WWE SmackDown results and live blog for June 7: Orton & Bryan vs. The Shield


Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (June 7, 2013) episode of "Friday Night SmackDown" on the SyFy channel from Long Island, New York, featuring Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield in the main event. Full results and the live blog is right here.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 7, 2013) from Long Island, New York, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring an advertised main event of Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan taking on The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show you can find out exactly what goes down by clicking here.

Either way, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

We'll start with MizTV.

I'm a little late getting in here thanks to some technical issues at home. Team Hell No and Randy Orton are already in the ring with Miz. D-Bry stops Miz from speaking and says he's got something he wants to say.

Before he can even speak, the fans chant for him.

Bryan says he figured out that Randy Orton didn't hit him on purpose on Raw. "You finally figured that out for yourself, huh," Orton says.

He then turns to Kane and says he's the best partner a guy could have. Kane asks if that means the "weak link" garbage will go away. During the process of that, he referred to Ryback as "The Ryback."

I love it.

Miz cuts in and instigates issues between the three guys. He brings up Bryan feeling as though people respect him and he only thinks people respect him sometimes. Kane says everyone respects him but he's not right in the head right now. Orton got condescending there for a minute, telling Miz to be careful with "the kid, his head's not right."

Orton goes a step further and says he loses respect for Bryan more and more as he whines and whines. Kane tries to get in between the two to take Bryan to the back but Bryan is really hot here. They start battling about being a tag team.

Kane says he's had enough and he bails to the back.

"Fine, leave me alone like you always do," Bryan remarks under his breath.

"Really? Did we just witness the break up of Team Hell No right here on MizTV?"

Bryan says he's sure everyone is going to blame this all on him. He goes into his "NO" schtick before Teddy Long comes strolling on out to the stage.

"Daniel, you sound like a man with a whole lot to prove. Well, I am out here to give you another chance to prove it. Tonight, you are going to be facing the tag team champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of The Shield. Now, since your partner Kane doesn't want to have anything to do with you now, I have no choice but to pair you up with The Viper, Randy Orton."

Off goes Teddy and we have our television main event.


Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel

Paul Heyman talks his way to the ring. He puts over Axel having defeated both Triple H and John Cena, the latter of which he beat twice. And he's the WWE champion, by the way!

Axel gets the mic and delivers his line: "And tonight another former champion gets the chance to learn what it means to be ......... perfect."


Oh, Heyman is going to join the commentary team, a smart play to help get Axel over.

They're using this as a chance to get Heyman to say CM Punk will, in fact, appear at the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) a week from Sunday. He did say "appear" instead of "wrestle," if anyone wants to look too far into that.

Axel hits the running neckbreaker for two. When done right, that's a sweet looking move, especially when WWE hits the right camera angle and movement on it to enhance how good it looks.

Did Jericho just do a cross body off the top rope? Yep, he just did a cross body off the top rope.

Axel went for the Perfectplex but got it countered into the Walls of Jericho. Curtis got to the ropes, though.

Jericho throws Axel out to the mat on the outside and Heyman stands up on the announce table suddenly and starts tapping his watch before shouting, "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!"

CM Punk's music hits and Jericho is distracted enough to allow Axel to roll him up to get the three count.

That was actually pretty damn cool.

Jericho goes to walk out all disappointed but gets pissed enough to rush the ring and lay Axel out.


Kane runs into The Ryback.

Ryback laughs about how he put him through a table on Raw and says he bets Kane wants to do the same. Kane defends his partner and says that while he's annoying sometimes, they're still close.

He then sets up a match between the two for later on.

Ryback says Kane knows he "Rules" but Kane fires back with his long list of transgressions during his time with WWE and says whatever Ryback's "Rules" are, they don't have anything on "The Big Red Monster."

Good line.


Apologies, Cagesiders, I just missed a chunk of the show. I think Alberto Del Rio was out there. Again, technical difficulties here.

In the ring, Sheamus is talking down to Damien Sandow, who is talking down to him. Looks like Sandow is playing chess against a supercomputer. Sheamus says he wants just one move -- only one -- and he can win the game.

I think we all know what that one move is going to be.

Sheamus keeps calling Sandow "Damo." It's extremely lame.

Sandow says something about "Irish" and Sheamus says that reminds him of the one move to beat the supercomputer -- and then he delivers a Brogue Kick.


Sandow is really upset that Sheamus did that and this time, he's the one to actually lay a beatdown on the babyface for it. Wow, he's really taking it to "The Celtic Warrior" here. JBL on the commentary is applauding it the entire way.

"This is what he deserves."

JBL is right, of course. Sheamus is merely a bully who got his comeuppance here. Yet WWE is treating it very much like it isn't that way.


Randy Orton runs into Bryan in the back and talks about Kane having to go to the trainer's room after his match with Ryback. So I guess that's what I missed while my television makes me do the job.

Orton tries to make peace with Bryan, who resists, and finally Orton just comes right out and says he doesn't like partners and he doesn't like Bryan and that's all there is to it.

Cue walk off and intense stare while the camera lingers for too long.


Fandango vs. Zack Ryder

The Miz is on commentary for this match. At one point Fandango looked out at him and he said, "What are you looking at, Skittles boy, you keep looking at me I'm going to make you taste the rainbow."


Ryder gets some offense in not long after this, including the Broski Boot to a decent pop for his home crowd but Fandango counters the Rough Ryder with a powerbomb and finishes it off with the Leg Drop from the top rope.

That'll do 'er.


They advertise a video recap of Ryback destroying everyone with tables. I just don't get advertising recaps, but whatever.

UGH. That'll have to do it for me tonight, Cagesiders. My TV has jobbed me out for good. Buried me completely.

Enjoy the rest of the show.

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