CALL HIM UP! Bray Wyatt Edition

WWE has a roster of talent working down in Florida for NXT who are all just waiting to be called up to the main roster. Some of them are ready right now. In this edition of CALL HIM UP! we look at Bray Wyatt.

As any fan of YouTube and pro wrestling knows, mixing the two can lead to hours lost watching videos both old and new from every promotion this side of the (WWE) universe. There's just so much incredible wrestling out there you probably haven't seen.

I'm not here to try to turn you on to some local small time promotion while pushing some cat who entertained me for a few minutes. No, I'm here to talk about developmental WWE wrestlers who are clearly ready to be called up to the main roster but are languishing down in NXT, formerly FCW.

The first edition is dedicated to Bray Wyatt.

You may not recognize the name but you should. He is the artist formerly known as Husky Harris, a name given to him, I presume, because they wanted to make fun of his burly build and hoarse voice. His real name is Windham Rotunda, after his uncle Barry Windham. He's a third generation wrestler coming from a deep family of Blackjack Mulligan and Mike Rotunda.

He first appeared in FCW working with his brother, Bo, as a tag team before finding the Husky Harris character and being picked as a contestant for season two of NXT. That led him to be a member of the Nexus, though he was quickly written off television in an injury angle to send him back down to developmental.

That's where he's been ever since, briefly flirting with a new character idea before going back to being Husky Harris. Then, he debuted his Bray Wyatt character and holy shit, he's really good.

The Wyatt character is inspired by Max Cady from the movie Cape Fear, played by the great Robert De Niro, and a motivational type speaker. He's phenomenal, an amazing talent on the microphone and a solid worker in the ring.

He doesn't have the greatest physique, obviously, and that was reportedly a problem when he was with Nexus, but he's lost plenty of weight and even if he was still as big as before, his skills should override any concerns about his appearance. He's got a unique look and he's so deeply committed to his character that I can't imagine anyone not enjoying his work simply because he's not built like John Cena.

He teased not long ago that he might be coming up to the main roster soon and we can only hope that's the case. We can also only hope he does so as Bray Wyatt.

He's ready, WWE. CALL HIM UP!

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