Ryback is now trolling on WWE TV as the new loose cannon


Ryback is a full blown troll on his Twitter account these days, and it's the best thing ever. Gone are the days of "feed me more", replaced with "feed me morons". This is a man who has tweeted such gems as, "Dear internet I reach out to you. You guys seem to know it all. How do I become a better wrestler. Please stop holding this info from me," and, "Internet community thinking of changing last name legally to Goldberg. That way the last 21 months would somehow make sense to me."

He's quickly become a lovable loose cannon, for fans at least.

The powers that be within WWE have taken note of this and are attempting to harness it into a character for TV while being upset with him for how he's acted lately. The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but strongly recommended) has the story:

The Ryback comment on Raw about being hoarse because he was hanging around Lilian Garcia had the key people in the company fuming. While HHH in the past has called her horse face, that was a very different environment and there have been issues with Be a Star and WWE very much wants the relationship, (as do the people at Be a Star who have made in the past a concerted effort to overlook things to maintain the relationship) but it's not what they want on their air these days. The backstage reaction wasn't so much for the jab, because very few would catch it and you can plead ignorance or interpreting it since nobody at home would have even gotten the remark, but they didn't know where he was going and was scared what he was going to say next. So yeah, he was actually the real life pipe bomb. He's been trying to play Brian Pillman on twitter which is part of his new character of a guy way out there, and they are using it going forward as part of his character.

He was also apparently challenged by Titus O'Neil to a shoot arm wrestling match and turned him down, which is what led to JBL telling that story on Raw and calling him "Rybackout".

He's got very few supporters backstage now, apparently.

Still, as you can see in the video above, he was used as the focal point of last night's (Jan. 15, 2014) episode of Main Event. At the end of each match, and even during a Bad News Barrett segment, he came out acting crazy, yelling at fans, and walked around the ring.

This man is not just trolling on Twitter anymore; he's actually trolling on TV.

Dying in anticipation for what's next, aren't you?

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