WWE Raw results, live blog for March 17, 2014: YES Movement

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Mar. 17, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from San Antonio, Texas, featuring all the latest build to the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view early next month in New Orleans.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 17, 2014) from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, featuring all the latest build to the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza early next month in New Orleans.

Advertised for tonight: Triple H is going to "deal with" Daniel Bryan, Kane has a bone to pick with The Shield, John Cena will respond to Bray Wyatt (and Family), more participants to be announced for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the latest with Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


HHH starting things off tonight and he is in the ring already.

HHH talks about all of the chaos with Bryan and how he has gotten HHH to lace up the boots again.

He says that he will have more on that later, but until then they have a hell of a show planned..

Out comes Batista..

Batista say he didn't come back for a triple threat at Mania and what not. .

"Do you think Bryan has a chance in hell of beating me" -HHH.

Out comes Orton now and he says that Batista was just talking about the possibility. HHH is offended by them even implying that it can happen. Batista says that Bryan has gotten into his head..

Orton asks for a no-DQ match against Bryan tonight and HHH makes it. Orton says that people aren't getting behind Bryan as fans. They love him because Batista has been a disappointing. Batista responds that Orton sucks and is a paper champion.

The two get in each other's face and argue so HHH starts to leave. Batista asks him where he is going because he needs to fix it. He says he is going because he is sick of it all. Bryan, the fans, Hollywood stars coming back and telling him what is best for business, and talented individuals who can't put it together and need his help to win. He says that McMahon was right, you can only trust yourself so if he beats Bryan then he will be put in a triple threat for the title.


The Usos vs the Real Americans

Results: Real Americans win by pinfall


  • Uso opens up against Swagger with some strikes and then some hard chops in the corner before making the tag. The Uso lands some strikes before Swagger fights out and makes the tag
  • Cesaro with some uppercuts and a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Cesaro with some shoulder locks and then a couple of slam before tagging back in Swagger.
  • Swagger gets quickly overwhelmed by Uso strikes before Cesaro provides a distraction that lets Swagger hit a big boot as we head to break
  • Back from break and the Uso is fighting out of the corner with some strikes but Swagger ends the comeback with a powerslam and then makes the tag to Cesaro.
  • Cesaro with a gut wrench suplex and some uppercuts before tagging back in Swagger.  Their double team attempt is countered by the Uso and he sends Cesaro to the outside.  Swagger grabs his leg but the Uso with a spinning roundhouse.  Both make the tag.
  • Jey with some strikes and then a running crossbody on Cesaro.  He calls for the finish but Swagger interuppts and the Usos send him out.  A Samoan Drop only gets Jey the two count.
  • Jey goes up for the splash but Swagger pulls him out of the ring.  Swagger eats a double superkick and a splash to the outside for his trouble.
  • Jey goes for one on Cesaro but he meets him with the uppercut from the outside as Jey is going over the top rope! That was amazing and it gets the pinfall.


Kane with the Shield in the back.  He confronts them about the events of Smackdown.

They all reach an uneasy truce.


Hornswoggle is passing out some St. Patrick's Day swag and out comes Bad News Barrett.

Bad News Barrett says we will spend this holiday getting drunk and puking before waking up with a hangover and the realization that we have done unspeakable things.


St. Patrick's Day Brawl: Sheamus vs Titus

Result: Sheamus wins by pinfall


  • Christian is on commentary and Titus came out with a green hate and a fake red goattee.  Christian announces he is entering himself in the Battle Royale.
  • Titus with some early uppercut but Sheamus fights back with some punches and forearms.  A Titus knee leads to Sheamus kicking him in the face and clotheslining him out of the ring.
  • Sheamus with a batterign ram off the apron and Titus drives him into the post. He hits a powerslam onto the floor before tossing Sheamus back in.  They brawl a bit before Titus hits a Samoan Drop that sends Sheamus rolling to the outside.
  • Titus goes after Hornswoggle now who was still hanging out at ringside.  Titus tosses him into the ring and then slaps him around a punch.  He goes for a toss slam but Sheamus catches him and Hornswoggle then headbutts Titus.
  • Sheamus forearms in the corner.  He hits a side slam and then a Brogue Kick for the win.
  • After the match, Renee talks with Sheamus in the ring and he announces himself for the Battle Royale.  Christian then attacks him and puts him into the stairs before hitting a Kill Switch onto the floor.


