WWE SmackDown results and live blog for March 1: A social experiment

Tonight (Friday, March 1) we get the first ever SMS! (Social Media SmackDown) - wwe.com/fairuse

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (March 1, 2013) episode of WWE 'SmackDown' from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; featuring the continuing feud between World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and #1 Contender Jack Swagger, "the most socially interactive SmackDown in WWE history," and MORE!

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 1, 2013) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the continuing feud between World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and #1 Contender Jack Swagger, "the most socially interactive SmackDown in WWE history," and MORE!

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show, click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right!

Welcome to the "live" Social Media SmackDown.

I'm not sure how that works, but here we go!

Ricardo Rodriguez out to introduce the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio!

Michael Cole is telling us we're going to have a bunch of special guest "live" via Skype and Tout.

I'm still confused on how this will work.


Sandow out to the ring to rip Del Rio's speech apart. And says Ricardo is wearing a rented tux and holding a spit bucket.

Which...is not wrong.

Sandow, on the other hand, is accompanied by his amazing good looks and the jealous looks of the unwashed masses.

You're welcome.

Del Rio: "You want to talk about unwashed? You need to wash your mouth, because it smells like ca-ca!"


Alberto Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow

Both men slowly circle, carefully sizing up each other. They finally lock up, with Sandow gaining position with a side head lock.

Del Rio manages to send him into the ropes, but Sandow comes back with a shoulder block and some flair.

All Del Rio can do is smile.

They circle again before locking up. Del Rio now gains the side head lock. Sandow sends him into the ropes, and Del Rio comes back with a pair of shoulder blocks.

Sandow rolls into the ropes to catch a breather.

Cole tells us Alberto Del Rio is trending worldwide. Apparently that was presented by Sonic.

Sonic! It's food that people bring to your car!

Back into the ring Sandow goes. A boot to Del Rio's midsection is followed up with a side headlock takedown. Del Rio manages to roll into a pin attempt, but Sandow rolls out at one.

Del Rio gets to his feet and pushes Sandow into the corner. The ref breaks them up. Del Rio approaches Sandow, but meets a boot to the midsection.

Sandow flips Del Rio into the corner and delivers a series of kicks and punches. The ref finally manages to pull him off.

Sandow approaches, and now Del Rio gains control with a kick to the midsection. The positions flip, and Del Rio delivers a series of blows as Sandow is trapped in the corner. Del Rio flips Sandow to the mat and lands a stiff kick to the lower back.

Sandow tries to crawl to the ropes, but Del Rio is on top of him with a body slam.

To the second rope Del Rio goes, and hits a beautiful moonsault!

Only gets a two count.

Sandow to his feet. He lands a cheap blow to the neck before following it up with a headbutt and a suplex. He goes for the cover…

Del Rio kicks out at two.

Sandow with the head lock. Del Rio manages to make it to a standing base by landing a few body blows, but Sandow puts an end to that by slamming Del Rio's head into the mat.

A couple of big stomps by Sandow before driving a knee into the champion's neck.

He goes for the cover, but only gets two.

Back to the head lock for Sandow. Del Rio makes it to his feet and sends Sandow into the ropes, but eats a shoulder block for his troubles. Sandow gets greedy and goes for another, but Del Rio drops the toe hold. He goes for the La magistral pin -- look at C.J. being all fancy! -- but only gets a two count.

Sandow comes back with a wicked clothesline. Pin attempt only gets two.

Big right hand sends Del Rio reeling. Sandow goes for the post to post whip, but Del Rio reverses. He tries to follow, but eats a shoulder to the jaw.

Sandow to the second rope for a flying axe handle. Del Rio sees it and meets him with a kick to the gut.

Del Rio locks up to do…something…but Sandow sends him into the ropes. He gives chase, but Del Rio flips him up and over the top rope. The bearded on manages to land on the apron…

And takes an enziguri to the back of the dome.

We come back from commercial with Sandow dropping Del Rio and hitting The Elbow of Disdain.

