Randy Orton's attacker admits to going into business for himself at WWE Cape Town event

Randy Orton just can't catch a break - Photo by David Seto of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Randy Orton's attacker, 20-year-old Tshepo Sekhabi, has admitted that he planned the attack before he arrived to the building, thinking that it was an opportunity to make a name for himself and somehow parlay that into becoming a big WWE star.

In one of the most bizarre stories of the year, on Tuesday Randy Orton was apparently legitimately attacked at WWE's house show event in Cape Town by a crazed fan who somehow managed to get past security to deliver a low blow to an unsuspecting Viper who was busy celebrating his victory over Big E Langston.

However, the nature of the incident has quickly led to people questioning whether the ambush was actually a storyline crafted by WWE to get online publicity. Unlike most fan attacks which are played down by the companies involved, WWE.com has ran with the story. WWE security was also very slow to react to the threat of an unknown intruder entering their ring.

The alarm bells were well and truly buzzing when the ambusher was revealed to be a local independent wrestler that had been seen taking pictures with fans at the show earlier on in the evening.

But maybe they shouldn't have been? An alternative explanation is that this was merely a delusional wannabe that went into business for himself to have his five seconds of fame, which he foolishly thought would be has way to get fast tracked to WWE stardom.

The mysterious man in question has admitted as much to eNCA.com:

20-year-old Tshepo Sekhabi, who calls himself "Jozi, the wrestling machine," quit his job to attend a WWE event at Cape Town’s Grand West Casino, in the hope of making it big and becoming a wrestling star.

After the event however, the fan, who'd travelled from Johannesburg, was left only with a black eye, a banning notice from the venue, and a potential criminal charge suit....

Sekhabi said he planned the attack before he arrived, adding "I just don’t like Randy Orton, this was an opportunity for me so I got up there and made a name for myself."

Maybe he was stupid enough to think that Steve Blackman's WWF debut was a shoot? It wouldn't make sense that this was a similar scripted stunt to Blackman's debut, as it would only encourage copycats to attempt to follow Sekhabi's apparent success in parlaying a "shoot" attack into a WWE contract.

Moreover, it sounds like Randy was genuinely pissed off by Sekhabi's intrusion and getting a swift kick to the head in while officials tossed him from the ring wasn't vengeance enough:

A WWE spokesperson has told eNCA.com that Orton is now "considering pressing charges" against Sekhabi.

Asked whether Orton plans to apologise for kicking Sekhabi, the spokesperson said "Randy Orton was the victim in this incident and suffered an injured groin."

The WWE could not provide details on the extent of Orton's injuries.

Given that Orton got his own cheap shot in, which probably wouldn't look good in court, I highly doubt that this goes anywhere. The injuries were also very minor (just a sore groin and a bruised ego) and didn't lead to a length layoff, as Orton is already back in action, so why pursue the headaches of litigation? The strong talk by WWE is probably just rhetoric to ensure that such an incident isn't repeated again in the near future.

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