WWE Raw results, live blog for Feb. 17, 2014: Elimination Chamber go home show


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 17, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Denver, Colorado, featuring the go home show to the "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Minneapolis.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 17, 2014) from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colordao, featuring the go home show to the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Minneapolis.

Advertised for tonight: Randy Orton completes running the gauntlet against his Chamber challengers by taking on Sheamus, The Authority exerts its influence over everything, all the closing angles heading into the final PPV event before the launch of the WWE Network, and much, much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


John Cena is kicking things off tonight.

He talks about some of the various EC matches and talks up the Road to Wrestlemania.

You need momentum on the road and the only guy in the Chamber who doesn't have it right now is Randy Orton.

Out comes Colter and Cesaro.

Colter says that Cesaro is the next WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Cesaro reminds everyone that he beat Orton as well.  He will become the champion and not just the face of WWE but the Face of America!

Cena and Cesaro gets face to face as Cena says that Cesaro better be ready for the challenge.

Before Cesaro can respond, Sheamus makes his way out.

Sheamus comes out and talks about kicking faces before Christian comes out.

He talks to Sheamus about the missed Brogue Kick from Smackdown and says he is going to plant Sheamus' face in with a Kill Switch at EC.

Orton comes out now and thanks the Authority for giving him the chance to beat them all at the Elimination Chamber.

He then has words for each of them but before he can continue out comes Bryan.

Bryan talks about the Chamber as his path to *points to WMXXX sign*

After the Chamber will be an entire arena chanting one word- YES! YES! YES!

Out comes Kane now.

Apparently Kane has been left in charge for the night.

Since Sheamus and Orton are locking up, he books a Cesaro-Cena match and a Christian-Bryan match.

Christian-Bryan will be going on right now.


Daniel Bryan vs Christian

Result: Bryan wins by pinfall


  • Bryan is distracted by Kane and Christian pounces immediately from behind
  • Christian sends Bryan to the outside and throws him into the barrier before reigning down a series of punches.  Christian puts Bryan into the steps as we head to break.  Bell hasn't rung yet. started.
  • Back from break and both men are in the ring as the bell rings.
  • Bryan comes out with some kicks but Christian takes control with a shoulder lock.  Bryan fights out with some uppercuts that sends Christian to the outside.  He goes for the suicide dive but Christian hits a big right hand to counter.
  • Christian with some stomps and then he starts working on the shoulder in the ropes.  Christian mocking the Yes! chants.  Key lock powerslam and then some more locks on the shoulder.
  • Ground and pound from Christian gets countered into a single leg crab for a brief moment.  Christian with some more work on the shoulder and then he hits a tornado ddt.
  • Christian with a series of taunts to the crowd gives Bryan time to recover and toss him out before hitting a suicide dive as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Bryan takes down Christian with a series of kicks.  He goes for the flying headbutt but Christian gets his knees up.  Christian with some slaps in the corner.
  • Bryan builds up a head of steam but Christian takes him out with a knee.  He goes for the Kill Switch but Bryan counters with an extremely slick roll up for the win.
Kane gets on the mic and says that Bryan still has one more match against him.

Kane takes off his jacket and tie and lays down some quick strikes before tossing Bryan out as we head to break.


Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Result: Bryan wins by pinfall


  • Match is already in progress.  Kane has ditched the dress shirt and is wrestling in a wife beater.  Series of punches from Kane and then a suplex.
  • Kane moves Bryan into the corner and continues to work some elbows and holds on the shoulder.  Bryan kicks him out and then hits a missile dropkick.  He goes to work with some more kicks but Kane gets a hold of Bryan and sends him out.
  • Kane puts Bryan into the barrier and then cranks the arm around the ring post.
  • Ref disqualifies him when he doesn't let go so he slams the arm hard into the post and the kicks it hard into the steel steps.


Renee Young with the Shield.

Ambrose starts bragging about destroying Henry and Reigns calls him out for it.

"I softened him up for ya"

They start jawing a bit back and forth as Ambrose challenges Reigns to do better.

Young asks if they should be unified heading into the Wyatt match up and Rollins says they are always unified.