Del Rio kicks out at two.

Sandow drops a few frustrated knees to Del Rio's head before driving one into the champion's back. He gets the side head lock. Del Rio manages to get back to his feet with a few body blows and a headbutt.

Sandow is sent into the ropes. Del Rio leans forward, but Sandow stops his momentum and delivers a kick to the face. He tries to follow with a clothesline. Del Rio ducks under and snaps off a beautiful german suplex.

Both men slow to get to their feet. The pair get up and exchange heavy rights. Sandow gains the upper hand with a nice one-two-boot combo. A whip sends Del Rio into the corner. Sandow tries to follow, but eats turnbuckle.

Del Rio gets his shine with a clothesline - clothesline - Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker combo.

The champion is calling for it! The crowd wants it!

A huge super kick from Del Rio!

But Sandow kicks out at two!

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter watching on in the back.

Del Rio is calling for it! The crowd wants it!

Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker…

But Sandow counters with a sit out rear mat slam!

Only good for two.

Del Rio gets to his feet and sends Sandow spinning into the ropes. He lands a series of kidney shots before hitting the backstabber.

He goes for the cover, but Sandow kicks out at two.

Sandow crawls to the corner.

Del Rio is calling for it! The crowd wants it!

Del Rio starts to charge, but Sandow is right there with a kick to the mid section and a swinging neck breaker.

Only gets a two count.

Sandow picks Del Rio up and lands knee after knee to Del Rio's gut. He sets up the Terminus…

But Del Rio counters into the Cross Arm Breaker! Sandow can't take it! He has to do it!

And he taps! Sandow taps! Del Rio is your winner!


Del Rio backstage saying that he's the SmackDown leader. Ricardo reminds Del Rio that he wants to give something back.

Del Rio tells the WWE Universe that next week they can choose his opponent!



Recap of John Cena vs. CM Punk on Monday Night Raw


In the locker room with Kane and Daniel Bryan. Kane is holding a mask and is wondering what it is. Bryan says that is why Kane beat The Prime Time Players

Kane disagrees.

Bryan tells him that tonight he will have one arm tied behind his back, and Kane will have to wrestle with a mask on.

Kane: "Fine"

Bryan: "What?"

Kane says that he will be able to prove he is better than Bryan.

And since he will be wearing a blindfold, Kane wont have to look at Bryan's goat face.

He walks off and leaves Bryan in a "NO!" fit.


Trailer for Marine 3: Homefront

Recap of The Miz defeating Antonio Cesaro on Raw two weeks ago.

Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz in a Two out of Three Falls Match for the United States Championship

Bell rings and both men lock up. Miz goes for the quick roll up, but Cesaro gets out.

Cesaro shows his pure strength, picking Miz up and slamming him to the mat. He goes for the bridge, but Miz rolls off his shoulders.

Cesaro with the side head lock. Miz manages to push him off, but Cesaro comes right back with a shoulder block. He goes for the pin, but Miz kicks out at one.

Back to the head lock. Miz sends him off the ropes. He bounces around for a bit before Miz tries the hip toss. He's unable to get the champion off his feet, though. Cesaro swings widely and Miz is able to to land an elbow.

Only gets one.

Miz sends Cesaro face first into the turnbuckle and then off the ropes. He bends forward, but Cesaro is able to roll over him. Miz rolls right through, and plants a boot to Cesaro's face.

Cover only gets two.

Cesaro rolls out of the ring for a breather. He kicks the steps in disgust.

Back into the ring he goes. He delivers a kick to the gut before landing an uppercut. Cesaro goes for a second, but Miz ducks under. He sets up for the Figure Four Leg Lock. Cesaro is able to kick free. He goes for a kick to the midsection, but Miz with a nice takedown.

Cesaro rolls out of the ring for another breather. Miz is quick to give chase.

Cesaro back into the ring. Miz slides in underneath him and goes for the roll up!

Cesaro kicks out at two.

