WWE Creative has something for you -- a job!

WWE has a job posting now seeking a new VP of Creative Writing. So if you're such a good fantasy booker who knows how to write pro wrestling storylines, you may be in luck!

For all you fantasy bookers out there who think it's oh so simple to write a pro wrestling show, I've got some great news to share with you. WWE, the industry leader, is looking for a new VP of Creative Writing as of yesterday (March 6, 2013), which means one of you brilliant Cagesiders could get on the inside and change the business for the good of the rest of us.


Here's the job posting:


The VP Creative Writing will be responsible for the creative content strategy and direction for all weekly TV programming. He/She will manage the Head Writer, Show Runners, and the writing team, provide long-term direction in the development of story lines and WWE superstar characters, and be the primary liaison with other partner departments especially including Talent, TV and Digital.


  • Develop and implement creative storylines for broadcast on all WWE programs and platforms in coordination with the writing team and senior creative management (CEO, EVP,SVP)
  • Work with Talent Department to develop powerful character back-stories
  • Manage the Head Writer, the home-based writers, and the road writing team by providing feedback, training and supervision.
  • Use consumer insights and social media to deliver impactful storylines that are consistent with the WWE brand and each talent's skills and history.
  • Identify new writing talent and ensure that current writers' work is aligned with the network's brand and programming strategy.
  • Supervise Head Writer in creating a comprehensive training program for new writers and remedial training for existing writers.
  • Work with senior management to continually improve the process supporting WWE's creative writing system.
  • Provide mature leadership to the writing team, relating to the implementation of the vision of senior management (CEO, EVP, SVP)
  • Drive professional interaction with other departments of the WWE (Talent Development, TV Production, Marketing, Digital, Sales and HR)


  • A creative thinker with great programming instincts, charisma and leadership capability.
  • Minimum of 10 years writing and production experience in television.
  • Significant non-fiction programming background with a deep understanding of pop culture, trends, and topical events, especially as they relate to television programming. Writing and directing reality television a plus. Narrative writing would also be an advantage.
  • An experimental risk-taking mindset. Must be open to thinking outside of traditional television formats and outside of the traditional linear television model.
  • A strong working knowledge of all aspects of non-scripted television production, including live-event production.
  • Highly developed written and verbal communications skills. Ability to communicate story lines, including vision and strategy, effectively with senior management, writing and production teams, and external parties.
  • Demonstrable people management and development abilities.
  • Awareness of, and potential passion for, WWE content. Understanding of the WWE's audience (demographic and psychographic).
  • Flexible schedule and willingness to travel to meet the demands and rigor of multiple weekly on-location television programs.

There you go, folks. Who is going to step up to the plate? Surely one of you are qualified for such a job and if so, you can click here to apply for it. We're pulling for you!

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