Rumor Round-Up: CM Punk's unhappiness with WWE, Undertaker at WrestleMania, The Rock and the title, and more

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In pro wrestling, the rumors flow more freely than legitimate news. This comes with the territory and makes reporting on the industry exceedingly difficult. With that in mind, let's round up the latest rumors.

Here at, we often encounter a consistent issue in our choice of pro wrestling news to pass along. We'll generally post the most important information we can from the most reliable sources while providing as much background on each story as possible.

You won't ever be greeted with a one-line post on this site.

That said, we often run into an issue where information is passed around in the comments section on something going on in WWE or TNA that never makes it to the front page of the site. This inevitably leads to the question of why we wouldn't run a story on the information being passed along, especially if it seems important.

The reason is because we try not to deal too much in rumors.

The problem with that is pro wrestling reporting is almost entirely based on rumors. When everyone is trying to work you and nothing is real -- not to mention the largest organization in the States despises the "dirt sheets" -- it's difficult to take a report and pass it along as true when it's entirely possible that was never the case.

Plus, there's that dreaded Vince McMahon, who changes his mind so often it seems almost futile to reveal a future plan put in place today when the chances of it remaining that way tomorrow are slim to none.

Having said all that, rumors float and pro wrestling fans like yourself typically find them interesting, so instead of asking you to click into a thousand different posts with two lines and calling it a story, we're just going to pass along all the latest rumors in this new column we're simply calling the "Rumor Round-Up." It's something like Middle Easy's Sunday Morning Rumor Mill but focuses on pro wrestling (and we're fans of ME, so go visit them).

Here are the latest big rumors:

  • CM Punk apparently has legitimate heat with WWE over the direction of his character and the product itself. Remember those rumors of a talent straight up telling McMahon to his face that something needed to change? It was reportedly John Cena who said that but now others are claiming it was Punk and things aren't so smooth. There's also the issue of how he's handled next year, what with The Rock coming in just to take his title and then hand it off to Cena at WrestleMania. We'll see.
  • Then again, other rumors have WWE throwing around the idea for Punk to beat Rock at Royal Rumble and Rock vs. Cena part deux at WrestleMania 29 being a non-title match. That could lead to Punk vs. Undertaker in a title vs. streak match at 'Mania.
  • Speaking of Undertaker, he's apparently once again up for working another big match.
  • Sheamus and Big Show will probably be done feuding after TLC, which would make sense considering WWE doesn't typically let feuds run longer than three pay-per-views (PPV) in a row.
  • Don't expect Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank contract any time soon. First, he's got to get past his feud with Cena, where he's inevitably going to lose. Ziggler was actually supposed to cash in as early as Hell in a Cell but with a program with Cena upcoming, they didn't want Dolph as champion because it would have meant having to avoid clean finishes. And Cena is going over clean, so it won't be until probably next year that Ziggler cashes in.
  • McMahon loves Titus O'Neil, especially after his commentary bit with Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.
  • WWE is still pushing hard to get Bruno Sammartino to accept a Hall of Fame induction for next year with WrestleMania taking place in the New York market, where he was perhaps the biggest star of all time. But he's resistant because of heat with Vince McMahon that simply won't go away, not until Vince dies. If that happens, the Hall of Fame becomes a possibility.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Feel free to post your thoughts on all these rumors -- and remember, they're just that right now -- in the comments section below.

Sources: PWInsider, Wrestling Observer

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