WWE Raw results, live blog for Feb. 24: Elimination Chamber fallout, WWE Network launch


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 24, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Green Bay, Wisconsin, featuring fallout from "Elimination Chamber" and the launch of the WWE Network.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 24, 2014) from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, featuring the fallout show from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Minneapolis.

Advertised for tonight: The WWE Network officially launches after the show, so this is one big long commercial for it. Hulk Hogan makes his long awaited return to WWE television. Undertaker is expected back as well. That's without mentioning Brock Lesnar. Expect a big push for the WrestleMania 30 card, and so much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


"I am a Real American"

Hulkamania's return to WWE is starting things off tonight.

He poses a bunch before finally getting a hold of the mic.

He wants the whole world to know that mark's a turning point in his career because he is officially home.

He bumbles through his pimping of the network big time.

Now he announces that he is going to be the official host of Wrestlemania XXX and the segment mercifully comes to an end.


Some network pimping from Cole and they announce we are getting Kane-Bryan and ADR-Batistia tonight.


Alberto Del Rio vs Batista

Result: ADR wins by pinfall


  • The crowd is booing Batista big time and the announcing team is acknowledging the Bootista chant
  • ADR with some early kicks and holds to get the early advantage. A Batista counter attempt sends them both tumbling to the outside but ADR regains control and puts Batista into the steps as we head to break.
  • Back from break and ADR is in control in the ring.  Big kick and then he flexes his biceps.  He goes for a running dropkick but Batista dodges and ADR goes flying to the outside.  ADR recovers quickly and snaps Batista back using the rope.
  • ADR goes up top but Batista meets him there and hits a superplex.  Batista first to recover and he lands a couple of stomps.  Slam attempt gets countered by ADR and he hits a superkick.
  • ADR with a splash attempt in the corner but Batista dodges and hits a spinebuster.  Orton makes his way out and Batista gets distracted.  ADR with a roll up for the win.
Orton sarcastically apologizes and calls out Batista for all of the boos he is getting.  "I bet even you are sorry for coming back"

Batista says he loves this business and the fact fans have a voice.  If they cheer him, he'll cheer back.  If they boo him, he'll boo them back.

He can barely get his words out he is so blown up.  He says he will beat the man he once called his friend and wing the title so "Deal with it!"


Big E. vs Cesaro

Result: Big E wins by DQ


  • Langston comes out with some shoulder blocks so Cesaro retreats to the outside for a moment.  Back in and Cesaro with a slam from behind but E fights out and the two beginning trading strikes.  Uppercut and a series of knees seems to give Cesaro the advantage but E with two belly to belly suplexes ends that.
  • Two spears in the corner from E.  Cesaro fires back with some uppercuts and a big boot.  A series of knees to a downed E and the a chinlock.  E powers out but is met with some Cesaro elbows.
  • Cesaro goes for an uppercut off the top rope but E catches him and hits three backbreakers.  E with a shoulder lock but Cesaro headbutts out and hits a side headlock takedown. Cesaro with a ridiculous tilt a whirl back breaker of his own as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Big E with a back body drop.  He goes for a spear in the corner but Cesaro dodges and Big E goes into the post.  Double stomp from Cesaro gets a nearfall.
  • Cesaro with a series of holds.  He goes for a slam and Big E tries to counter with the Big Ending but fails.  Cesaro with a scoop slam on E and then a sleeper hold.  E fights out and hits some clotheslines before a belly to belly.
  • Splash from E for a two count.  The straps have come down and he goes for the Big Ending but Cesaro counters into Swiss Death! Only gets a nearfall.
  • Cesaro goes for the Big Swing but E kicks out and hits a slam to a charging Cesaro.  Cesaro sends Big E to the outside and Swagger goes for the cheap shot but fails.
  • Cesaro gets the Big Swing but then Swagger comes in and locks in the Patriot Lock which causes the DQ.
After Cesaro and Colter yell at Swagger a bit Big E punces on Swagger.  Cesaro saves him with a neturalizer!


