Mick Foley reveals nixed plans for Dean Ambrose feud, says doctor told him never to wrestle again

Remember that Mick Foley vs. Dean Ambrose feud that was originally going to be our introduction to the artist formerly known as Jon Moxley? Hear from the Hardcore Legend himself on why that never came to be.

During the summer months of 2012, Dean Ambrose, who had been working in WWE developmental, popped up in a few viral video campaigns confronting Mick Foley in a worked-shoot style manner blaming the Hardcore Legend for ruining the hopes, dreams, and lives of children everywhere due to his reckless style.

Foley responded with shock, dismay, then anger, and it was all supposed to lead to a match, marking the main roster call up for Ambrose and Foley's first big match back in a WWE ring.

As quickly as this all seemed to be in the works, it was gone. Disappeared from social media and no one was really saying much of anything about it.

Now, Foley revealed at a recent comedy show (via PW Torch) what the plans were for the feud and why they never came to be:

Foley said he has been informed by a neurologist that he is not to wrestle ever again.

This came about as he explained his proposal to WWE about having a match with Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley at Summerslam 2012 as a follow-up to their YouTube/Twitter feud. His proposal was to have a "fake" Dude Love (he joked that Brodus Clay has the right size) come out of the entrance way, but that he would attack Dean from behind as Mankind was coming through the ring (after having gotten the okay from The Undertaker).

But, Foley said this all got nixed due to his diagnosis from the neurologist.

On the one hand, that feud had money written all over it and was something deeper pro wrestling fans who pay attention to such things were getting legitimately excited about. On the other, it's clear as day Foley doesn't belong in the ring wrestling a match and it's good to know a doctor has officially given him orders not to risk his long term health for any short term gain.

Oh, what could have been, huh Cagesiders?

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