Video: Meet the new Brodus Clay

We waited to see how it would look once "The Funkasaurus" went away and now we know. Take a look at the new Brodus Clay.

It's been a bumpy ride with Brodus Clay playing The Funkasaurus from Planet Funk who is funky and we've long wondered what the big man would look like once he broke away from that gimmick and channeled his inner heel. He's a mammoth of a man, after all, and he's got the chops to be a monster on par with the best in the business, right?

Well, on last night's (Jan. 1, 2014) episode of WWE Main Event we got our first real look at Clay in his new skin, cutting a promo explaining why he's so angry during a MizTV segment. Watch it above, read the text below:

"I'll tell you what this is about, Miz. I'll tell you why I'm so angry. 267 days ago, 'WrestleMania 29', what should have been my greatest moment, my time to shine, my launching pad to take me to the next level, because of three ingrates -- Tensai, Naomi, and Cameron -- my match was cancelled. I was humiliated because of them. After everything I've done for them. I made them somebodys; they had nothing. They were respectable, I gave them names. I named them. And what did they do? They cost me my moment. When I should have been in this ring at 'WrestleMania', the highest point, beating Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and the Bella Twins I didn't get that.

"And just to show you that 'karma bites everybody', right Miz? 'Everybody has a bad day', right? How did it work out for everybody, Miz? Cody Rhodes reunited with Goldust and they went on to be WWE tag team champions. Damien Sandow won Money in the Bank and got an opportunity to be WWE world heavyweight champion. And the Funkadactyls and the Bella Twins, they got a reality TV show. I gotta see them every week.

"What did I get? What did I get, Miz? I'll tell you what I got: I got one of the biggest, strongest, most devastating big men in the history of our business ... 10 years ago. Because I ended up with this big head, washed up, never was, has been who didn't even know who he was anymore. We'd be in the ring and they would be chanting the wrong name, Miz, the wrong name! I had to re-name him. People called him Sweet T, they called him Albert, everything; it was embarrassing. It's not his fault that he can't ever be anything. He's had five, six, 12, 37 runs in the WWE and as soon as he realizes it's over I'll give him a real job. I'll let him drive my car, book my travel. Heck, if he's good enough, I'll let him stand in my corner."

If nothing else, this angle makes sense because Clay's Twitter account has been nothing but a running journal of motivational material dating back to WrestleMania 29 when his match was cancelled. So this is rooted in reality, at least somewhat, though it's greatly exaggerated.

Let's be real, that eight-person tag match was always a time filler. And once it became clear the show was running long, it was the easy choice to get the ax.

Still, it's a legitimate tale that makes for a solid wrestling angle, even if those involved struggle to be interesting. The bigger problem? When Tensai interrupted Clay's promo the brief physical altercation between the two was weak at best. If they tighten that up, the sky is the limit.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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