Miz trying to go back to the Figure Four, but Cesaro is having none of it. He fights his way to his feet, sends Miz off the ropes, and hits a big knee to the gut. He lands a quick shot to the dome before going for the cover.

Miz kicks out at one.

Cesaro with the head lock. Miz makes it to a standing base before landing a few elbows. Cesaro sends him off the ropes. Miz comes flying back into a roll up.

Only gets two.

Miz with a few kicks to the midsection. He tries for the post-to-post whip, but Cesaro reverses. The champion attempts to follow, but Miz flies out of the way.

Into the ropes Miz goes, and he comes back with a clothesline that drops Cesaro.

Cesaro is hanging in the corner. Miz charges, but Cesaro saw it coming. He picks the little guy up on his shoulders…

And hits a Side Death Valley driver.

That's good for a near fall.

Cesaro tries to go back on the offensive, but Miz gets the roll up!

Only good for two.

Both men to their feet.

And from out of no where Cesaro hits the Neutralizer!

And that's good for three! Cesaro wins the first fall!

We come back from commercial with…

Miz having tied things up…

During the break Miz locked in the Figure Four and Cesaro tapped. They showed it on the WWE App.

I'm not sure how I feel about that…

The third and final fall starts. Miz charges, but Cesaro avoids the take down attempt.

And follows it up with a beautiful gut wrench suplex.

A stomp to the chest from Cesaro. He goes for the cover, but only gets two.

Cesaro with the head lock. Miz makes it to his feet, but is unable to break the hold. He finally is able to land a 'bow to get out of his grasp.

A big kick to the head from The Miz. Cesaro is down on one knee.

And he looks pissed.

He charges, but Miz manages to take him to the mat and land a few head shots before the ref finally pulls him off.

Miz tries to go back to work, but meets a boot to the gut. Cesaro with a nasty slap!

And now Miz is pissed!

He gets his shine with a clothesline - clothesline - back breaker - combo, but is unable to hit the neck breaker before Cesaro pushes him into the corner.

The champion tries to advance, but gets a boot to his injured knee. Then a boot to the midsection. Miz charges…



Miz is crawling up Cesaro's legs. The champion slaps Miz around a bit.

Miz with a boot to the bad knee! A snap DDT drops Cesaro!

Only gets a two count.

Both men slow to get to their feet.

Cesaro with a headbutt. Miz with the heavy left. Cesaro with a right. The pair exchange blows.

Miz gets the upper hand unleashing a flurry of lefts, backing Cesaro into the corner, before the ref finally manages to pull him off.

That just gives Miz enough room to hit the running clothesline. Cesaro is down.

Miz to the tope rope! A big double axe handle to the dome!

Miz goes to work on the injured knee.

He locks in the Figure Four! Cesaro is going to tap! He can't hold on!

But he manages to clutch onto the bottom rope. Miz has to break the hold.

Miz lifts Cesaro up by the legs and pulls him off the ropes, slamming Cesaros knee into the mat.

Miz goes for the Figure Four again! He might have it this time!

Cesaro kicks out, almost sending Miz into the ref.

Cesaro is right behind, though, and crashes Miz into the poor ref. He has the roll up!

But the ref is dazed! He doesn't see the pin attempt!

Miz rolls through! The ref regains his composure! He slides for the count!

And now Cesaro rolls through! He has a fist full of tights! Ref doesn't see it!

Antonio Cesaro retains the United States Championship!

And The Miz is pissed.


John "Bradshaw" Layfield climbing mountains and still has free time to Tout.

What a guy!


In the locker room with Randy Orton. Sheamus pops up and asks if Orton is afraid of The Shield.

Orton wonders what he can do about it.

Sheamus says that if he wanted, this big Irish fella could watch his back.

But Orton is a loner and wouldn't want his help.

Orton tells Sheamus he never said he wasn't interested.

Sheamus: "So what are you saying?"

Orton: "Thanks"

He walks off, leaving Sheamus -- and C.J. -- confused.


