WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Nov. 6: Election Day special from England


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 6, 2012) special Election Day special edition of WWE Super SmackDown from England, featuring Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 6, 2012) from England with a live show on SyFy featuring a Falls Count Anywhere match between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.

But that's hardly the most important thing. This is all going down on Election Day 2012, when the U.S.A. will elect its next President. Why WWE and SyFy decided to go live tonight, of all night's, is beyond me but here we are.

Enjoy the show!

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Recap of Raw and preview of tonight's SmackDown.

Broadcast is live.

Michael Cole set to talk to Sheamus in the ring, who got into a bar fight with Big Show last night.

Sheamus enters.

Cole prefaces the footage, then rolls the clip. Sheamus walks around the bar and chats with all the attendees. Show attacks Sheamus and William Regal, putting both men down. Sheamus got the worst after taking a bar stool to the torso.

Cole says that the video must have been extremely hard for Sheamus to watch. Sheamus says that it isn't the best idea for Cole to be in the ring. Sheamus takes umbrage with Show cheapshotting William Regal, who has helped so many. Sheamus says he is still standing and he is giving him an opportunity to finish it right now. He says that he may have a shot at Show at Survivor Series, but it is all about kicking his arse tonight.

Show on the screen. He says that Sheamus is an ungrateful ginger, being that he let up a bit to make sure Sheamus made it to Survivor Series. Show says that Sheamus stepping into the ring with him is a really bad idea. Sheamus challenges Show, saying that he doesn't have "stones," but pebbles. He wants to show how a real Irishman does it.

Wade Barrett enters. He says that he seriously questions Sheamus' sanity, since they square off on Main Event tomorrow night. Barrett states that he wants to leave him a little Souvenir before Survivor Series. Sheamus says that, if he wants to fight, come on down.

Barrett thinks about it, but decides to head backstage.

Sheamus' music hits and he is pumped in the ring.


Rematch between WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston and The Miz will be up next.


Barrett backstage.

WWE SmackDown GM Booker T says that he never pegged Barrett to be one that backs down from a fight. Therefore, he tells Barrett it will be him and Big Show vs. Sheamus and William Regal.

Barrett thanks him.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

Miz has a side headlock in. Kofi reverses into a wristlock and gets a side headlock of his own. Kofi gets the back, but Miz fights out. Kofi off the ropes and he ducks under Miz, but Miz picks him up and shoves him in the corner. Kofi gets the boots up after Miz charges. Kofi clotheslines Miz to the outside.

Kofi gets lifted by Miz onto the barricade, but Kofi catches his footing. He runs the wall and hits the flying forearm, then puts Miz back inside.

Kofi with a nearfall inside.

Miz hits the leg of Kofi and Kofi is down. We go to break with Kofi in pain on the mat.

Back and Miz working the left leg of Kofi. He DDTs the leg for a nearfall.

Miz locks in a heel hook on Kofi's left leg. Kofi kicks out of it, but Miz tries a slam. Kofi escapes for a rollup and a nearfall.

Miz dropkicks the knee of Kofi and that earns him a nearfall.

Miz locking in a different style of a figure four, then drops down. Kofi now caught in another leg lock. He pushes the head of Miz. Kofi starts slamming the leg down over and over on the head of Miz. Miz tries to hit a running attack to slam Kofi's throat into the ropes, but Kofi moves. Double leg and ground and pound. Clothesline combo follows. Boom Drop converts. Trouble in Paradise attempt misses, which Miz counters into a Skull-Crushing Finale attempt. The two exchange rollups for nearfalls.

Miz locks in a single leg crab on Kofi. Kofi inching towards the ropes. Kofi gets the bottom rope. Miz runs into the shoulder of Kofi on the apron, which Kofi uses to climb up top. Miz meets him there and lays into him. Miz going for the superplex, but Kofi pushes him down. Miz quickly gets back with punches and forearms. Kofi turns the tide and starts clocking Miz with forearms, sending him down. Crossbody by Kofi from the top.