Cena comes out and admits that he is afraid of Wyatt and that we are listening to him.

Wyatt doesn't want to come in here and be the best.  He just wants to destroy and convince us all that Cena is a lie.

Cena talks about fighting for his legacy at Wrestlemania.

Wyatt is rocking a Cena shirt and armbands.  He says he could be Cena and get the fans to adore him.  He could live with a plastic girlfriend in a castle.

Wyatt doesn't care if he leaves Mania alive but he is going to take Cena with him.

So much other greatness that you need to just watch for yourself.


No DQ: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Result: Bryan wins by pinfall


  • Bryan opens up with soem kicks and then puts Orton's leg into the post a few times.  Bryan goes for some more kicks but Orton counters with an uppercut and then some headbutts before going back to the uppercuts.
  • Bryan with a dropkick that sends Orton to the outside and then a suicide dive.  Bryan tries to follow up but Orton hits him with a kendo stick from under the ring as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Orton is beating on Bryan with the kendo stick and then hits a suplex onto the barricade.  He then crotches Bryan into the post.  Orton tosses him back in the ring and goes to work with some strikes and a scoop slam.
  • Orton tries to whip Bryan in the corner but he back flips and hits a running clothesline.  Running dropkick in the corner and then a Frankensteiner off the the top rope.  Bryan with a series of roundhouse kicks but Orton with a low blow to take back control.
  • Orton with a superplex that he follows up with stomps and then the draping DDT.  Orton poses for a while and goes for the RKO but BRyan nails him with the kendo stick.  They struggle to the outside and Bryan hits him some more before hit a running dropkick that sends Bryan over the barricade in front of the time keeper.
  • Bryan tries to follow up but Orton counters with a face buster into the barricade and then he goes to work with a chair.  He tosses Bryan back in and goes for some more but Batista appears and spears Orton!  Bryan with the Busaiku Knee to Batista and then he pins Orton.
  • Batista recovers and then hits a powerbomb (not Batista Bomb due to skinny jeans) to Orton


Heyman is out now and he introduces himself as the advocate for Brock Lesnar before introducing a video package for the Streak.

The package quickly goes from glorifying Taker to talking about him growing older and reaching the end of mortality.  It then turns into a video packages for Lesnar.

When the package is over, Heyman says that the Taker's Streak shall Rest In Peace.


Stephanie is talking with HHH in the back and she isn't sure that HHH should go out and talk to Bryan.  She seems to think that it might come to blows.

HHH says not to worry that he just wants to talk.

Steph is worried about what will happen to their family when he is on the road as the champion.

HHH tries to reassure her again but she storms off.


Fandango vs Goldust

Result: Goldust wins by pinfall


  • Goldy and Cody do some dancing on their way to the ring.
  • Goldy beckons Fandango to him and then crawls towards him before blowing a kiss to Summer Rae (who reacts accordingly).  Fandango tries to kick him but Goldy catches it and dances a bunch before Fandango hits an enziguiri.
  • Goldy with two atomic drops and then Goldy starts popping and locks before hitting an uppercut.
  • Holdy with his rub down and Summer hops up on the apron.  Goldy starts doing the disco fever dance before scaring her, Cody catches her fall.
  • Fandango takes advantage and lays into him with some strikes as Summer Rae strokes Cody's face which pisses off Fandango for a moment.  Fandango with his fall away whip into the corner and then he htis a couple of slams before slapping on a neck crank.
  • Goldy rolls out and goes to work with some big rights hands that Fandango counters with another whip into the corner and then a sleeper hold.  Fandango lets go and hits some kicks before a whip into the corner.  At some point they butted heads and Goldy got busted open.
  • Goldy with a big boot in the corner and then a top rope Goldyranna that didn't seem right.  Fandango counters the follow up with a suplex after the had to recover from something going wrong with the first attempt.
  • Fandango goes up top for the flying leg drop but Goldy dodges.  Goldy with the curtain call for the win.
  • Goldy is pissed after the match as he kicks the turnbuckle and Cody has to calm him down.