Out comes Good Ol' J.R. to the ring!

He's glad to be back home in Oklahoma. But right now, he is here for a very specific reason.

He wants to talk to Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

And out they come!

J.R. tells Jack that they go back a long way. He has always respected Jack's athletic ability. J.R. was the one who recruited him from the University of Oklahoma

Swagger: "You mean the team with no heart?"

That's good heelin'.

Zeb wanted a forum where they could be treated fairly.

J.R. reminds us Sept. 3 when Swagger left WWE for a sabbatical. Now Swagger has come back, but he's a very different person since he met Zeb.

Zeb says that he told Swagger the real problems in this country.

J.R. is dumbfounded.

Zeb tells J.R. that he doesn't look blind. WWE is a microcosm of what is happening everyday.

How could it be possible that Swagger goes on a losing streak, and an immigrant like Del Rio sneaks in and steals what belongs to Swagger.

Everyday thousands of undocumented workers cross the border and are taking jobs from real Americans.

Zeb and Colter will not stand idly by and watch this country self destruct.

Swagger: "We the people."

J.R. hypes up the WrestleMania 29 match for the World Heavyweight Champion.

Zeb says that the title will be around the waist of a true American. He says that Del Rio is not "one of us." He doesn't share our values, and he needs to leave this country.>

Zeb asks J.R. that when he sees rotting fruit in his home, what does he do?

He dumbs that stinky fruit.

Likewise, Del Rio is stinky fruit that needs to be dumped.

Swagger is fighting for far more than just a championship.

He's fighting for the heart and soul of this country.

Swagger: "We the people."

J.R. is flabbergasted. He accuses Zeb of brainwashing Swagger.

Zeb does not like that accusation. He says he just told Swagger the truth.

J.R. says that Zeb has the right to speak, but he also has the right to remain silent.

Zeb tells J.R. that he should watch his tongue, or he will do something he will regret.

Swagger knocks J.R.'s hat off. He tells J.R. that he was wrong about him.

Swagger: "You are either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem."

Swagger walks him back into the corner, accusing him of being a sympathiser.

And here comes Del Rio to save the day!

Del Rio tells Swagger and Zeb that they are the problem, and he is the solution. He claims Jack is not a real American.

He's a real Jack...ass!

Nice one.


Recap of Team Hell No vs. Prime Time Players on Monday Night Raw

The announcer crew is chilling on some Sonic.

Sonic! It's stuff you put in your mouth hole!

Team Hell No vs. Prime Time Players

Daniel Bryan will have one arm tied behind his back.

And Kane has a mask on. With a picture of a goat on it.


Kane and Young will start things off. Young is on all fours to try and trip Kane. The big man wanders around the ring, missing him each time.

Young: "It didn't work, Titus!"

Kane hears the voice and a blind right finds its mark.

Titus blowing his whistle to distract Kane.

Young with a series of gut kicks before climbing to the top rope.

Kane wonders into the ropes, leaving Young hanging on his "prime time players."

Kane wonders to his own corner, and Bryan tags himself in.

Bryan with a series of smart kicks, followed by a chop. Young manages to fight back with a head butt and a few rights.

Bryan is sent into the ropes…

And Bryan with the crucifix pin!

Young kicks out at two.

But damn that was pretty.

Young with the running knee. He sends Bryan into the heel's corner and tags Titus in.

We come back from commercial with Titus continuing the punishment. Bryan is hung up in the corner. Titus gets in his three point stance and charges, but eats a boot to the face.

Bryan crawls to his corner and tags in Kane.

He wonders into the ring and points, using the crowd to find his opponent. The audience obliges and sends him toward Titus.

Kane with a series of rights and lefts before delivering a hip toss.

Titus dives towards his corner and tags in Young. He charges towards Kane…

And walks right into a chokeslam!

Kane drops for the cover, but Young rolls out of the way. Kane has no idea where he is.

Bryan calls for and gets the hot tag. He heads into the ring…

But Kane has the ref in a chokehold! Bryan tries to free him, but gets himself caught in a chokehold!

