WWE 'Survivor Series' Preview: Big Show vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship

World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus

Big Show's brute force will go up against Sheamus' strength and will tonight at Survivor Series. Who will be able to carry the WWE World Heavyweight Championship out of Indianapolis, Indiana tonight?

The road to Survivor Series

Big Show was slated to meet then-champion Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. The two exchanged heated words and scuffles prior to the event. While Sheamus seemed ready to take on the challenge, Big Show came in with plain hatred and wanted to assert his physical dominance to take home the belt.

At Hell in a Cell, the two men went to war, exchanging heavy blows in what turned out to be one of the best matches that night. Big Show ended up being too much for Sheamus to handle, kicking out of a Brogue Kick to land a KO Punch and leave with the title around his waist.

Since then, the two have been going at it non-stop. Sheamus and William Regal were attacked at a pub by Big Show, prompting them to tag up against Big Show and Wade Barrett on a Super SmackDown. Show and Barrett took home the victory.

However, to get under Sheamus' skin, Big Show wanted to show Sheamus what he had in store for him at Survivor Series on Raw earlier this week. He KO'd William Regal backstage to get his point across.

On SmackDown, business began to pick up, as Sheamus waited for Big Show in the parking lot. Show didn't show, so Sheamus took to the ring to call Big Show out. Big Show again echoed the sentiment he shared for weeks, saying it isn't worth it to waste his time on Sheamus until he has to. He then told Sheamus that he should thank him for not laying a beating on him, which Sheamus wanted to do personally. SmackDown GM Booker T was not having this and ejected Sheamus from the building, stating earlier that there would be repercussions if things got out of hand.

After defeating The Great Khali, Show was looking to get on his bus. Unfortunately, Sheamus was in the bus and the two had a good brawl throughout the parking lot. Sheamus got bodyslammed on the windshield of a car, but fought back up to hit a running axhandle to Show from the car roof. Show then had his head slammed into the windshield and Sheamus pounded him with strikes, with officials finally separating the two.

What's at stake?

Big Show has cemented himself as a monster after the embarrassment of having to please fans. His ironclad contract has given him a new lease on life and he has made the most of it, wreaking havoc whenever he sees fit. The title around his shoulder helps prove what a force he is, while also being a big accomplishment in his career.

For Sheamus, he needs to win that belt back. Sheamus talks a big game about loving to fight and the belt he used to have gave him a huge target on his back, giving him more fights to take. Without it, he isn't on the red hot streak he used to be, proving to be a bit flawed. A win here will get him back to his peak and erase the loss to Big Show completely.

Will Sheamus be able to take back his title or will Big Show's strength and size prove to be too much for the Irishman? Be sure to watch Survivor Series tonight to find out.

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