Tale of the Tape: Sami Callihan and Samuray Del Sol

Twitter of Sami Callihan

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the impending signings of Sami Callihan and Samuray Del Sol by WWE. For those who don't know them, here is a quick breakdown so you aren't in the dark.

Coming soon to a WWE ring near you are two of the most impressive young wrestlers on the independent scene: Sami Callihan and Samuray Del Sol. For those of you who have been wondering what all he excitement has been about, I am here to give you a quick primer on WWE's newest acquisitions.


Sami Callihan

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 200 lbs.

Nickname: The Callihan Death Machine

Finisher: Stretch Muffler

Strengths: Versatile worker, great match psychology, one of the best sellers in wrestling, excellent promo/character works, and one of the hardest working people in professional wrestling.

Weaknesses: All around great talent, Callihan has no real weakness in his performances. The only thing that people could possibly hold against him is his size, and that's a point that doesn't seem matter as much with Triple H in charge of talent acquisition.

Match Recommendations: vs. Fit Finlay at Evolve 9, vs. Jonny Gargano at Evolve 18, vs. Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) at CZW Swingin for the Fences, vs. Davey Richards at PWG Failure to Communicate, anything with Adam Cole and AR Fox

Over the past couple of years, Sami Callihan has emerged as one of the most exciting, hard working, and talented wrestlers on the independent scene. Nobody has worked more matches (great ones at that) over the past couple years than Sami Callihan. The time put into his craft has paid off as Callihan emerged as a major star across a variety of promotions due to the quality of his matches and promos. Callihan was given the honor of closing the ECW Arena in an excellent promo after having put on excellent matches for two promotions. No matter the match type (hardcord, technical, hard hitting) Callihan is going to go out there and deliver one hell of a performance.


Samuray Del Sol

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 180 lbs.

Finisher: Del Sol Driver

Strengths: Athletic, excellent workrate, can work lucha any style

Weaknesses: Psychology and promos need a bit more work

Match Recommendations: Trilogy of matches with El Generico for DGUSA/Evolve, tagging with AR Fox against Ricochet and Rich Swann at PWG ASW9 Night One, vs. Gargano at Evolve 22

With Rey Mysterio on his way out of the wrestling business and the Sin Cara experiment having largely been a failure, Samuray Del Sol is here to satisfy your lucha fix. The best luchadore north of the Rio Grande, Del Sol has made his mark in DGUSA/Evolve and as Octagon Jr. in AAA. Spending his childhood between his birthplace of Chicago and Mexico, Del Sol does not have the communication issues that Sin Cara has and his time on the American independent scene has given him the experience of working with a variety of styles.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Get excited about these two now!

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