Mick Foley on Bruno Sammartino and the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Class

Bruno Sammartino and Mick Foley

The hardcore legend has taken to social media to pre-emptively address questions about his place in and feelings on the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

With news of Paul "HHH" Levesque's having successfully convinced Bruno Sammartino to accept a spot in WWE's Hall of Fame, talk quickly began about 2013 being the greatest group of names to be have the honor bestowed upon them at one time.

Prior to that announcement, it seemed a foregone conclusion that New Jersey son Mick Foley would headline the ceremony, to be held at New York's Madison Square Garden the night before Wrestlemania XXIX goes off at MetLife Stadium on the other side of the Hudson River. But with the Italian Superman in the fold, he is certain to receive top billing in the building he sold out so many times.

What does Mama Foley's baby boy think of suddenly playing second fiddle? This being the 21st century, the Mick not surprisingly took to his Facebook page to let the world know:

Just in case anyone's wondering: I have absolutely no problem being in any spot on the rotation at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I've always answered the question of "who would you most like to see in the WWE Hall of Fame" the same way: "Bruno". Bruno deserves to be in the main event spot in a sold-out Garden - the same way he main-evented more sold-out Garden shows than any wrestler in history. I think this years induction class will go down in history as one of the strongest lineups in WWE history, and I'm happy and proud to be part of it, in any slot I am asked to fill.

It's not surprised that a company man and general good egg like Foley would so graciously accept a slight demotion. Or that he'd see the upside of being inducted with a man as linked to pro wrestling for one generation of fans as Hulk Hogan is to a later one.

A more interesting question might be what Sammartino thinks of being inducted with Foley. As his Cactus Jack and Mankind characters, Mick is synonymous with the era and style of pro wrestling that reportedly was a major factor in Bruno's disgust with the company that he worked for throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Will there be a sit down between the man Ric Flair has called a "glorified stuntman" and the WWWF champion who still considers himself an athlete, even at his advanced age? It would seem that they could find common ground in discussing concussions - a cause that Sammartino is reportedly very concerned about and that Foley has been brutally honest about his struggles dealing with the consequences of.

What of the remainder of the class of '13? What order are they presented in? And will Bob Backlund and Trish Stratus, two legends who have had their own issues with the company who will be honoring them, have anything to say on the matter?

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders. As soon as we hear anything on the subject, you'll read it here on cSs!

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