Survivor Series team draft for Cageside Seats game

The Survivor Series game on Cageside Seats will have its draft tonight (Nov. 14) at 9 p.m. ET immediately following Cageside Live! Stop by to join in on the fun.

Cageside Seats (CSS) is once again back with another game for everyone to enjoy.

Cagesider Dark Talon had a great idea for a fantasy game involving members of CSS drafting a Survivor Series style team of five wrestlers and one "wildcard," be that a manager or someone else.

Here's how the draft will work:

Each of the 15 Cagesiders who elected to participate in the draft will need to show up at 9 p.m. ET and declare they are here and ready to draft their team. In the event 10 minutes goes by and you haven't declared, you risk losing your spot to another Cagesider who wants to get in and will participate.

Again, each of you will need to declare around 9 p.m. ET immediately following the conclusion of Cageside Live!

As for how we will draft, selections will be made similar to the voting on the Greatest Matches Tournament. For example, the subject line will read "Team DarkTalon selects: The Big Show." In the body of the post, the selector must post a picture of their pick so we know to move on to the next drafter. Once a wrestler is drafted, he is no longer eligible to be chosen by another team. We will keep an updated order in this main post as people pick.

We ask that everyone follow the order and wait their turn to make their draft pick. Offenders will be kicked out and banned if need be, but we've got a great group here and I don't think it will be a problem. Right?

The draft order was randomized and will go as follows:

1. bmf1314
2. Matthew Roth
3. Buckeye Brawler
4. WVPiratesFan
5. hfl2013
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz
7. ZeroIndulgence
8. Dark Talon
9. J-Rodzilla
10. WatchTheThrone89
11. C.J. Bradford
12. CaseygarnerPDX
13. Geno Mrosko
14. s1rude
15. Hollywood Wallace

Remember, it's a snake draft, which means we go down from 1 to 15 then back up again from 15 to 1. There will be six rounds starting after everyone declares around 9 p.m. ET.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Come back at 9 p.m. ET to draft or just follow along and get in on the fun as it happens. Below this line is where official selections will show up. See you then, Cagesiders!!



Round one:

1. bmf1314 -- Shawn Michaels
2. Matthew Roth -- Stone Cold Steve Austin
3. Buckeye Brawler -- Macho Man Randy Savage
4. WVPiratesFan -- CM Punk
5. hfl2013 -- Andre the Giant
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz -- Brock Lesnar
7. ZeroIndulgence -- Ric Flair
8. Dark Talon -- Undertaker
9. J-Rodzilla -- Bret Hart
10. WatchTheThrone89 -- XXX
11. C.J. Bradford -- The Rock
12. CaseygarnerPDX -- Chris Jericho
13. Geno Mrosko -- Hulk Hogan
14. s1rude -- Roddy Piper
15. Hollywood Wallace -- Vince McMahon

Round two:

15. Hollywood Wallace -- John Cena
14. s1rude -- Kurt Angle
13. Geno Mrosko -- Ted DiBiase
12. CaseygarnerPDX -- Yokozuna
11. C.J. Bradford -- Triple H
10. WatchTheThrone89 -- XXX
9. J-Rodzilla -- Sting
8. Dark Talon -- Edge
7. ZeroIndulgence -- Randy Orton
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz -- Ultimate Warrior
5. hfl2013 -- Goldberg
4. WVPiratesFan -- Paul Heyman
3. Buckeye Brawler -- Curt Hennig
2. Matthew Roth -- Mankind
1. bmf1314 -- Daniel Bryan

Round three:

1. bmf1314 -- Ricky Steamboat
2. Matthew Roth -- Booker T
3. Buckeye Brawler -- Harley Race
4. WVPiratesFan -- The Giant (Big Show)
5. hfl2013 -- Eddie Guerrero
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz -- Diamond Dallas Page
7. ZeroIndulgence -- Gorgeous George
8. Dark Talon -- Kane
9. J-Rodzilla -- Owen Hart
10. WatchTheThrone89 -- XXX
11. C.J. Bradford -- Rick Rude
12. CaseygarnerPDX -- Sabu
13. Geno Mrosko -- Kevin Nash
14. s1rude -- Vader
15. Hollywood Wallace -- Dusty Rhodes

Round four:

15. Hollywood Wallace -- Jake Roberts
14. s1rude -- Freddie Blassie
13. Geno Mrosko -- Scott Hall
12. CaseygarnerPDX -- Jeff Hardy
11. C.J. Bradford -- Stephanie McMahon
10. WatchTheThrone89 -- XXX
9. J-Rodzilla -- Ryback
8. Dark Talon -- Christian
7. ZeroIndulgence -- Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz -- Road Warrior Animal
5. hfl2013 -- Dean Malenko
4. WVPiratesFan -- Lex Luger
3. Buckeye Brawler -- The Great Muta
2. Matthew Roth -- Terry Funk
1. bmf1314 -- JBL

Round five:

1. bmf1314 -- Ron Simmons
2. Matthew Roth -- Brian Pillman
3. Buckeye Brawler -- Bam Bam Bigelow
4. WVPiratesFan -- Kenta
5. hfl2013 -- Rey Mysterio
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz -- Road Warrior Hawk
7. ZeroIndulgence -- Damien Sandow
8. Dark Talon -- Rob Van Dam
9. J-Rodzilla -- British Bulldog
10. WatchTheThrone89 -- XXX
11. C.J. Bradford -- Sycho Sid
12. CaseygarnerPDX -- Matt Hardy
13. Geno Mrosko -- Eric Bischoff
14. s1rude -- Arn Anderson
15. Hollywood Wallace -- "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

Round six:

15. Hollywood Wallace -- Mike Tyson
14. s1rude -- Tully Blanchard
13. Geno Mrosko -- nWo Fake Sting
12. CaseygarnerPDX -- Jim Cornette
11. C.J. Bradford -- Mark Henry
10. WatchTheThrone89 -- XXX
9. J-Rodzilla -- Stu Hart
8. Dark Talon -- Paul Bearer
7. ZeroIndulgence -- Cody Rhodes
6. Manolo Has Pizzazz -- Captain Lou Albano
5. hfl2013 -- Raven
4. WVPiratesFan -- AJ Styles
3. Buckeye Brawler -- Andy Kaufman
2. Matthew Roth -- Robocop
1. bmf1314 -- Earl Hebner

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