Kane lets the ref go. He then grabs onto Bryan's beard to make sure it's really him.

I'm not making any of this up.

Titus with the roll up, and Prime Time Players get the win!

The Prime Time Players celebrate their victory.

Kane finally notices the goat on his mask. And he is not happy. Bryan professes his innocence and offers the big lug a hug.

Kane proceeds to put the mask on Bryan's head and land a big right hand.


Trailer for The Call.


Matt Striker interviewing The Big Show. He asks if Show has any comments.

Show says this is the time for impacts.

And the biggest impact is a chokeslam to Randy Orton.

....that was short and sweet.


Chris Jericho on Skype from Australia! He name drops a bunch of bands he is hanging out and hypes up Robot Combat League.


Backstage with Striker and Fandango. Striker tries to introduce him...

Striker: "FA-DANG-O!"

Fandango: "You have to breath the A's in"

Striker: "FANN-DANG-OO!

Fandango: "Don't get hung up on the N"

Striker gives up and asks what Fandango is doing in WWE.

Fandango tells him that he has accomplished everything there is to accomplish everything he can in the ballroom. So now it's time to take his rythm to the ring, so everyone in WWE can follow his lead.

Striker starts to say that he will be wrestling next, but Fandango tells him that he will wrestle when Striker gets his name right.



Recap of Brock Lesnar and Triple H's brawl on Raw.


The results of Alberto Del Rio's opponent next week are in, and it will be....

Dolph Ziggler!



Recap of Sheamus and Orton attacking The Shield on Raw.

Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

Both men lock up, and Show tosses Orton to the mat.

Show with a big right hand. Orton quickly comes back with his own series of rights.

Show is able to gain control and sets up Orton in the corner. He silences the crowd for the stiff chop...

But Orton pops him in the face. He backs show up to the turnbuckle and mounts, bouncing right hands off Show's skull.

Show is finally able to push him off and deliver a giant shoulder tackle, followed by a headbutt.

A huge punch to the midsection by Show. He silences the crowd, and finally is able to hit the stiff chop.

Orton is on the ground in pain.

Show with another huge punch to the gut, followed by another stiff chop.

A whip to the post, followed by a butt splash. Show off the ropes...

And he meets an Orton drop kick!

Show rolls out of the ring for a breather.

We come back from commercial with Show dropping 'bows on Orton's shoulder.

Show looks at the crowd, distracted. Orton tries to take advantage, but a giant headbutt puts him down.

Show goes to work on Orton's shoulder. Orton able to get to his feet with a few punches to the head.

Show drops Orton to the mat.

Only gets a two count.

Show on the second rope! He drops the elbow!

And gets pure mat.

Orton is fired up! He's bouncing punches off of Show's bald dome.

Show sets up for the chokeslam...

But Orton counters into a DDT!

Only good for two.

Show rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Orton is quick to chase. Show picks up Orton and looks to slam him into the ring post..

But Orton wiggles free and it's Show's face that meets unforgiving steel!

Orton slides back into the ring. He reaches over to pull Show onto the apron, but Show wraps his hand around Orton's throat.

Orton is able to drop Show's shoulder into the top rope. Show is hung up. Orton sees an oppitunity!

DDT from the top rope!

Both men are down!


And here comes The Shield!

They are stalking their pray. Orton has no where to go!


And here comes Sheamus to save the day!

Sheams and Orton in the ring. The Shield outside. They wait....

And we got ourselves a brawl!

Orton is taking on Rollins, but Sheamus is unable to fight off both Ambrose and Reigns. The Shield is kicking ass!

Roman bumps into Show...

And eats a WMD for his troubles!

Ambrose and Rollins look at each other and decide to bounce.

Look's like all is calm in the ring.

Except Orton receives a chokeslam from Show!

And Show gets a Brogue Kick from Sheamus!

Chaos on SmackDown!

Sheamus and Orton shake hands.

Fade to black.


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