Kane comes out and says that his investigation has concluded that Bryan didn't work alone.  That Lawler used his hometown connections to help him out and its time for him to be punished.

Lawler refuses to get in the ring when Kane asks so the Shield comes out and forces him to.

Kane asks if Lawler has anything to say for himself.

Rollins gets on the mic and says he sees the look in Lawler's eye.  Rollins knows that Bryan isn't coming to save him and they do what's best for business.

The Shield turns around and surrounds Kane.

Kane yells at them and lashes out with punches.  Kane tries to fight them off as long as he can but they overwhelm him and Reigns hits the spear before the go for the triple powerbomb.


AJ Lee and Taminia vs the Funkadactyls

Results: Naomi wins by pinfall


  • Bellas were on commentary and Naomi is wrestling with a bedazzled eye patch.
  • Nothing as Naomi gets the pinfall
  • AJ and Tamina get into it after the match


Hall of Fame announcement for Mr. T fool!


Big E, Big Show, Ziggler, and Henry vs Rybaxel, ADR, and Sandow

Result: Team Face wins by pinfall


  • Big E hosses up Ryback a bunch and htis a few slams before tagging in Henry.  Langston whips Henry into Ryback.
  • Henry with a headbutt and then Ryback makes the tag to Axel.  Henry with a big boot and then a tag to Ziggler who hits a neckbreaker.  Axel gets the tag into Ryback who goes to work with some some slams.
  • Ziggler dodges a Ryback charge and htis a dropkick to the back of the head, ADR tries to interfere and he eats a dropkick, then Ryback eats another dropkick.  Everyone gets into the ring but the heels retreat to the outside as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Ryback goes for the delayed vertical suplex on Ziggler but after a while, Ziggler counters it into a roll up for two.  Ryback responds with some stomps and then tags in Axel.
  • Axel with slams but Ziggler counters the third one with a DDT.  Axel gets the tag though to a fresh Sandow who prevents Ziggler from making the tag and then locks in a sleeper.  Ziggler elbows his way out and makes the diving tag to Big Show.
  • Show with a backbody drop, splash in the corner, and then a shoulder block.  Axel tries to interfere so Show with a big chop.  Ryback lays out Show with a clothesline and then Big E takes out Ryback.  This leads to everyone else getting involved and bodies flieing that ends with Show hitting the chokeslam on Sandow for the win.


Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston

Results: Wyatt wins by pinfall


  • My write up for this got lost to technology.  Wyatt won in a squash.


HHH out to the ring and he has Bryan come out.

HHH says he is going to putt all of this aside because in three weeks they are going square off on the biggest stage.

HHH says they don't need to apologize for the way they are going to brutalize each other and if he has to lay it all on the line to stop the Bryanmania he will.

HHH says the fans love him him for fighting through all of the things HHH has put him through.  Bryan has earned HHH's respect even for surviving all he has gone through.

HHH starts to walk away and Stephanie comes out with rage.

She says Bryan has been a disrespect and endangered lives with his stunt so she is pressing charges.

Some cops swarm out and arrest him.

HHH tells them off and that has been enough because they aren't even real cops.  HHH starts kicking Bryan!

HHH is tossing Bryan into the announce table and the barricades as he is handcuffed.

Bryan tries to fight out with headbutts but HHH just continues his assault and then slaps Bryan before laying into him with a series of punches.

Bryan tries to escape with some kicks but HHH quickly responds by putting him into the table and the barricade again.  HHH starts to rip up Bryan's shirt as Stephanie taunts with the YES! chant.

HHH slams him on the table and then finishes the tear job of the shirt.

HHH starts taunting with the YES! chant now before holding up Bryan so Stephanie can get some slaps in.

HHH wedges Bryan's head against the post and then wacks him with the chair.

HHH strips off his shirt in the ring and drags Bryan to the center of the ring and hits the Pedigree before kissing Stephanie.

HHH gets on the mic and says that this is their ring, their show, that all of it belongs to them and there is no Yes! movement.


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