Ambrose does some great spooky fingers and says that the Wyatt family is just an allusion and the Shield is real.


Santino w/ Emma vs Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Result: Fandango wins by pinfall


  • Santino with his walk so Fandango blasts him with a kick.  Headbutt from Fandango and then some taunting that leads to a lariat.
  • Top rope knee drop but Santino dodges and hits a split stunner. Arm drag and then a headbutt.
  • He gets out the Cobra but Summer Rae distracts him so Emma picks her up in a firemen's carry and just spins around til dizzy.  Santino goes to check on Emma and they start flirting a bunch and almost kiss.
  • Fandango takes advantage and demolishes Santino for the win.


Renee with Henry in the back and he says it isn't about winning or losing.

It's about inducting people into the hall of pain.

Roman Reigns vs Mark Henry

Result: Reigns wins by pinfall


  • Early exchange of strikes between the two and Reigns hits a Samoan Drop on Henry!
  • Henry with some headbutts and he tosses Reigns into the corner.  Henry charges in but Reigns powers him away with his legs and hits the Superman Punch.
  • Spear for the win.
As Reigns and Rollins celebrate Ambrose broods a bunch.  Then Ambrose goes on the assault and attacks Henry.

Reigns looks at him incredulously and asks him what he is doing.

Wyatt Family appears on the Titantron.
"I've got the joy joy joy down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart"

Wyatt says he is giddy like a child for the match and says that their blood will paint his kingdom amongst other great things.

"Are you ready to die for victory?" -Harper

"If not then you have already lost" -Wyatt

Reigns gets on the mic and tells them to bring that noise to the ring.

Wyatt laughs and says that's just what they were thinking of doing.

Wyatt Family out to ringside now.

Wyatts enter the ring and the Shield steps up to them.

Wyatt has the family leave the ring.


Rhodes and Goldust playing with WWE toys in the back and talking about the family.

When Barrett delivers some Bad News and knocks away all the toys the Rhodes Brothers were playing with.


Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston

Result: Jack Swagger wins by submission.


  • Sorry folks I wasn't able to catch the match.
Big E Langston made his way out as soon as the bell was rung for a little stare down because his match is next.


Big E Langston vs Langston and Mahal

Result: Big E wins by pinfall


  • The two open up with some double team work as the camera keeps panning to Colter. They work him over with strikes and double team moves for a couple minutes.
  • Colter just has a mic and is talking trash to Big E and Denver.  It is wonderful.
  • Big E finally gets some momentum with some splashes and a series of belly to belly suplexes.
  • Langston sends Mahal to the outside and then hits the Big Ending on McIntyre


Rusev and Lana video package.


Black History Month video package for Ron Simmons


Renee Young with Cena in the back.

He talks about the young talent and says that they will have to go through him to prove it.


John Cena vs Cesaro

Result: John Cena wins by pinfall


  • Early exchange of strikes and holds ends with some Cena arm drags.  Cesaro quickly bails to consult with Colter before getting back in and calling for the test of strength
  • Test of Strength leads to a series of holds and takedowns between the two men that ends up with Cesaro slapping on a side headlock.
  • Cena with a splash attempt but Cesaro counters into a tilt a whirl backbreaker.
  • Cesaro with an abdominal stretch but Cena powers his way out and charges with a full head of steam but Cesaro pulls down the rope and Cena goes tumbling to the outside.
  • Cesaro puts Cena into the barricade before tossing him back in and using the rope to stun Cena.
  • Top rope elbow drop from Cesaro for a two count
  • Cesaro tries to follow up with a slam but Cena counters into a neck breaker for a nearfall.
  • Cesaro whips Cena hard into the corner and then hits a baseball to send Cena to the outside as we head to break
  • Back from break and Cena hits a Frankensteiner and tries to follow with a splash but gets caught into a fall away slam
  • The two get back to exchanging holds and Cena goes for the AA but Cesaro counters into prep for the Big Swing but Cena counters into the STF.  Cesaro then counters that hold and hits a gut wrench suplex.
  • Cesaro with some punches in the corner but Cena fights out and hits a slam.  Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA but Cesaro counters.  Cena charges right in Swiss Death! Nearfall
  • Cesaro tries for the big swing but Cena is able to counter into a DDT.
  • Cena goes up top but Cesaro charges with a leaping uppercut that sends Cesaro to the floor!  Holy Shit that was awesome
  • Cesaro gets Cena onto the apron and hits the deadlift suplex from the turnbuckle!
  • Cena tries for the STF but Cesaro counters out and finally gets the great swing going!  Cena kicks out at two
  • Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Cena counters into the AA but Cesaro lands on his feet and hits a big boot to Cena.  Cena responds with a hellacious clothesline and then the AA for the win.
  • Amazing match.


