Rhodes Scholars Reunited?

by Reckless Dream Photography via flicker (cc-by2.0)

Many a smart mark tear was shed when Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow amicably parted ways. Their reunion this weekend may only be for laughs. Or it could bode well for the future of tag teams in sports entertainment.

Take this for the bit of fun that is most likely all it is, Cagesiders. The moustachioed one himself tweeted:

But with WWE taking great pains to remind us that there is no ill will in their parting, might they recognize that the tag team division will have a place for (don't call them) Team Rhodes Scholars? Especially once the attention magnets and reigning champions of the division, Team Hell No, finally implode and resume the feud that led to their union?

Rhodes and Sandow are both tremendous entertainers, in ring and out. While they no doubt could have successful singles careers, I question if this is the time to be launching them. With a number of big name stars currently without concrete plans for Wrestlemania XXIX as well as several returns, and even the debut of Bo Dallas - as individuals the Scholars may get lost in the shuffle.

WWE house shows (non-televised events) are known to be a testing ground for new characters, feuds, match-ups...even maneuvers. Perhaps WWE has realized that the cupboard is dry on their re-launch of wrestling pairs?

That's why another interesting wrinkle to the story is who Rhodes Scholars have been facing on this weekend's shows in Missouri:

The New Age Outlaws of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn have been rumored to return for months now. A lack of babyface teams has been cited as a concern of WWE creative in their handling of the division. There's no way that the D-O-double G and the "Ass Man" don't come back to a huge nostalgia pop. And it looks like they may even be pushing their history as part of D-Generation X for fans who weren't around for the Attitude Era but enjoyed HHH and Shawn Michaels versus Vince McMahon from the mid-aughts.

I, for one, have been very pessimistic about the future of tag team wrestling in a sports entertainment world. When two of your more established teams are toiling on Superstars and the tournament in your developmental program features the same thrown together singles stars that have been the mainstays of the division on Raw and Smackdown, I haven't seen anything but lip service to be optimistic about. But a reformed Outlaws and the abandoned too soon Rhodes Scholars could turn me around right quick.

What say you, Cagesiders? Is there hope for duos in the WWE yet? Or is this just some fellas having fun in Poplar Bluff and Springfield?

And can a brother at least get one of those reunion t-shirts?

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