 Tag Team Tornado match
  • 1 Tag Team Triple Threat match
  • 1 Tag Team Fatal 4-Way Elimination match
  • 1 14-Diva Tag Team Elimination match
  • 1 10-Man Tag Team Elimination match

48 of the 88 matches included a championship hanging in the balance. Here is the breakdown:

  • 12 WWE Championship matches (avg time is 18m 56s, avg time without cash-in is 20m 38s)
  • 10 World Heavyweight Championship matches (avg time is 14m 29s)
  • 7 Divas Championship matches (avg time is 6m 22s)
  • 7 Tag Team Championship matches (avg time is 11m 13s)
  • 6 Intercontinental Championship matches (avg time is 8m 59s)
  • 5 United States Championship matches (avg time is 8m 38s)
  • 1 WWE World Heavyweight Championship match (24m 35s)

13 of these 48 championship matches included a title change. The Divas Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, and Tag Team Championship each changed hands exactly one time throughout these matches. The WHC changed hands three times (counting Cena's loss at TLC) and the WWE Championship switched owners in 6 of these matches.

Here is the breakdown of how the winners of the 88 matches were decided:

  • 60 pin falls
  • 14 submissions
  • 3 climbing a ladder
  • 3 Disqualifications
  • 2 Count outs
  • 2 No contests
  • 1 Last Man Standing
  • 1 Ambulance
  • 1 Over the top rope elimination
  • 1 Touching all four turnbuckles

The 12 main event matches included 12 unique superstars.  Here are your WWE PPV headliners for 2013:

  • 6 matches: Randy Orton
  • 5 matches: Daniel Bryan
  • 4 matches: John Cena
  • 3 matches: CM Punk, The Rock
  • 1 match: Lesnar, Triple H, Big Show, Ryback, RVD, Sheamus, Brodus ClayChristian

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan helped each other top this list of main event matches, as they appeared together in the main event of 4 of the 12 events.  And that's not even counting the SummerSlam cash-in match.  Randy Orton has certainly put to sleep any doubts that he was no longer a main event performer.

So there is the complete listing of each 2013 PPV match along with other details related to timing elements and match type classifications.  What stands out to you the most?  Do you think CM Punk will repeat in 2014 as the man with the most ring time on PPV?

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