Curtis Axel injury update: He's fine now and may not have ever been hurt

Krystal from Australia via Wikimedia Commons

So just what the hell is really going on with Curtis Axel and his supposed injury that kept him out of the "Hell in a Cell" pay-per-view back on Oct. 27?

The story surrounding Curtis Axel's injury has taken a bizarre turn in the form of both Axel and WWE openly mocking the fact that there are rumors that exist of an injury after reported he was injured just over one week ago.

Just before the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) back on Oct. 27, 2013, in Miami, Florida, Axel was pulled from his scheduled pre-show Intercontinental championship match against Big E. Langston due to an undisclosed injury, according to

Here's what that story initially stated:

As first reported earlier today on WWE's official Twitter account (@WWE), Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel has sustained an injury that will prevent him from competing tonight during the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff Match. Following a second evaluation by WWE medical personnel, Axel was not cleared for in-ring action.

Almost immediately, rumors circulated that Axel had blown out both his hips in a freak accident on Monday Night Raw that week and that's what necessitated his removal from the card.

In response to this, Axel took to Twitter:

On the Raw show following Hell in a Cell, Axel would appear in his wrestling gear wearing his Intercontinental title on the ramp during the main event segment, acting as though he wasn't hurt at all. Then, just last night, he wrestled Dolph Ziggler and showed zero signs of ever being hurt.

What's really interesting, though, is an interview he gave before that match designed specifically to go after those who perpetuated the rumors that he had injured his hips. In it, he said:

"Let the rumors fly, Josh, let 'em fly. Do I look injured to you? Right now I'm 100-percent and I am the Intercontinental champion, and tonight I fight Dolph Ziggler. So you and everyone else are going to see that I am 100-percent, and why I am the Intercontinental champion, and why I am and always will be better than perfect."

So there you have it. Axel is no longer hurt and, really, he may have never been injured to begin with. Or he was, but the rumors got it wrong and no one in WWE is bothering to clarify, including Axel himself.

Either way, he's back now and likely jobbing the belt out to Big E. Langston in the near future. Or maybe that's just a big rumor too.

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