He gets the pin on Miz to retain his title.

The two meet in the middle of the ring after the match. Miz puts out the hand for a handshake. Kofi dropkicks him Miz, sending him outside.

Miz upset as Kofi jaws at him from the ring.


Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players

Sin Cara and Young start. Young putting Sin Cara down and evades the springboard elbow. Headscissors by Sin Cara. Young flapjacks Sin Cara on the top rope. Side suplex earns Young a nearfall.

Titus O'Neil in. He drops Sin Cara with a punch and tags Young back inside.

Young with a snapmare into a sleeper. He changes it into a neck crank. Sin Cara in the corner and Young runs into his boots. Sin Cara with a flying DDT.

Titus gets the tag. He grabs the boot of Sin Cara, but Sin Cara with an enzuigiri and he brings in Rey.

Rey running Titus all around. Mounts him in the corner with ten punches. Mysterio sends Young down. Senton from the top on Titus. Dropkick sends Titus to the second rope. Young trips him up, but Sin Cara goes after him with a suicide dive.

Rey tries to dial in the 619 again, but Titus catches him for the Clash of Titus.

Victory to the Prime Time Players.

Matt Striker in the ring to interview the group.

Titus gets the whistle out and snatches the mic. Titus asks Darren Young what this win means, to which Young replies, "millions of dollars!" Titus asks what they'll be worth after they win the tag team titles, to which Young replies, "millions of dollars!"

Titus asks Matt Striker what he thinks when the Prime Time Players come out, to which he gives an apathetic "millions of dollars." Titus asks him to put more "stank" on it, which Striker does. They give him the right to do the dance with them, but Striker shows no fire.

Titus blows the whistle and calls a penalty on Striker for his lack of rhythm and "that ridiculous mustache."

The two do the real dance as we break,


Recap of the AJ/Cena scandal.


Teddy Long and Booker T talking backstage.

Long says that he is looking forward to this tag team match coming up next. Booker T asks if Vickie Guerrero would be able to make a great match like this, to which Long replies, "maybe." Booker starts getting mad, then reveals he was messing with Teddy.

Totally important.


Wade Barrett and Big Show vs. Sheamus and William Regal

The men all brawl inside in the ring. Regal and Sheamus end up getting control of the ring to start, sending both men outside.

Order is restored and Sheamus starts with Barrett. Barrett works Sheamus to the corner with strikes. Sheamus fights back and does a bit of the same. Side headlock takeover by Sheamus. Back to the feet and Sheamus knocks Barrett down with a shoulder block for a nearfall.

Regal brought in. Side headlock and shoulder block by Regal. Another side headlock and Sheamus brought back in.

Sheamus with a kick to the ribs. Sheamus gets a nearfall on Barrett after some offense and brings Regal back in.

Regal with knees to the face of Barrett, then an uppercut. He puts Barrett in his corner and chops the chest. He tags Sheamus and sends Barrett into the ropes, getting a battering ram by Sheamus. Sheamus with another nearfall and tags Regal in.

Regal with a side headlock, but Barrett sends him into his corner. Show attacks Regal and Barrett puts him down with a clothesline. Big Show tagged in.

Bodyslam, followed by an elbow drop by Big Show. Show chops the chest of Regal and Barrett sneaks a few in while the ref isn't looking. Show stepping on the chest of Regal. Ref again tied up with Show, so Barrett with knees to the head of a downed Regal. Sheamus comes to chase him away.

Show and Regal back inside. Show sends Regal down with a clothesline. He works the shoulder of Regal with some elbows, then locks in a shoulder lock as we break.

Back and Barrett shoulders Regal into the corner. Barrett with punches to the stomach of Regal. Barrett with the front headlock and Show tags in.

Shot to the ribs and a headbutt by Show. Show taunting William Regal to get up. Show with a headbutt. Running boot to a downed Regal follows.

Barrett brought in and lands a knee drop for a nearfall.

Front headlock in by Barrett. Regal escapes with a throw that sends Barrett to the mat. Regal sent into the corner, but he follows back with a running elbow. Regal looking for the tag and gets it.

