WWE SmackDown results and live blog for March 22: Believe in the Shield

Chris "Y2J" Jericho, Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter will appear on tonight's (Mar. 22) episode of WWE SmackDown at 8ET

Complete results and a running live blog of WWE hitting Cincinnati, Ohio for "SmackDown" airing tonight (Mar. 22, 2013), featuring the continued build to "WrestleMania 29", Jack Swagger vs. Y2J, Dolph vs. Kofi, The Rhodes Scholars, The Miz vs. US Champ Antonio Cesaro, Show, Sheamus, Orton, the Shield and more!

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (March 22, 2013) from Cincinnati, OH, with a taped show on the SyFy channel; featuring the continuing feud between Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston, the Bellas, Rhodes Scholars, Show, Sheamus, Orton, the Shield and MORE!

For those of you too impatient to hang on til tonight, feel free to check out the Spoilers, or if you just wanna be prepped and primed for the night, read the Precap right here on CSS at 10e/9a.

Be sure to come back here to hang out during the show at 8 p.m. ET/7c for the complete play-by-play in our SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right -- see you tonight

Recap of Jack Swagger laying out Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez on Monday Night Raw.

Recap of The Big Show making the save for Randy Orton and Sheamus against The Shield.


We're starting the night with MizTV


Miz introduces Orton and Sheamus as his guests. He asks now that Ryback will be facing Mark Henry, who will be their partner against The Shield.

Orton says that it will be the same man who helped them on Raw.

The Big Show.

Miz wonders if Sheamus is on board with this choice.

Sheamus admits that Show helped them, but he doesn't trust him.

Orton goes on to say that he doesn't trust Show, but he doesn't trust anyone.

But they have to do what is necessary to survive.

So it's about siding with the devil you know vs. the devil you don't. And come WrestleMania, it will be better to have the big, angry giant on their side.


Here comes that giant to respond!

Miz asks if Show can understand the mistrust present. ShowMiz broke up when Show knocked Miz out.

The Miz says that he trusts Show about as far as he can throw him.

Show says that Miz's opinion doesn't actually matter.

Show: "I've dated women bigger than you, so zip it."

He goes on to say he has been the only person to knock out a member of The Shield. They don't have to like each other, but if they work together no one can stop them.

Sheamus says that they have been war against each other. Show is one of the toughest opponents he has faced, but also one of the most devious. Sheamus wants to know if Show will run away and leave them hanging.

Show is not happy with this! If Show was a man who tucked tail and ran, he wouldn't have beaten Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Orton tries to play peacemaker, which amuses Miz to no end.

Sheamus insists that this will not work, while Show insists that it will.


Out comes Booker T, who needs to know if this will work.

So we got ourselves a match!

The Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton will team up against...

Someone. Booker doesn't actually say.


Mark Henry vs. Zack Ryder

This should be fun.

Ryder charges, but he's sent flying into the corner. Whip from post to post drops Ryder to the mat. Again Ryder is thrown across the ring, and again he's dropped.

Henry sets up for a power slam, but Ryder wiggles free. Off the ropes he goes...

Right into a World's Strongest Slam.

That gets the three count.

Henry delivers a second World's Strongest Slam to the prone Ryder. And then a third.


Out comes Ryback to save the little fella!

JBL: "We fight on Friday Night's!"

Ryback and Henry stare down in the ring. Henry is mouthing off. He charges!

And Ryback takes him down with a clothesline.

Henry rolls out of the ring while Ryback leads a "Feed me more!" chant.


Booker T in his office with Teddy Long. Long is very excited about the Ryback vs. Henry match he booked.

Booker is upset Vickie Guerrero played a role in booking the match. Teddy works for Booker, not Vickie.

Teddy is upset. He thought he worked with Booker, not for Booker.

Booker is silent.


Video package for Booker T's Hall of Fame induction


Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi charges with the quick kicks. Dolph comes back with a neck breaker to gain the advantage.

We cut to AJ sitting at the announcers table, missing part of the action. JBL compliments how cute she looks sitting on top of the desk.

The C.J. agrees.

Kofi is up and delivering chops. He hits the drop kick and flying clothesline. He follows it up by dropping the Boom!

Kofi is calling his shot!

But Big E climbs up on the apron, distracting Kofi.

Which gives Dolph time to land the drop kick.

Only good for two.

We come back from commercial with both men exchanging blows. Dolph sends Kofi into the corner. He tries to follow, but is met with a pendulum kick to the dome.

To the top rope Kofi goes...

But Dolph drops him off his perch.

Only gets a two count.

Cole informs AJ that she will be with her current boyfriend and two ex's come WrestleMania.

AJ considers that to be hell.

Kofi gets to a standing base with punches to the midsection. Off the ropes he goes...

Right into a Dolph drop kick.

Dolph only gets two.

JBL: "Come WrestleMania, you'll have dated everyone but the referee."

AJ: "You got jokes."

Dolph with the headlock. Kofi makes it to a standing base. Dolph sends Kofi into the corner. He tries to follow...

And meets unforgiving steel.

Kofi gets his shine with the double axe handle - drop kick - lateral press combo.

