WWE Raw results, live blog for Feb. 3, 2014: YES Movement

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 3, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Omaha, Nebraska, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view (PPV) later this month in Minneapolis.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 3, 2014) from the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Minneapolis.

Advertised for tonight: New Age Outlaws vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust in a steel cage match for the tag team titles, Daniel Bryan's "YES" Movement, the continuation of the feud between The Shield and The Wyatt Family, fallout from the break up of the Prime Time Players, Alberto Del Rio confronting Batista, and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


CM Punk chants as Orton states that he thinks that the authority is out to get him.

He says that he has beaten everyone in the Chamber repeatedly and he will do so again.

Then he calls out Batista.

He says that everyone needs to realize that he is the Main Event.

Out comes HHH and Stephanie.

Loud CM Punk chant as Stephanie starts to talk.

Stephanie says that Orton is heading back down a bad path, as is his history.

She says he shouldn't be letting any of this get to him.

HHH hints that the Authority may start to back another pony.

Stephanie says he will face each guy individually and if he wins tonight might be their new face of the WWE- DANIEL BRYAN!

HHH chants YES! with the crowd


The Shield vs Big E Langston, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston

Result: Shield wins by pinfall


  • Langston and Ambrose start things off.  Langston with some shoulder tackles and then he tags in Kingston who comes off the tope rope onto Ambrose's arm
  • Ambrose with the tag to Rollins and he nails Kofi with a series of strikes
  • Kingston sends Rollins flying with a falling back double kick
  • Ambrose tags in, stomps on Kingston and then tags back in Rollins
  • Rollins with some submission holds and kicks before tagging back in Ambrose
  • Elbow drop and a tackle in the corner as Rollins tags back in and he quickly works a neck crank on Kinfston
  • Kingston gets the hot tag to Mysterio who comes in with a series of hurricarans and a seated senton
  • Mysterio goes for another hurricarna but Rollins is able to hold him up as Reigns tags in and lays out the elevated Mysterio with a clothesline as we head to break
  • Back from break and Reigns has a neck crank and then lays out Rey with a back elbow
  • Ambrose tags in and hits some stomps before grinding his shin into Rey's face
  • Ambrose with a stretch but Rey knees his way out and goes for a splash but Ambrose catches him and sets him up in the corner.  He goes for a spear but Mysterio dodges
  • Langston and Reigns get tags
  • Langston lays out Reigns with a clothesline and some splashes
  • Spear in the corner, belly to belly suplex, and then a splash from Langston gets a two coutn because Rollins and Ambrose broke the tag
  • A full out brawl erupts between all six participants that ends with Langston eating a Superman Punch
  • Reigns is ready to hit the spear but Ambrose with a blind tag!
  • He hits the headlock driver and gets the pin!
Just as Rollins seperates the bickering Ambrose and Reigns, Wyatt Family appears on the Titantron.

He talks about destroying the current empire and building his own.  A lot of great stuff in there that I can't do justice to before Harper speaks!  "What you don't realize is that he has always been your king"


Bad News Barrett!

He states that last night's Superbowl was the most watched tv event- and the bad news is that we spent so much time shoveling food down our gullet that we won't live til next year's Super Bowl.

Lawler gets up and says he has bad news for Barrett- he might not be around after next week.


Extended promo about the Countdown show for the network


Christian vs Jack Swagger

Result: Christian wins by pinfall


  • Swagger with some early clotheslines
  • Christian sends him out and hits a baseball slide
  • Swagger is able to drag Christian off the apron and into the floor before putting him into the steps
  • Swagger tosses him back in the ring and hits a big knee in the corner before tossing Christian across the ring
  • Christian kicks his way into control but Swagger with a powerbomb ends than quickly
  • Swagger with a series of forearms and he comes off the second rope into Christian's boots
  • JBL with a Christian Blue Dot reference
  • Christian and Swagger trading and counter slams back and forth when Christian busts of the Kill Switch for the win


Cage Match for the Tag Team Titles: NAO (c) vs Rhodes Bros

Result: NAO wins by pinfall and retains by the Tag Titles


  • Apparently escape isn't an option in this match
  • Goldy with an arm drag on Dogg before crawling at him and scaring him into Gunn's arms
  • Dogg with some punches and then he ask Gunn what he is doing
  • Goldy puts him into the cage so Dogg makes the tag
  • Gunn with some strikes so Goldy tags in Cody
  • Rhodes with a couple of slams and a roll up for two
  • Gunn goes for a suplex and Cody hits another roll up for two
  • Gunn with some knees and drives Cody into the corner
  • Dogg with the tag and he kicks Rhodes while he is down before trapping his arm in the ropes for a crank
  • Shoulder lock from Dogg as Gunn makes the blind tag
  • Gunn with a couple of slams before tagging back in Dogg
  • Cody finally takes back control with some kicks and then stomps a mudhole into Dogg
  • Shoulder lock and then some knees to the shoulder
  • Cody tags Goldy in who imitates Dogg before working his own shoulder lock and then knees
  • Goldy with some slick strikes before Dogg can make the tag and Gunn takes over with a suplex and some stomps as we head to break- with very loud We Want Punk chants ringing through the arena
  • Back from break and Rogg is putting Goldy into the cage
  • Gunn tags in and tries to put Goldy into the cage as well but Goldy counters with a handspring elbow
  • Godly goes for the tag but Gunn bear hugs him and then nails him with a big boot
  • Goldy with a spinebuster and he makes the hot tag
  • Rhodes out with hot fire as he is taking out both members of the NAO
  • Goldy with a timely powerslam to save his brother from a sneak attack
  • Rhodes with a Disaster Kick on Gunn for a two count that was as close to a three count as you can get
  • Rhodes scales the cage, but Dogg tries to pull him down.  Rhodes knocks him down and hits with a Moounsault off the top of the cage!
  • Gunn as the legal man hits Rhodes with a Fameasser for the win!


