Raw results, live blog: Daniel Bryan returns

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (April 21, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the return of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Bryan's dad dies; he insists on being on Raw

WWE has announced that Daniel Bryan's father has passed away, something he learned after returning from his honeymoon following his marriage to Brie Bella. Despite this, Bryan is "insisting" on performing at Raw tonight (April 21, 2014) in Baltimore.

The adorable future of the WWE Divas division


That's Emma and current Divas Champion Paige rocking a gym in Baltimore before Raw tonight. Take a good look because that's the future, folks, and it's adorable. Photo via @EmmaWWE.

WWE Raw preview for Apr. 21, 2014

Daniel Bryan is back, and hopefully good things follow. Find out what those might (can a tournament produce a title match and rejuvenate the mid-card?) or might not (do they really think they can turn Cesaro into Bryan 2.0?) be in this preview.

Thoughts on the leaked script for WWE Raw

There's a script for last Monday's show floating around, and it is chock full of juicy discussion points. The mention of CM Punk, how John Cena's promo looks different from what we got on air, and a few other items that jumped out at us.

How It Coulda Been Betta: Charles Darwin edition

Improving the final minutes of a pedestrian RAW from Birmingham...done in three steps.

A look at the return of Meh-volution

Hulk Holland looking at the return of Evolution on Monday Night RAW, and why it's okay to be excited about its upcoming feud against The Shield, without being bowled over by the reboot of a faction that was good, but not great.

Raw ratings strong for Warrior tribute show

The ratings for last night's (April 14, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw", a tribute show to Ultimate Warrior, fell slightly from last week but stayed relatively strong.

Should Evolution add a fourth member?

Evolution is back and while it's a mystery, we can see the three members currently in the group: Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton. But what about adding a fourth to the stable?

The WWE tribute video to Ultimate Warrior

Here's the video WWE made in tribute to Ultimate Warrior that aired on "Monday Night Raw" last night (April 14, 2014) on USA. May he rest in peace.

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