WWE Raw results, live blog for March 24, 2014: Scooby Doo, Arnold Schwarzenegger


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Mar. 24, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Brooklyn, New York, featuring Scooby Doo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and all the latest build to WrestleMania 30 next month in New Orleans.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 24, 2014) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, featuring all the latest build to the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza early next month in New Orleans.

Advertised for tonight: Scooby Doo is in the house, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making a special appearance, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will have a confrontation, all the latest on Daniel Bryan after the Triple H beat down from last week, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


Stephanie is out and she says Bryan won't be on Raw tonight because insubordination won't be tolerated.

Stephanie calls the Yes! movement a passing fad.

She starts to talk up HHH as the most powerful man in WWE and of the greatest of all times.

Steph proclaims HHH will beat Bryan and then win the title.

This brings out Orton.

Orton tries to talk but the crowd is drowning him out with Bryan chants, so Stephanie says that as much as you cheer for him he won't be appearing.  She then taunts the Yes! chants.  Damn she is good.

Orton and McMahon with some more back and forth about possibly getting Bryan another beating.

Out comes Batista after Orton denigrates him.

Batista starts insulting Orton and then turns his venom to Stephanie.  Stephanie has had enough of it and slaps Batista before walking off.

Orton is laughing his ass of, so Batista tackles him to end the segment.


Fatal Four Way for IC Number One Contendership: Sheamus vs Ziggler vs ADR vs Christian

Results: Christian wins by pinfall.


  • Big E is sitting ringside but they don't have him ringside.
  • ADR and Christian get sent to the outside early leaving Sheamus to batter Ziggler.  After some kicks and forearms Ziggler hits a dropkick to stop the assault. As soon as the dropkick lands Christian and ADR rejoin the party and a brawl erupts.
  • The brawl leads to Sheamus hitting a fall away slam to Christian into the barricade as Ziggler dropkicks ADR to the outside.  As we head to break, ADR counters the Ziggler follow up by putting him into the barrier as Sheamus tackles Christian into the timeskeeper area.
  • Back from break and Sheamus is dragging ADR out of the ring and hitting a rolling thunder onto the floor.  Christian jumps Sheamus from behind and puts him into the post before getting up on the turnbuckle and hitting a splash to Ziggler in the ring.
  • Christian beats on Ziggler but Sheamus comes in for revenge on Christian with some slams and forearms.  ADR charges in but Sheamus gets him into the ropes and hits the forearm spot.
  • Sheamus goes up top but Ziggler counters with a face buster from the top rope for a two count.  Ziggler goes to work on Christian now with some punches and a slam.  ADR tries to get involved but eats a DDT for his trouble.
  • Ziggler goes for the fameasser on Christian but he counters with a powerbomb.  ADR hits a superkick on Christian during the pin attempt and then Sheamus locks in the Clover Leaf.  Sheamus has to break the hold to slam Christian.
  • Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick but ADR is able to lock on the arm bar but Sheamus counters into slam that Ziggler hits a zig zag while the slam is occuring.  Christian with the kill switch on Ziggler for the win.


Wyatt with a video promo on Cena.

Wyatt talks about Cena being the living embodiment of the establishment.

Harper gets in on it at the end to state that they are coming for him.


Sin Cara vs Sandow

Results: Sin Cara wins by pinfall


  • Scooby comes out with Sin Cara and is at ringside.
  • Sandow with some early strikes but Sin Cara responds with some of his lucha offense and the match is over.  That was a squash.


Los Matadores vs Rybaxel

Results: Los Matadores win by pinfall


  • Apparently Rybaxel is out of the Battle Royale because Kane granted them a title shot at Mania for helping beat down the Shield.
  • Axel and a matador get into it but the matador gets a quick roll up for the win.  Ok.....
  • After the match the Shield comes in and lays out Rybaxel and then gives Ryback the triple powerbomb.


HHH is with Cole in the ring for a one on one.

HHH says that Bryan was putting people at risk in an attempted coup.

HHH talks of his vicious history and he states that it falls to his shoulders to end this entire movement.

At Wrestlemania, HHH is going to put down Bryan once and for all and watch as the Yes! movement dies out.

Then he will take on someone living off past accomplishments and someone who has constantly needed help to attain and retain the championship.  HHH guarantees he will walk out of Mania as the champion.


Cody Rhodes vs Fandango

Results: Rhodes wins by pinfall


  • Fandango with the opening salvo of kicks and a power slam.  Rhodes comes firing back with a clohtesline and an elbow.  Fandango tries to toss Rhodes out but Cody uses the rope to launch himself back at Fandango.
  • Goldust comes over and starts dancing in front of Summer Rae.  Summer responds with her own dance moves but appears to hurt her ankle.  While Fandango is looking to see if she is alright, Rhodes hits him with the Disaster Kick for the win.


Hogan is out to the ring now.  Hogan says WM30 will be awesome and he reminds us of the first WM before pointing to the sign.

Hogan brings out the guest stars Arnold and Joe Maganiello.

Arnold talks about inducting Sammartino and then he and Joe make a push to be put into the Battle Royale.


Timely use of the Miz here.

Miz gets into it with everyone for a minute before the all team up to send him to the outside and on his way.


Big Show vs Titus O'Neill

Result: Big Show wins by pinfall


  • Nothing.  Big Show had just a bit of offense and it was an absolute squash


The Shield asks Stephanie and HHH about their status with them.

