WWE names the 50 greatest entrance themes of all time

WWE is back with yet another list and the timing couldn't be better.

We sure do love when WWE.com puts together a countdown style list. We love it so much, in fact, that the subject matter is almost always irrelevant. In this case, however, the timing couldn't be better.

That's because WWE put together a list of the 50 greatest entrance themes of all time smack dab in the middle of the first round of our latest tournament focusing on the very same thing.

So let's see what the editors at WWE.com had to say (click here to get a detailed look at each with a video accompanying each song):

50. Tazz - 13
49. Too Cool - U Look Fly 2 Day
48. Drew McIntyre - Broken Dreams
47. The Shield - Special Op
46. Steve Blackman - Drums in the Night
45. Prime Time Players - Making Moves
44. Maven - Tattoo
43. Ken Shamrock - The Ultimate
42. The Miz - I Came to Play
41. Jake Roberts - Snake Bit
40. Goldberg - Invasion
39. The Oddities - Oddities
38. Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing
37. Vader - Mastodon
36. Sheamus - Written in my Face
35. Legion of Doom - What a Rush
34. Wyatt Family - Live in Fear
33. Booker T - Rap Sheet
32. CM Punk - Cult of Personality
31. Christian - At Last
30. Big Show - Crank It Up
29. Evolution - Line in the Sand
28. Mankind - Wreck
27. John Cena - Basic Thuganomics
26. Goldust - Gold-Lust
25. Batista - I Walk Alone
24. Mr. Perfect - Perfection
23. Mark Henry - Some Bodies Gonna Get It
22. Dusty Rhodes - Common Man Boogie
21. CM Punk - This Fire Burns
20. D-Generation X - Are You Ready?
19. Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down
18. Ultimate Warrior - Unstable
17. Randy Savage - Pomp and Circumstance
16. Kurt Angle - Medal
15. John Cena - The Time is Now
14. Ted DiBiase - It's All About the Money
13. Kane - Burned
12. Honky Tonk Man - Cool, Cocky, Bad
11. The Brood - Blood
10. Randy Orton - Voices
9. Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy
8. Triple H - The Game
7. Ric Flair - Also Sprach Zarathustra
6. The Rock - Electrifying
5. Undertaker - Graveyard Symphony
4. Mr. McMahon - No Chance in Hell
3. Edge - Metalingus
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Hell Frozen Over
1. Hulk Hogan - Real American

Well, there you have it.

I would like to point out some of the text that accompanied Undertaker's theme:

"The orchestration has stuck as The Phenom's longtime theme, which has varied slightly in the two decades since."

Emphasis mine. VARIED SLIGHTLY. Book closed.

Anyway, thoughts on their list?

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