Orton in the back with HHH and he says he appreciates all that they have done for him.

HHH points out his string of losses but does say that at least he is putting in the effort.

Orton starts talking trash about Batista and Batista pops up behind him and calls him the ass of the WWE.

ADR enters the scene with a neck brace and talks some trash.  Batista shoves him into some shelves as HHH tosses up his hands in exasperation.


Titus cuts a promo in the back with Renee Young


The Wyatt Family vs Sin Cara and Los Matadores

Result: Wyatt Family wins by pinfall


  • Rowan and Harper open things up early against one of the Matadores with a series of slams and quick tags
  • Wyatt tags in and goes to town with some ground and pound before hitting a throwing suplex
  • Rowan tagged in and he hits a couple of power slams before going to work with his knuckles into the temple
  • Harper tagged in and hits the Gator Roll before working a chin lock
  • Matadore tries to fight out but Harper drags him back.  The Matadore though is able to hit an enziguiri and makes the tag to Sin Cara.
  • Cara with a series of splashes and a hurricarana before knocking Wyatt off the apron.  Back hand spring elbow.  Rowan breaks up the pin attempt and it turns into a brawl that sees El Torito getting involved with Rowan before Los Matadores hit a double suicide dive on him.
  • Harper takes a hold of El Torito but Sin Cara with a roll up attempt stops that.  Cara with a hurricarana and he tries to follow up but is laid out by a Harper lariat.
  • He makes the tag to Wyatt who hits Sister Abigail for the win.


Jey Uso vs Billy Gunn

Result: Jey Uso wins by pinfall


  • Jimmy and Road Dogg on commentary
  • Gunn with some early kicks but Uso sends him out with a dropkick and follows him out for a couple of punches.
  • Back in the ring and Gunn ducks under an Uso splash attempt that he follows up with a leg drag
  • Gunn working a chinlock and they keep transitioning to commentary with Dogg and Jimmy talking trash
  • Gunn goes for the fameasser but Jey counters with a roll up for the pin.
  • Dogg tries to get involved but Jimmy lays him out with a superkick and then Jey hits a splash to the outside


Sheamus in the back with Saxton and he says he is bringing out his viscious side


Sheamus vs Randy Orton



  • They do some stuff, Orton bails while Sheamus points at the WM sign.  Rinse and repeat a couple of times until Sheamus finally follows Orton out and they start brawling on the outside.
  • Orton puts Sheamus into the post and Sheamus puts Orton into the announcer's table before tossing him back in and hits a couple of slams as we head to break
  • Back from break and the two are brawling and Orton sends Sheamus to the outside.  He tosses him back in and hits some head butts.
  • Superplex attempt from Orton gets countered into a battering ram from Sheamus
  • Orton makes his way over to the announce table and when Sheamus follows, Orton hits a suplex that sends Sheamus through the table
  • Sheamus barely makes the count but it's right into a series of Orton stomps to every joint in his body.
  • Sheamus dodges a knee drop and hits a series of clotheslines, a spear in the corner, but he gets nailed with a scoop slam from Orton
  • Orton goes for the draping DDT but Sheamus counters into the forearms in the ropes spot
  • Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick but Orton counters with a slam
  • Orton goes for the RKO but Sheamus counters with three Irish Curse backbreakers
  • Shield hits the ring and starts beating on Sheamus
  • Everyone from the Chamber hits the ring
  • Now the Wyatts appear!
  • Everyone is just brawling as it fades to black.  Not enough of the brawling
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