Dolph kicks out at two.

Springboard axe handle from Kofi is countered by Dolph.

Only gets a two count.

Dolph is sent into the ropes. Kofi goes for the high kick, but Dolph is able to stop his momentum.

He locks in the sleeper hold! Kofi is able to back Dolph into the corner to break the hold.

S.O.S. from Kofi!

Dolph grabs the rope to stop the count.

Dolph rolls out of the ring for a breather. Kofi starts to charge...

But Big E is right there to protect his boss.

Off the top rope Kofi goes, taking out Big E!

But Ziggler is right there with the Fameasser!

Yes, Cole called it the Fameasser.

Dolph tries to roll the knocked out Kofi into the ring.

AJ: "I'm going to have that man's babies"

JBL: "Kofi's?"

AJ: "Ziggler's! And they will have glorious hair and abs of Greek Gods."

Into the ring we go. Ziggler is calling his shot.

Zig Zag! Dolph Ziggler is your winner!

AJ is very happy.

Big E hits the Big Ending on Kofi just for the hell of it.


Recap of Chris Jericho and Fandango interaction on Raw.


Recap of CM Punk messing around with The Undertaker's urn on Raw.


Backstage with Orton, Sheamus, and Show. Sheamus and Show are bickering.

Orton tells them that they must get along and work together, or they will be sitting ducks for The Shield.


Recap of Swagger taking out Ricardo Rodriguez.

Swagger and Zeb to the ring.

Swagger welcomes us to "Jack Swagger's America."

Zeb tells us it is a beautiful day in Jack Swagger's America. What happened to Ricardo was unfortunate but necessary.

But that is nothing to what will happen to Del Rio.

If bones need to be broke, they will be broken.

Zeb goes on to say that it should be a warning to Del Rio, and to everyone who disagrees with what they say.

Including Chris Jericho.

Swagger: "We the people!"


Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho

Swagger and Jericho waiting in their respective corners. Finally Jericho charges and unleashes a flurry of punches. He sends Swagger off the ropes, then meets him with a clothesline. He follows by whipping Swagger into the corner, followed by another clothesline.

Chops, forearms, and high knees comes flying from Jericho.

Swagger manages to roll out of the ring to throw a hissy fit.

Swagger tries to climb back into the ring, but is met by a baseball slide.

Jericho slams Swagger's head into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Jericho stares down Zeb before following.

And Swagger is waiting with the chop block. He stomps down Jericho before hitting a pair of shoulder blocks. Swagger tries to go back to the well one more time...

And meets a drop kick from Jericho.

Jericho runs the ropes, but Swagger catches him in mid air and slams him into the turnbuckle. He unleashes the rights before the ref pulls him off.

Swagger advances. Jericho meets him with a chop, but Swagger powers through it. He plops Jericho onto the top rope. Swagger is going for the superplex!

But Jericho manages to fight Swagger off.

Cross body off the top rope from Jericho!

Only gets a two count.

Swagger rolls out of the ring, but Jericho flies through the ropes to knock him down.

We come back from commercial with Swagger delivering a high boot.

Only good for two.

Swagger goes to work on Jericho's arm. He wrenches Jericho's arm on the ropes while landing forearms to the back.

Whip from post to post. Swagger tries to follow, but meets the turnbuckle.

Jericho lands a pair of should blocks before hitting the double axe handle off the top rope. He lands rights to the dome while Swagger is backed up in the corner.

Swagger manages to pick Jericho up and walk to the middle of the ring. Jericho manages to wiggle free...

Right into the Patriot Lock!

But Swagger can't get it fully locked in. Jericho rolls forward, sending Swagger through the ropes.

Springboard drop kick from Jericho as Swagger climbs onto the apron!

Jazz sax sounds, and FAAAAWWWNDOOONGOOO makes his way to the ring.

Swagger hits the running spine buster while Jericho is distracted.

Only good for two.

Jericho crumbled in the corner. Swagger is right there with a high knee.

And Jericho gets the crucifix pin!

Swagger kicks out at two.

Jericho goes for the Codebreaker...

Swagger flips him over his back.

But Jericho tries to set up for the Walls of Jericho!

He never fully gets it locked in, though, and instead opts for the slingshot. Off the ropes Swagger goes, and Jericho is right there to hit a bulldog.

Up on the apron comes Zeb to distract the ref.

Jericho goes for the Lionsault...

But Fandango is there with a kick to the dome!

Swagger Bomb from Swagger -- duh -- gets the three count.

Into the ring Fandango comes to beat down Jericho.

To the top rope he goes...

And he drops the leg across Jericho's neck!

Fandango: "It's FAWN! DON! GO!


Backstage with Striker and Show. Striker asks if he, Orton, and Sheamus can get along.

Show admits that Orton is right. The Shield have kicked the crap out of them all.

So Show needs to put his whole heart into this. He is going to make sure Orton and Sheamus trust him as much as they trust each other.

Show: "Trust me."


Hype video for The Rock vs. John Cena.


Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bellas in the ring.

Cody tells us that tonight -- although we don't deserve it -- The Intellectual Savior of the Masses and the Essence of Mustachio Magnificence bring us a special gift.