HHH says their problem is with Kane and the NAO, not him.

They agree to have a summit about it all


John Cena vs Luke Harper

Result: Cena wins by DQ?


  • Harper with an early elbow and some vicious whips into the corner before hitting a back breaker.  Harper continues with some strikes in the corner but Cena responds with his own punches and a splash in the corner.
  • Harper lays out Cena with a clothesline and then a pump handle suplex.  Harper grinds his elbow into Cena and then a couple of slams as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Harper hits an atomic drop and a big boot.  Cena takes advantage of Harper looking to Wyatt for instructions and hits a slam but Harper with an eye poke and a pump handle slam.
  • Harper goes for the powerbomb but Cena counters with a Cenasteiner.  He goes for the STF but Harper counters and sends him to the outside.  HARPER WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!!
  • Harper tosses him back into the ring and hits a powerbomb that gets a two count.  Harper places Cena on the turnbuckle and wants something big but Cena fights back with punches.
  • My cable went cooky so when it is back straight a minute later Cena is hitting a hellacious clothesline on Harper.  As he goes for the AA, the lights go out and when we come back Cena is tied up in the ropes with the sheep mask on as the Wyatts celebrate over him.
  • We go to break after that image so I guess Cena won by dq


Divas Championship Match: AJ(c) vs Naomi

Result: Naomi wins by count out but AJ retains.


  • AJ taunts Naomi about the eye patch and then AJ gets herself counted out.
  • Vickie Guerrero comes out now and reminds us about AJ's history with Vickie before announcing the Vickie Guerrero Diva's Championship Invitational.  She then announces the participants and its every main roster Diva.


Hall of Fame announcement- Scott Hall


The Shield vs the Real Americans



  • Before RA can hit the ring, Ambrose and Rollins brawl with them which eventually leads to the start of hte match when Ambrose and Cesaro end up in the ring.  Ambrose with some punches and a flurry of stomps in the corner.
  • Cesaro with a knee but Ambrose makes the tag and they hit a spinbuster-neckbreaker combo.  Rollins with some strikes and Cesaro makes the tag.  Rollins with two suplexes and he tags Ambrose and they double team the third one.
  • Ambrose with some punches and hten an Ambrose elbow drop.  Ambrose works a series of submissions before getting distracted by Cesaro.  Swagger hits a slam and tags in Cesaro.  Cesaro with a flurry of uppercuts and some suplexes before tagging back in Swagger.
  • Swagger with a back breaker and goes for the Swagger Bomb but Ambrose gets his feet up.  Ambrose with an uppercut off the top rope.  He goes for the tag but Swagger gets it first and Cesaro lays out Rollins with a yakuza kick.  Cesaro with the big swing on Ambrose.
  • After the big swing he makes the tag and RA hit a double team slam but Rollins makes the save on the pin attempt as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Ambrose still hasn't been able to get the tag according to commentary.  Cesaro off the tag and he grinds Ambrose down with a front headlock.  Ambrose counters an uppercut with a backslide pin attempt for two.  Cesaro knocks him down with an uppercut and begins slapping him.  Ambrose laughs about it and asks Cesaro to slap him a couple of more time.  Cesaro obliges and Ambrose fires back with a flurry and then lays out Cesaro with a absolutely brutal clothesline.
  • Both men get the tag and Rollins just destroys Swagger with a crazy sequence of offense that ends with an STO into the second turnbuckle. When Cesaro tries to interfere he sends both of them out.  He follows it up with a suicide dive to Cesaro and then a huge plancha to Swagger.  All four quickly end up in the ring and Cesaro just lifts up Ambrose and sheds him to the outside.  Rollins kicks Cesaro out of the ring.
  • Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock from tossing Rollins into the air.  Rollins with an enziguiri to escape and then Peace of Mind (formerly Black Out) for the pin.
  • Cesaro then attacks Rollins and Reigns lays him out with a Superman Punch and then a Spear.  Shield readies the table and puts Cesaro through it with the triple powerbomb.
  • Kane and NAO come out (in suits now) and Kane announces that the Shield will square off with him and his new crew at Mania.


Lesnar and Heyman out now.

Heyman talks up the streak and assures us that Lesnar will end the streak.

He states that our hero, John Cena couldn't string together 21 straight wins at Mania.

Heyman talks about his incident with Taker, and Lesnar snatches the mic.

"Enough Paul, enough. I am not here to promote, I am here to fight"

Lesnar calls for Taker to come out and do this right now.

Some chanting hits and a bunch of robed men come out carrying a casket.

They set the casket next to the ring and after soem time Lesnar just starts stomping on the casket in impatience.

Lensar finally takes a peek and then opens the casket.  Nothing is inside it.


Lesnar heads up the ramp towards the druids who are walking away and is yelling at them.

The druids walk away and Lesnar slams the casket shut.

Lesnar gets back in the ring, and he says he isn't playing any games and wants to leave.

Heyman in a furious rage now that Taker invited Lesnar to the slum that is Brooklyn and all he brought was an empty casket.

The casket opens up on its own and out comes Taker.

Heyman yells for Lesnar to let him out of the ring.

The lights come on and the two men square off.  Lesnar with a punch but Taker blocks it and hits a flurry of punches.

Taker clotheslines Lesnar over the caskett and Heyman pleads with him to wait for Mania.

Lesnar and Heyman walk away as Taker does the throat slash.



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