WWE SmackDown results, live updates for March 14, 2014

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Complete results and live updates for tonight's (March 14, 2014) episode of "Friday Night SmackDown" from Little Rock, Arkansas, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza next month in New Orleans.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (March 14, 2014) from Little Rock, Arkansas, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring all the latest build to the upcoming WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza next month in New Orleans.

Because SmackDown is a taped show, you can simply go read the spoilers to know everything that happens (find them by clicking here). That means there isn't much need for a live blog, though we'll be sure to deliver results as they hit the air.

You can use this space to discuss all the events as they occur, however, and it's probably going to enhance your viewing experience. In fact, I know it is because we're a lot of fun around here.

Enjoy the show!



- They spend three minutes recapping the Occupy Raw segment. Then we get Triple H out to address what happened this past Monday night. He said he's going to end the YES Movement and that Daniel Bryan wouldn't be appearing tonight. He blamed the fans for all of it, calling them average like Bryan. He was only saving them all from themselves but now that's over and he's going to squash them all. Damien Sandow was brought out and made to apologize for his insubordination on Raw. He did so. Then he was booked for a match against Seth Rollins.

- Rollins def. Sandow in a glorified squash match. Sandow ended up on the outside and was distracted by Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, leading to a nice suicide dive and celebration from The Shield. Rollins got the pin after his curb stomp finish. The Shield celebrated further by going old school and hitting the Triple Powerbomb. They've really come together again as a strong cohesive unit.

- Big E def. Fandango in a squash match. Michael Cole tried to pass off Fandango as a legitimate contender to the Intercontinental title at the beginning of the three minute match. It probably didn't even go that long. During his entrance, there was an inset promo with Fandango revealing he'll be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30.

- Rhodes Brothers def. Real Americans thanks to Jack Swagger being an idiot, tagging himself in over Cesaro to further the break up story, and then falling into a backslide pin from Cody Rhodes and failing to kick out. Cesaro was upset but the two came together and beat down the Rhodes' before The Usos ran out to make the save.

- Bray Wyatt squashed Kofi Kingston. He just outright beat the shit out of him. Getting stronger headed for WrestleMania 30 and the match with John Cena.

- Backstage, they showed The Shield talking to Kane about their problems. Kane congratulated them on their recent successes. They responded by making fun of him and asking why he wasn't getting ready for his own match tonight. Kane ordered them to be ringside for his match and said "who knows, I might even leave some scraps of the Big Show out there for you". Rollins said they knew better and Kane only wanted them out there to protect him when Show went to knock him out. Reigns said they don't take orders from Kane before Rollins told him not to worry because they always do "what's best for business".

- Nikki Bella def. Tamina Snuka in a short but decent Divas match. Some outside stuff with AJ Lee, who briefly did commentary, but the finish was Nikki avoiding a splash and superkick from Tamina before hitting the Rack Attack -- which looked great -- to get the clean pinfall. It looks like they're building her as the next title challenger.

- Before his match with Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio had an inset promo announcing he would be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The two then proceeded to tear the house down with an awesome match that Ziggler won after going back-and-forth for probably 12 minutes or so. After, Ziggler gave an in-ring interview to Renee Young. "How about that, Renee, two in a row for the good guys!" He said he had an exclusive for Renee and he announced he'll be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Dolph got somewhat emotional saying when he wins the Andre trophy, he'll finally have his WrestleMania moment.

- Carlos Colon was announced as the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the 2014 class. He joins Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Lita, and Paul Bearer.

- "I never sleep but I'm always dreaming. And lately I've been dreaming of you, John Cena." Bray Wyatt and Family interrupted the WWE broadcast for a promo. Wyatt said he would make it quick for Cena.

- Kane was shown i the back walking by The Shield. "Gentlemen, I don't like to repeat myself. Let's go." They followed him, but not without a dirty look or two.

- During the Kane vs. Big Show main event, Kane failed to get a pinfall on a choke slam off the top rope. After, he told The Shield to get in the ring and take out Show. They initially stood up on the apron and acted as though they would, then they backed off. This led to Show choke slamming Kane and pinning him immediately after. The post-match angle saw The Shield walking out only for Kane for grab Rollins and drag him in the ring by his hair. Before he could do anything, Reigns hit a big spear. The show went off the air with The Shield standing over Kane.

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