Show and Sheamus legal.

Sheamus with the axhandles. Knee lift. Sheamus knocks Show down with another axhandle and goes up top. Battering ram sends Sheamus down. He wants the Brogue Kick, but Barrett distracts him. Show puts Sheamus down with a spear, prompting Regal to tag himself in.

Regal with a giant knee to Big Show, but he turns into a KO Punch.

Barrett and Show win.


Recap of Orton and Del Rio's brawl last week.


Del Rio backstage with Matt Striker.

Del Rio confident about his match with Randy Orton tonight.

Rosa Mendes comes up to wish Del Rio luck.


Brad Maddox recap.


Randy Orton backstage with Matt Striker.

Orton is prepared to fight in this Falls Count Anywhere match. He isn't worried about Del Rio.


Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

The two brawl to start.

Del Rio beating Orton down in the corner. Sidekick to the face by Del Rio.

Ricardo Rodriguez gives ADR a chair. Orton beats him to the punch and forces Del Rio to drop the chair. Del Rio takes control again and puts the chair between the turnbuckles. Orton fights back and lands a dropkick.

Action outside and a uppercut by Orton. Orton sends ADR into the announce table, the apron, and the barricade. Del Rio turns the tide and slams Orton into the barricade. Orton with some strikes and tries to suplex Alberto to the arena floor. Alberto gets out and runs through the crowd. Orton chases and is landing punches. Del Rio does some of the same. ADR sends Orton into some equipment carts.

Action moves into the main corridor of the arena as we go to break.

We are back and Del Rio gets a nearfall on the corridor floor.

Del Rio is sat on an equipment cart and Orton is unloading punches. He stomps on the head of Del Rio. Nearfall for Orton.

Action moves back into the audience. Del Rio hung on a barricade in the audience. Orton going for his DDT, but Del Rio flapjacks him on the barricade and lands a kick. Nearfall for Del Rio.

Del Rio and Orton move through the crowd and go up the stairs. Both men exchanging and Del Rio goes down. Orton gets a nearfall.

Orton with a headbutt that sends Del Rio tumbling down a couple of steps. Orton follows him, but he eats a sidekick. Ricardo gives ADR a steel chair. ADR rams it in the gut of Orton. He cracks the back of Orton with the chair, earning him a nearfall.

Del Rio hits the Orton pose as we go to break.

Back and Del Rio and Ricardo setting up the steel steps in the corner of the ring. Action still outside and Del Rio sends Orton into the barricade for a nearfall.

The two brawl up the stage. Del Rio charges at Orton, who is leaned on the side of the ramp. Orton back bodydrops him onto the ramp for a nearfall.

Ricardo Rodriguez gets on the back of Orton, but Orton shakes him off to the floor. Orton punts the ribs of Ricardo. He puts Ricardo in the prop phone booth on the side of the stage and beats him down.

Orton moves back down the ramp to the ring. Clothesline, clothesline, clothesline, powerslam combo from Orton. Orton sends Del Rio into the steel chair that is wedged between the turnbuckles for a nearfall.

Viper is coiled.

RKO attempt turns into a Backstabber by Del Rio for a nearfall.

Del Rio kicks the back of Orton, who moves to the apron. Orton fights back and wants a suplex to a table on the outside. Del Rio pulls away and nails him with an enzuigiri, sending Orton through the table. Del Rio lays on him, but Orton kicks out.

Del Rio wants the microphone. He tells him to stop trying to be the "Apex Predator," since that spot is already taken. He tells him to get ready to tap.

Cross Armbreaker in. Orton grabs the microphone and clobbers Orton in the head with it. Del Rio still on his feet and sends Orton into the steel ring post on his shoulder. Del Rio moves the steel steps to the middle of the ring. Del Rio going for the rope-assisted DDT, but Orton fights out. Del Rio throws Orton to the steel steps and grabs the chair. He swings and misses. RKO lands on the steps.

Orton wins.

Fade to black.


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