Cena comes out and says he is glad that Hogan is back.

Cena pimps the Network and gets down to brass tax.

Cena says that when the future of the business has to go through you, you get a big target on your back.

Cena says he expected to see Wyatt some day, just not in the Chamber.

He calls out Wyatt and asks him if he has another bold move in him.

Wyatt comes out.

"Where would the world be without their hero? Where would they be without their knight in shining armor?"

Wyatt says that Cena is a liar and has failed to live up to his promises to save the people.

Wyatt is just killing it.  I can't keep up with the genius he is throwing out there.

He ends it by saying the Wyatts are the reapers that will bring the end to this era of lies.

Cena challenges Wyatt to make his move.

The Wyatt Family swarms Cena and start to beat him down.  They lay a good beating on him for a couple of minutes before retreating out of the ring.

It's a trap! To get the stunned Cena hobbling around before attacking again and proclaiming victory over Cena.


Christian vs Sheamus

Result: Sheamus wins by pinfall


  • Christian opens up with some slaps that fires Sheamus up and he goes to town with some elbow and forearms that ends with a big clothesline.  Knees to a downed Sheamus and then a neck crank.
  • Christian with a counter and he gets Sheamus in a compromising situation in the post.  Before he can act Sheamus pulls his legs in which sends Christian's head into the post.  Sheamus with a slam and some knees.
  • Sheamus goes for the forearm spot but Christian counters with an elbow.  He goes to put Sheamus into the turnbuckle when Sheamus tosses him to the outside.  Shoulder tackle off the apron to Christian as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Christian is putting Sheamus into the steps.  He tosses him back in and lands a series of punches to the midsection and then stomps in the corner.  Christian just stands on Sheamus until the ref pulls him off.
  • Christian with a gut wrench but Sheamus fights out to only have Christian slap on an ab stretch.  Christian with a drop toe hold to send Sheamus into the ropes and then hits a springboard kick.  He goes up top but Sheamus dodge and drives Christian into the corner.
  • Some knees from Sheamus and Christian sends him to the apron.  Christian goes for a spear to the apron but Sheamus dodges and hits a knee.  Forearm spot in the ropes and then a battering ram from the outside for the nearfall.
  • Cheamus with the Clover Leaf but Christian make the rope.  Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Christian dodges and lands his own kick.  He goes up top but Sheamus catches him with a Brogue Kick mid-air!  That get's the pinfall


Footage of Bryan confronting the Authority and challenging HHH to a match at Mania.  HHH calls him a B+ player and says he will do his best to fit him on the card.

Stephanie calls Bryan down and tells him to focus on getting in the ring with Kane tonight.


Black History Month video package for the Soul Patrol.


Reigns and Rollins confronting Ambrose about where he was last night.

Ambrose says he doesn't want to repeat himself over and over.

Ambrose says he doesn't want to deal with this right now and walks off.

Wyatts enter and Bray apologizes for interupting.

Reigns challenges him to a 1v1 match and Wyatt accepts.


Daniel Bryan vs Korporate Kane

Result: Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall


  • Bryan with a series of kicks and then a running dropkick in the corner.  Bryan working over the legs now with a series of holds and kicks.  Knee crank from Bryan as Kane tries to pull his hair to break the hold.
  • Another series of leg locks from Bryan and Kane finall gets some offense when he attacks the injured should.  Kane puts the arm into the post as a follow up.
  • Bryan sends Kane to the outside and goes for a suicide dive but Kane hits him with an elbow as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Bryan is landing some kicks but Kane attacks the shoulder to take back control.  Series of stomps and then a shoulder lock from Kane.
  • Kane whips Bryan but he does his flip in the corner and then lays Kane out with a running dropkick.
  • Roundhouse kicks to a downed Kane, but he misses with the last one and Kane hits a sidewalk slam.
  • Bryan fights out of another Kane shoulder lock and hits two running dropkicks in the corner but when he goes for a third Kane lays him out with a clothesline.  Kane charges and Bryan pulls down the ropes to send him to the outside and he hits a suicide dive.
  • Running dropkick into the barrier.  Bryan tosses him back into the ring and continues up the assault with kicks.  Bryan goes up top but gets caught with a Kane chokeslam.  Bryan kicks out at two!
  • Bryan tries for the Yes! Lock but Kane counters into a chokeslam attempt that Bryan counters.
  • Busaiku knee gets the pinfall!
After the match, Bryan gets the mic and says that HHH is a coward.  Bryan says that he has been ignoring the fans for so long but they are loud and strong.

