How It Coulda Been Betta: The Authority Responds to Daniel Bryan

How do you improve upon THAT last night? Somehow...we find a way.

Let me preface this by saying some may have missed the point last week. This is not "complaining" about something great WWE did. It’s simply finding ways to improve upon the very best moment that took place the night before. We have the benefit of hindsight and time to think everything through and come up with something clever, something humorous, something outlandish. But we’ll admit to you today, this is a tough one.

Last night’s final segment on RAW wasn’t just good, it wasn’t just great, it was nearly perfect. Stephanie’s work in particular simply cannot be improved upon because there was an immediate and definite sense of "real" in the vitriol shown through that character. Hunter was very good as well. So how on earth can you improve upon the segment. Well, since that’s the article, we’ve got to find a way.

There was a theme in effect from the very beginning of RAW last night that prevailed throughout the entire evening, one that may be the subject of my next editorial here at Cageside. In short, WWE paid lip service to the smart mark community last night by continually allowing various characters in key roles to literally say the words the smarks wanted to hear or that they internally wish were true for one reason or another. Then the company flipped and used the words to get where the company wanted to go, but did so intelligently and dragged most of the audience along with them happily.

The fans want to believe Triple H really wants to be the Champion himself so Hunter goes out there and adds a stipulation that would put him in the match with Orton and Batista at Wrestlemania if he beats Daniel Bryan. The fact that there’s precisely zero chance this happens is immaterial. At the end of that segment, Batista had his best moment since returning when he said he’s starting to think it was stupid to come back at all. The fans sort of agree, mainly because he walked back into such a coveted roster spot without much effort.

Later on in the night, the Shield gave the fans, who either already have been or who are dying to cheer for them…a reason, when they spun around on Kane, with the possibility of a babyface Shield against Kane, Harper, and Rowan in New Orleans. It may be a smokescreen, but on the surface the appearance is clear.

Then came the final segment of the show, where Triple H said things to Daniel Bryan that the smart marks have written about for eight months and complained and bitched and moaned and hijacked and groaned about as it pertains to the office or the "Authority" not listening to the fan base and now to the YES Movement. He said things that likely all the smarks nodded approval to in terms of how much he has put Bryan through and how Daniel has earned his respect by still standing there and not simply going home (a clear shot at Punk.)  It was a well-delivered, measured, solidly paced and even more solidly TONED promo from Triple H. Most knew where it was going, but it didn’t matter. Again this was lip service, but for a purpose.

WWE  gave the fans things they could latch onto, and they even had the live San Antonio crowd chanting "One More Time" to Batista after the powerbomb on Randy Orton, again because the spot that preceded it and the afterbirth that took place was Batista unintentionally "saving" Daniel Bryan. By proxy, Big Dave became a hero, if only for a moment.

From a logic and booking standpoint, RAW was a masterpiece short of a select few missteps. Not a strong in-ring show but as a build show and something that made sense, it was a good night.

So again I ask you Cagesiders, how to you make that final fifteen minutes better than it was? It was really special stuff. Call this "grabbing at straws," call it reaching, call it whatever, but it’s my job.

Here’s how you make it a bit better…involve Brie Bella.

That statement looks insane as I write it, but that’s how you add just a little bit more emotion to it. You have to train her not to ruin it by shrieking every two seconds, but the one thing about that last segment (other than the fact that San Antonio "cops" handcuffed someone for a "crime" in Memphis and also H admitted they were impersonators…which is a felony, but we’re all in on the joke) that stood out was that no one came to Daniel Bryan’s aid. Not one performer attempted to help. Not one guy in that back even came down to argue and be held back by the police. Because of Total Divas, most know the relationship of Bryan to Bella and indeed Brie was wearing a "YES!" shirt last night and even tweeted a photo of herself modeling it earlier in the night.

So her fiancé is getting the holy hell beaten out of him in the ring and Brie doesn’t even run down the ramp like a man or woman in love generally would? Are we to believe she missed the segment altogether and wasn’t even aware it was going on? Maybe if the Bellas were doing the heel thing from years ago that would make sense, but not in the reality of April 2014.

So as the beating gets more and more severe, and no question Daniel Bryan is sore and luckily not hurt from some of the spots he couldn’t defend himself from in and out of the ring last night, Brie Bella runs down the ramp and is cut off midstream by the fake cops we all now know are in H’s pocket. It wouldn’t work if H hadn’t made a point to tell us they weren’t the real thing. So the actors in cop outfits are shills. All they would have had to do is grab Brie, spin her around to make sure she faced the ring, and literally four of them hold her motionless…and a fifth places one hand on each side of her face, standing behind her, making it impossible for her to avert watching her fiancé be violently assaulted in the ring.

And Brie could have been told not to scream constantly and to make each one matter…and then simply to break down and weep on the ramp, as if totally defeated. Tell her, "Look this isn’t about you, but if you do this right, you’ve just put the icing on the cake of this angle and also helped yourself." And if you REALLY want to jack things up a notch, have Steph laugh in her face and while she’s being held, smack her about five times in the face in the way every single one of you reading this is picturing right this very second.

At that moment, Brie Bella becomes something she’s never been…sympathetic.

That’s how you make perfection…more emotional. It was so real that this would have worked. It needs a delicate touch, but if done right, could have been amazing as a finishing touch.

But what a great segment. This gig might be tougher than I thought. Steph is unquestionably the best heel in the company. Again, not complaining…it’s just trying to find SOMETHING that could have even made that moment…a little more meaningful. Props to the announce team for backing off and just letting the visual speak for itself. Fantastic stuff.

(And yes I know what happened on the Network afterward...but that's not the same, it's just not.)

That’s how it coulda been betta.

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