Titus O'Neill vs Zack Ryder

Result: O'Neill wins by pinfall


  • Titus is just beating on Ryder left and right as Miz makes his way out to commentary
  • He says that it is bs that he isn't booked in a match tonight when these two bums are and then walks out
  • Titus just continues to dismantle Ryder with forearms and slams
  • Ryder dodges a splash in the corner and hits the Broski Boot
  • He goes up top for a splash but O'Neill catches hit and hits a few backbreakers before a splash in the corner
  • Clash of the Titus for the win


Ernie "the Big Cat" Ladd video in honor of African American History Month


Dance Off: Santino vs Fandango

He says that Fandango doesn't stand a chance in the dance off so he calls for a dance off between Summer and an audience member.

He brings in EMMA!

Dance Off: Emma vs Summer Rae

Summer with some ball room moves.


Emma busts out her patented dance

Santino calls for the crowd to decide

They boo when he says Summer Rae and cheer wildly for Emma.


Sheamus vs Curtis Axel

Result: Sheamus wins by pinfall


  • Axel comes out charging with a flurry of forearms
  • Sheamus quickly takes control with a power slam and then ties Axel up in the ropes for the forearm spots
  • Axel tries to flee but Sheamus follows him and slams his head into the announcing table before tossing Axel back in
  • Sheamus whips Axel but Axel nails Sheamus with a kick to the head
  • Axel working some should locks before landing a series of knees
  • Axel with some crossfaces against the ropes
  • Sheamus and Axel start countering each others slams before Sheamus hits the rolling Fireman's Carry
  • Brogue Kick for the win


Batista out now to the ring.  Before he can even talk, ADR makes his way out.

ADR says before Batista can put us all to sleep they need to talk business.

Batista says he doesn't have an issue with ADR.

ADR calls him out for his movie career and says he is just a chiuaha, not real animal

Batista tries to reiterate his point but ADR lays him out.

ADR tries to continue the abuse but Batista recovers and goes for the Batista Bomb.  ADR is able to make an escape though as Batista fumes in the ring


Wyatt Family vs Wodds, Ziggler, Truth

Result: Wyatt Family wins by pinfall


  • Rowan with some slams and forearms before taking in Harper
  • Harper with a big boot and then the gator roll
  • Sleeper hold from Harper leeds to Truth making an escape and the hot tag to Ziggler
  • Ziggler with some elbows, dropkic, splash in the corner, and then the ten count punch
  • Neckbreaker and then a huge DDT from Ziggler gets a two count
  • Rowan makes the save so Woods takes him out and then Woods gets taken out by Wyatt
  • Ziggler sends Wyatt to the outside and turns around into a Harper lariat
  • Harper tag to Wyatt who hits the Sister Abigail for the win
Shield on the titantron now!  Ambrose with makes some spooky sounds before calling Wyatt a bonehead and saying they don't live in the fantasy world of the Wyatts.

Rollins and Reigns continue to the theme and say they are bringing war to the Wyatts.

Bray screams in the ring that he welcomes the war


Little video package/promo for Rusev that was awesome.


Naomi vs Aksana



  • AJ on commentary
  • Nothing really.  Naomi tried but she was in the ring with Aksana


Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

Result: Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall


  • Bryan with some early kicks but Orton quickly ground him with a slam
  • Shoulder tackle and a pose from Orton.  He tries to follow up but Bryan htis a running knee
  • Series of kicks from Bryan and then a leg drag
  • Bryan puts Orton's leg into the post a couple of times and then hits a dropkick on the leg into the post
  • Bryan works a series of leg submissions
  • Uppercut from Bryan and then a few more assaults to the leg of Orton that is sandwiched by another uppercut
  • Orton with an eye poke to get some breathing room so he lays into Bryan with some uppercuts of hsi own
  • Bryan with a leg drag so Orton flees to the outside
  • Bryan follows him out with some kicks and then he tosses Orton over the announcer's table
  • Bryan tosses him back in the ring and traps Orton's leg in the ropes and hits a running drop kick
  • Bryansteiner!
  • Surfboard stretch from Bryan
  • Orton keeps trying to stand up so Bryan takes him out his leg with a roundhouse
  • Boston crab but Orton is able to get a hold of the rope
  • Orton flees and Bryan pursues but it's a trap as Orton hits a suplex onto the barrier
  • Orton sends Bryan back into the ring and goes to town with stomps
  • Flurry of punches in the corner but Bryan springs to life with a knee as we head to break
  • Back from break and Orton is putting Bryan into the post
  • He tosses him back in the ring and starts working an elbow lock with additional twisting of the fingers
  • Orton using the rope for leverage now as he continues to work on Bryan's arm
  • Orton sets up Bryan on the turnbuckle and hits a flurry of punches before a superplex attempt that Bryan fights off with some headbutts
  • Flying headbutt from Bryan
  • Orton with an arm wringer and tries to follow up but Bryan counters into the Yes! lock
  • Orton gets a hold of the rope
  • Bryan goes to work with the kicks and then two running dropkicks in the corner
  • A third gets countered by a dropkick from Orton
  • Orton draping DDT
  • Bryan springs to life and goes to work on Orton with a flurry of kicks
  • Flying headbutt again!
  • He goes for the Yes! Lock but Kane runs out and onto the apron
  • Bryan with a running dropkick and then dumps Orton.  Hits both with a suicide dive and then drop toe holds Kane into the steps
  • He gets back in the ring and Orton tries to RKO him but Bryan sheds him and hits the Baisuku Knee for the pinfall!
After the match, Orton and Kane jump Bryan and start to pummel him.  Kane with a chokeslam and then his pyro to close out the night



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