Bryan says give the people what they want, Daniel Bryan vs HHH at WM30.



Emma vs Summer Rae

Result: Emma wins by submission


  • Emma starts the match out with some dancing and Summer slaps her.  Emma shoves her back and Summer jumps into her arms and hits some back roll.
  • Summer charges in the corner but Emma dodges and hits a kick from the apron.  Sunset flip gets a two count.
  • Summer with a spinning heel kick that drops Emma and she goes to work with some stomps.  Summer using the to choke Emma and then her knee into the ground as she taunts Santino.
  • Summer with a Cobra Clutch!
  • Emma fights out and Summer goes for a kick but Emma counters into the Emma Lock for the win!
After the match she jumps into Santino's arms and knocks him over.


Usos vs New Age Outlaws

Result: Usos win by pinfall


  • Bell rings and Dogg has a mic.  He tells the Usos to step out of the ring so they can do their their schitck.  Usos don't let them finish and nail superkicks.  Splash and the pinfall.
  • Well that was something


Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Result: Bray Wyatt wins by DQ


  • Early lock up leads to Wyatt getting the advantage with a kick to the gut and some headbutts.  Reigns fights back with a tackle and some punches.  Clothesline sends Wyatt to the outside.
  • Wyatt quickly gets back in and the two begin trading haymakers that leads to Wyatt getting the advantage with some kicks.  Some stomps leads to ground and pound from Wyatt.  Reigns fights his way up.
  • Reigns on the offensive now with a series of strikes.  A shoulder lock leads to a Wyatt escape but Reigns clotheslines him to the outside.  Reigns follows him out and lays him completely out with a vicsious running clothesline as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Wyatt is working some ground and pound before slapping on a chinlock.  Reigns fights his way out but gets laid out with a crossbody.  Wyatt splash in the corner, but a second one gets dodged.
  • Reigns with a flying clothesline and a splash of his own in the corner that drops Wyatt into the ropes.  Reigns with his dropkick onto the apron and then a powerslam.
  • Reigns readies for the superman punch but Harper and Rowan appear!  Rollins comes running from the crowd and across the ring for a plancha!  Wyatt beats on a distracted Reigns as Harper and Rowan beat on Rollins.
  • Ambrose finally comes to help out Rollins.  Wyatt distracted now and Reigns hits him with the superman punch!  Ambrose now gets in the ring and starts beating on Wyatt!  DQ
  • The two factions continue brawling until the Shield is able to get the Wyatts to clear the ring


Heyman talking to Lesnar as we head to break


Heyman and Lesnar out to the ring and there is a table set up in the ring.

Heyman calls Lesnar the obvious number one contender for the title and the man who should be main eventing Mania.

Heyman says they should just let Orton-Batista have their match and get it over with so Lesnar can get his title show. When he took his idea to the Authority they responded with Lesnar having an open match for WM.

Lesnar has conquered all of his endeavours and now he wants the WWEWHC but HHH and Stephanie won't let him.

Heyman has said they are turning down the offer because he doesn't have history to conquer.  If they don't then they won't be getting Lesnar at Mania.

As they start to walk away- GONG! GONG! GONG!

The chin goatee is back.

Taker finally makes it to the ring and gets face to face with Lesnar as chants of Undertaker fill the arena.

Taker breaks his gaze momentarily to look at the Mania sign before looking back at Lesnar.

Lesnar nods and tells Taker to sign the damn contract as he signs it and shoves the pen into his chest.




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