Cageside Seats Survivor Series Team Competition Introduction

Introducing the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Team Competition, including information on how you can get in on the fun!

Cagesider Dark Talon had an incredibly fun idea for a Survivor Series Team Competition that we decided would be far too fun to pass up. So we're bringing it to the front page where as many people can get in on it as possible.

Here's how it's going to work:


We're going to do a 6 round draft, where each team will select 5 active wrestlers and 1 non-combatant to manage/captain the team. (That way we have an even number of rounds to make the snake order draft fair.) There will be 12 different teams to give plenty of variety.

The wrestlers can be from any era, any promotion. You get them in the "prime" of their career. There was some debate over how to select tag teams, and we have chosen to go with one pick-one wrestler. If that leads to split up teams, so be it. It's a risk you'll have to take.

After the teams are selected, we will allow for a voting period from the Cageside Seats community, who will work off the following criteria:

Team Talent (Gotta have great wrestlers, or at least, "great" wrestlers.)
Team Chemistry (You might be able to put together a strong team, but if it's a mix of heels and faces, they may not get along.)
Drawing Power (Gotta draw the fans in.)
Style (If your team is too uniform (all giants, all technicians,) another team may be able to take advantage.)

The draft will take place tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET. Selections will be made similar to the voting on the Greatest Matches Tournament. Subject line will read "Team DarkTalon selects: The Big Show." We will keep an updated order in the main post as people pick. In the body of the post, the selector must post a picture of their pick so we know to move on to the next drafter.

Before the teams go to a vote, everyone will post a short summary of their team justifying why they picked who and why they think their team should win.

The non-combatant will be a bit of a wildcard to be used however the person sees fit. I could see some people getting really creative with it. Maybe if a team picks Macho Man, they select Miss Elizabeth as the wildcard because they know he'll fight harder with her in his corner. Or maybe you have a heel team and you pick Paul Heyman to manage them and improve their chemistry. Should be interesting to see where people go with it.

After the draft, everyone will get their summary ready and post it alongside their team in the vote thread. That thread will go up on Thursday at 7 a.m. ET and stay up until Saturday at 1 a.m. ET with results posted the day of WWE Survivor Series 2012. Sound good?

By the way, the winner will receive some free CSS swag.


How awesome does that sound?

We're going with a total of 12 teams, which means we need 12 Cagesiders to participate. Here's who is in so far:

Geno Mrosko
Dark Talon
Buckeye Brawler
Manolo Has Pizzazz
C.J. Bradford
Matthew Roth

UPDATE: We've got our 12 players. The draft goes down tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET. BE THERE!

UPDATE 2: I've decided to let one more team in because it would have been crappy to turn someone away. So we'll go with 13 teams.

UPDATE 3: We've added two more teams to take us to 15. There are plenty of great wrestlers in history to support that many teams. But that's all, 15 teams is a good number.

Looking forward to tomorrow's draft!!

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