Just Another Victim: How WWE should handle CM Punk on Raw

Hunter's words could be a saving grace... - Michael N. Todaro

Tonight in Omaha, Triple H has to open Raw for the good of WWE. No, stop laughing, I'm serious. It's the right choice...for once.

Everybody with an ounce of sense understands what’s going to take place tonight…a whole lot of people in Omaha (OMAHA! – Look I’m a Broncos fan still trying to deal with last night’s…football game, that’s what I’ll try to call it) are going to be in an ornery mood, and not just those leading the #YESMovement.  No, tonight is going to be about Phil Brooks, which quite frankly is exactly what Phil Brooks wants…but is also exactly what Phil Brooks deserves.

I spoke with Grantland’s David Shoemaker on Saturday afternoon and he told me that the general consensus among those who have encountered Mr. Brooks is that he’s "kind of a jerk." But…that’s often the case amongst those who have risen to the top, especially those who have beaten odds to do so. They also are usually very stubborn, and if you were to ascribe just one term to Phil Brooks, that might well be the adjective. It’s also, as odd as this is to say, a large part of his charm.

(By the way, there will be no mention of "CM Punk" because it was Phil Brooks who decided to take his private bus back home and it IS Phil Brooks that wakes up everyday and goes to sleep every night. While I like to think of myself as "All Seeing Deity That Stops the Hearts of Hot Brunettes," it’s still Jason Martin staring me in the face every day, which is a shame quite frankly but can’t be helped. If you have found some way to turn this into reality, please contact me immediately. Money is no object.)

The smart community who follows the pixelated dirt sheets will know the score tonight and many of them have tickets in their wallets right now for tonight’s Raw live event in Nebraska. Show hijacking for Daniel Bryan will not go away, but those efforts will have a new brother…and possibly an older brother, in the chants for Phil Brooks’ moniker and alter ego. So the question is this, and CSS has placed a few possibilities up over the past few days…how in the hell does WWE address the situation?


Here’s what you can’t do, you can’t ignore it, because you’re just going to look ridiculous and it’s simply going to ignite the ostriches in the crowd that much more. WWE has to play to the reality somehow, and for me, there’s only one way.

For the first time in many months, H needs to open Raw in the ring. That's not to say he hasn't in many months, but that he SHOULD for the first time in a "minute," as the kids say. While what I’m about to propose without question will not "work," it will advance things in the direction they need to be moving. H needs to play the victim…the spurned lover, and needs to try and win the crowd to his side. Heat will reign down and WWE will win. Well, they’ll win as much as you can when someone as talented as Phil Brooks has decided he’d rather eat cereal on the couch than work for you.

Here’s what Hunter needs to say, in paraphrased form:

"Look, I get it guys…I totally get it. You and me…we agree, we’re on the same side. I want him here just as bad as you want him here. This isn’t best for business…absolutely not. My personal feelings for him aside…yes we’ve had our problems, but does anybody believe we’re better off without him? Of course not. He screwed me too. He screwed you. He screwed me. He screwed the entire WWE Universe. There’s nothing more I can do about it. The guy made his choice."

(Oh and this works even if you’re in the camp that believes this is a total work…if it’s an angle, this works… if it’s a straight-up shoot, this still works.)

That’s quick form and very generic, but you of the Cageside "intelligencia" grasp the overarching theme. Once Hunter is finished, you send out Daniel Bryan. He can quietly align himself with Mr. Brooks and at the same time, as the fans go nuclear on The Authority, there’s your initial push towards Daniel Bryan and Triple H. Not a soul will feel sympathy for H, but that’s not the point of the "victim" promo, it’s to put heat ON H using reverse psychology.


And while yes (no pun intended) It would be great to see DB placed with Orton and Batista for the moment the entire Movement is looking for, namely an entire Mania crowd doing the "YES" chant to end the biggest show of the year, but it’s just not realistic, especially with Dave’s contract having a clause that guarantees him the gold in New Orleans. So if it is indeed Vince/Austin 2.0 with H/DB, the goal has to be to build that thing like the Sears Tower…or that even bigger monstrosity in Dubai that may or may not be currently floating on an actual cloud.

The other point not to be forgotten is that Bryan/H should have been the plan all along, because it’s the only thing that makes ANY logical sense. Why Brooks/Levesque was the plan completely escapes me. We have seen this film before when it had all the momentum in the world and was the right decision…despite how it ended. Add that plan to the extensive list of missteps by the booking team since a few key departures and pretty much since SummerSlam.


Oh yeah…and Phil Brooks should NEVER have turned on Paul Heyman, at least not in 2013. That might have been the biggest mistake of all. When Brooks became Chris Irvine as a vanilla babyface and not the stellar worker heel character that allowed those two to really show their skills in character development, both were the proverbial shell of the proverbial self. Both brilliant…both always better antagonists. The payoff on top of the Cell simply was not worth it. That act could have played for a long time with the two best talkers in the company as one unit.

Time to end this collection of words before I end up writing ten pages on this last point…perhaps another day. Maybe should have titled this piece "And Another Thing!" Mental note…could be something to workshop.

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