How It Coulda Been Betta: Occupy RAW

Introduction of a new feature...take the best thing that happened and still tweak that thing as far as we can.

On a random Tuesday with a desire to write comes an idea...we'll see where it goes. Maybe not as lengthy as the usual editorial comments, but something I can give you each Tuesday and possibly Monday after PPVs...and once it becomes a seven figure concept, well...I'll schedule it accordingly. It may be over the top and this first iteration may sound insane, but that's what the YES Movement truly has become.

In the HICBB piece each week, I'll take the single best moment, segment, match that occurred on RAW the previous night and try to find a way to nitpick that sucker to the "N"th degree (probably unfairly much of the time) and find a way that it could have been better, even if the result is nearly impossible.

Last night, WWE put on a newsworthy show with one specific high point that while great, absolutely could have been iconic if the company had been willing to risk going outside the proverbial box just a little bit further.

Here's how the YES Movement and Occupy RAW segment from Memphis could have been better...

It's actually very simple. After it was over, I found myself dissatisfied with how easily H gave into Daniel Bryan's second demand. The lead up and acceptance of the actual match with Hunter itself was just fine, but when DB decided he would push for entry into the WWE World Title match, H lost it and had to be held back by two security guards and immediately screamed something close to "Okay you get everything you want!" Pardon me...what?

It was here that the head scratching began because giving in to the larger demand felt way too easy for a Hunter that has behaved in the way he has towards Daniel Bryan over the past eight months. I texted a friend and said that if it were 1999 or 2000, the way it went down, I'd expect DB to join the Authority at Wrestlemania as part of a swerve, but not in 2014. Instead that part just didn't quite ring true.

So what if we rewind to the moment in the ring where first Triple H's "security" and later Damian Sandow became a part of the program and refused to clear the ground forces around and inside Stephanie's ring.

What if before giving in and accepting the match with Bryan for New Orleans, Triple H had chosen to continue the show...atop the stage and using the ramp? Christian and Sheamus largely did most of their work on the floor anyway because of the overall tenor of the Memphis Street Fight and weapons shots look just as good on steel as they do on canvas. Let those guys work for five minutes and about another hundred foot soldiers for the YES Movement?

Maybe don't waste that match and save it...use Sandow on top of the ramp in a short match with someone and it truly doesn't even matter who because then the spectacle of everything happening becomes the live attraction. But again, these new straight up World War Z style of gangload coming from everywhere swarm the entire ramp and just pack up to the stage, where it becomes virtually impossible for the "match" to continue.

H then books a hardcore match in the back...just keep sending YES ground support wherever Hunter and Steph attempt to continue their show. Have other security show up but be completely out-manned. Eventually, Triple H and Steph are seen visually backpedaling away from tons of Daniel Bryan t-shirt wearing, YES chanting nutjobs and THEN...only then...does Triple H give into the first demand. As for the second demand, could have been as easy as H's limo driver being a YES soldier or a wall of people blocking the vehicle's exit area. Or all of what was just described could have occurred as a result of the second demand and not the first.

The shortest version is simply that the segment should have gone longer and literally should have "hijacked" RAW for at least a half hour. We could have lived without hearing the Bella twins fumble around and shriek like Monica Seles with every step they took in a bad tag match and could have also cut a few other forgettable spots on the show.

Last night's segment was great, it truly was. But it COULD have been iconic. It COULD have rivaled any of the best Austin moments and could potentially have been the most memorable piece of WWE television since the company "got the "F" out."

That' Occupy Raw, as good as it was, could have been better.

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