Sandow: "Silence!"

He goes on to say his best friend and himself present the class of the Divas division, the only two women with enough beauty and intelligence to accompany Team Rhodes Scholars, The Bellas!

Sandow: "You're welcome!"


Brodus Clay and Tensai are...in matching tracksuits.

And Tensai has a coon skin on his head.

Of course he does.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Brodus Clay & Tensai

Cody and Tensai starting things off. Cody lets off a few right punches before Tensai drops him with a heavy right. Off the ropes Cody goes, but he drops to his back and lands a punch.

Tensai lands a clothesline. He goes for the splash, but Cody rolls out of the way.

Tag to Clay, who charges in with a series of clothesline. Sandow rushes into the ring, but meets a Clay headbutt.

Cody is left hanging in the corner. Clay charges with the splash.

Naomi, Camron, and The Bellas attack each other outside the ring. Rhodes Scholars, Clay & Tensai rush in to break things up.

Rhodes Scholars and The Bellas make their way up the ramp while Clay, Tensia, and the Funkadactyls celebrate in the ring.


Backstage with Striker, Sheamus, and Orton. Striker asks if they and Show are on the same page.

Sheamus tells Striker that they absolutely are. United they stand. Everyone trusts each other.

Sheamus: "Trust me."

Striker is about to send it back to the announcers when Sheamus pops back into frame.

Sheamus: "No, seriously. Trust me."


Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

Wade Barrett at ringside.

Cesaro gets Miz in a side headlock. Miz pushes him off and gets the roll up.

Only good for two.

Cesaro with the big knee to the face.

Miz kicks out at two

Cesaro with a big stomp.

Again Miz kicks out at two.

Cesaro hits the gut wrench suplex.

Again Miz kicks out at two.

Cesaro picks Miz up by the ear. He lands a knee to the face. Miz comes back with a left to the face. Cesaro sends Miz into the ropes, but Miz hangs on. The US Champ charges but eats an elbow.

Miz lands a knee and high kick. Cesaro staggers to the corner. Miz charges and hits the flying clothesline. He follows it up with a flying axe handle.

Miz sets up for the Figure Four, but Cesaro kicks out.

Miz hits a dropkick on Cesaro's knee. Back to the Figure Four!

And Cesaro taps almost instantly.

The Miz is your winner.

Miz stares down Wade, and goes back to the Figure Four.

Wade stands up and mean mugs The Miz before holding up his championship.


On the red carpet for The Call


Recap of the Triple H contract signing.


Randy Orton, Sheamus, & The Big Show vs. 3MB

Orton and Mahal starting things off. Mahal gets the early advantage with a few well placed kicks. Off the ropes he goes...

Right into a series of Orton clotheslines.

Orton slams Mahals' head into the turnbuckle before climbing on the second rope and hammering away with the rights.

Tag to Sheamus and they hit the double team shoulder block.

Sheamus hacking away with heavy punches.

The ref finally pulls him off. Mahal takes advantage, charging with the rights. He backs Sheamus up to the corner.

Sheamus is able to turn things around with a big boot. He sends Mahal to the opposite corner. Mahal bounces off right into a high knee. Sheamus hits the rolling senton. He sets Mahal up in the corner, before quieting the crowd and delivering a stiff chop.

A page right out of Show's playbook.

Tag to Show. Mahal manages to escape and tags in Drew. Show hits the head butt. He ties Drew up in the ropes before launching some Irish Hand Grenades.


Drew rolls and tags Mahal. Mahal jumps back and tags in Slater. Show sends Slater flying into the middle of the ring.

Tag to Orton. He drops the knee on Slater. Slater manages to get up, land a punch, and runs the ropes...

Right into an Orton power slam.

He flips Slater into the ropes. Mahal runs on the apron but is immediately decked by Orton. Slater takes advantage and hangs Orton out on the top rope.

Slater with the high kick!

Orton kicks out at two.

Slater with a flurry of kicks and punches. He drags Orton to the heel's corner.

Tag to Drew, who stomps out Orton. Quick tag to Mahal. Orton stuck in the corner eating a triple team.

Mahal with the swinging neck breaker. Tag to Slater, who goes for the cover.

Only good for two.

Orton tries to escape, but Slater pulls him back to the center of the ring. Off the top rope he goes...

Right into an Orton drop kick.

Both men are down. They are crawling.

Show with the hot tag! Mahal with the hot tag! Everyone gets a hot tag!

Show flies in and lays Mahal out with a series clothesline. He sends Mahal into the corner and hits the splash. Mahal bounces off and walks right into a spear.

Drew rushes in and sends Show backwards into the ropes. Show hits the WMD on Drew, but Sheamus tags himself in.

Sheamus with the Brogue Kick on Mahal, and that gets the three count.

Sheamus celebrates, but Show is pissed. The pair stare down in the ring while Orton tries to pull them apart.


And here comes The Shield from the audience. Show and Sheamus are in a shoving match. Show pushes Orton, who joins the fray.

The Shield surround the ring. They sense that the time is not right and retreat.

Fade to black.


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