Hypothetical WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2014

The WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2013 is one of the greatest classes in history. Next year is going to be the spectacle of "WrestleMania 30", so how does WWE intend to top this year's phenomenal class?

This year's class for the WWE Hall of Fame is outstanding: Composed of Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Mick Foley, and Trish Stratus, it is the first class to be made up of three former WWE Champions (including both numbers one and three on the All Time Combined Reigns list) and includes one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.

The WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2013, as it stands now, is one of the greatest classes in the history of the hall. This poses a challenge for next year, as well as the massive spectacle that will be WrestleMania 30. How do you create a class worthy of the occasion, which isn't going to be overshadowed by this year's class?

Here's how you do it:

  • Vince McMahon: WrestleMania is the crowning achievement of the most influential person in the history of professional wrestling, so what better way to honor him than with a Hall of Fame induction at the 30th edition of WrestleMania. A McMahon induction works on another level, with his successor HHH. As HHH takes more control over the operations of WWE, having HHH induct his father-in-law would serve as a great "passing of the torch" moment.
  • Randy Savage: The Macho Man is arguably the greatest professional wrestler whom has still not received induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. It's a real shame we have made it to 2013 without the Macho Man having received the honor of induction yet. If the Poffo family, and WWE, can reach an agreement, then the Macho Man should be a cornerstone of the greatest HoF class.
  • Undertaker: WrestleMania and the Undertaker are synonymous with one another. As the collective wear and tear of nearly thirty years in the business has taken its toll on the Deadman, we will be witnessing his final match soon. Whether his final match is this year or next, the Undertaker should go in at the 30th edition of an event he has been so integral to.
  • Jake Roberts: Jake the Snake would be in the Hall of Fame by now if it wasn't for his personal problems. Under the tutelage of Diamond Dallas Page, things are starting to turn around for Roberts and he would make for an uplifting and inspirational addition to this Hall of Fame class.
  • The Outsiders: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are the sparks that launched the nWo and kicked the Monday Night Wars into high gear. Like Roberts, Hall's infamous personal issues have been a hindrance to an induction into the hall, but he is currently working with DDP to get his life on track.

One issue that arises with stacking a Hall of Fame class like this is the potential drain it causes on future years. Assuming my hypothetical class bears out; Rock, HHH, Rick Rude, Lou Thesz, Vader, and the dearth of wrestlers that are winding down their careers right now, will be available to create quality Hall of Fame classes.

This class may possibly be a pipe dream, but if there is a time to go big with the Hall of Fame it is next year. What do you think, Cagesiders?

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