WWE Raw results, live blog for Jan. 6, 2014: Old School!


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 6, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the annual "Old School" edition of the show.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 6, 2014) from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the promotion's annual "Old School" episode featuring the return of stars from days gone by.

Advertised for the show: Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Gene Okerlund, and a host of other legends will make their return for various skits and backstage bits. Elsewhere, Brock Lesnar is back and looking to tear shit up while CM Punk is scheduled for singles action against Roman Reigns.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


Ric Flair kicks things off and goes through the usual Ric Flair stuff nice and quick.

The Old School set is amazing.

As he starts strutting around Orton makes his way out.

He says the night is actually about him.

He has respect for Flair but he wants him to step aside so he can get something off his chest.

He thinks is bs that Cena gets a rematch because it's whats best for business.

Orton states that he has nothing left to prove and wants the Authority to reverse their decision to have a rematch.

Flair says that Randy is being a bit of a baby and should just man up and fight.

Orton starts to get angry with Flair and vaguely threatens Flair if he doesn't get out of the ring.

Flair says Orton will listen to what he has to say.  He brings up Evolution and says that he hasn't grown out of the immature punk attitude from his younger days.

Flair then challenges Orton's manhood.

The two are about to brawl when Cena makes his way out.

Cena says that Orton can't compare to Flair in anyway.

Cena says that if Orton wants to fight they can do it right now.

Orton decides to retreat as Flair and Cena hug it out in the ring.


JBL and Cole rocking some old school jackets as they give us a video package of the situation last week with Bryan and the Wyatt's.


The debut of Daniel Bryan as a member of the Wyatt Family.

He steps into the lantern light so he is barely visible and walks lock step with Bray.

Wyatt Family  vs Rey Mysterio and the Usos

Result: Mysterio and the Usos win by pinfall


  • The crowds chanting NO! NO! NO! at the Wyatt Family.
  • Harper and Uso trading early blows but they quickly tag in Bryan and Mysterio
  • Mysterio is saying "It's not you" and point out the crowd's desire for him
  • Bryan with a viscious set of knees in response
  • Mysterio sends Bryan to the outside as we head to commercial break
  • Back from break and Rowan is throwing haymakers at an Usos before tagging in Bryan
  • Bryan with a brutal series of kicks and then ties up the Uso in the ropes before hitting a running dropkick to his back
  • Bryan tags back in Rowan who continues the haymakers
  • The Usos gets the hot tag to Mysterio
  • Rowan goes for a big slam but Rey counters it into a hurricarana and sets up the 619
  • He tags in an Uso before hitting the 619 and the Usos hits a splash off the top rope
  • Rowan gets to the corner and Bryan tags himself in
  • Harper then immeadately tags himself in
  • Bryan and Harper with some tense looks
  • Harper goes for a slam after turning away from Bryan but gets rolled up for the pin
The faces quickly bail before the Wyatts can attack them.


Maddox in the back and he states we are getting a Sandow-Khali rematch because of the shoddy officiating last week,

WWE App vote for the special guest referee- Backlunad, Anderson, or Slaughter.

Kane comes in and asks Maddox if he has somethign to actually say to his face.

Maddox says that Kane better not be threatening him.

Kane goes all executive and says of course not because that would violate such and such subsection of the HR Code but if Maddox got Kane fired then he would come back as the monster and destroy him.


Big E Langston walking in the back and he passes Nikolai Volkoff singing the Soviet National Anthem, The Million Dollar Man (with the Million Dollar Belt) chatting it up with Aksana, and then IRS!



Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel

Result: Big E wins by pinfall


  • Ryback is on commentary
  • Axel with some early punches and goes for a crossbody but Langston catches him mid air and hits some backbreakers
  • Axel responds with fire and a series of strikes and slams
  • Langston starts to make his comeback but Ryback provides a mini distraction that provides temporary relief for Axel
  • Langston drops the straps after his runs over Axel
  • Big Ending for the win.  Surprisingly quick match


Piper's Pit with the Shield!

He can't get out much before the Roddy chants drown him out.

He tries to get going again but out comes the Shield

Ambrose with a new jacket

Ambrose and Piper going back and forth on the mic.

It's just too awesome to do it justice.

Ambrose says if the Shield had been around during his days he wouldn't have made it to 112 years old.

Piper says it's Piper's Pit, not Ambrose Alley.

Piper says that the only man who can match him on the mic is CM Punk

Ambrose gets in his face and isn't pleased.

Rollins holds Ambrose back and says that Piper is jealous because he was never the champion that Ambrose is.

Ambrose then does a little cat walk to show the title off.  Awesome.

Piper responds with the fact that Punk has beat Ambrose and Rollins solo and if Reigns does it that means he must be better than them.

Piper then touches Reigns and he gets up and says that if Piper touches him again he will "break his old ass in half.

Ambrose and Rollins are egging him on and say they need to leave an impression.

Punk and the New Age Outlaws hit the ring to make the save!

Quick brawl and the Shield is retreats through the crowd.


Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio

Result: ADR wins by pinfall


  • The two trade some early counters
  • Sin Cara gets a Tornado DDT coutner by Del Rio into a back breaker
  • Sin Cara hurricarna and then a backhand spring elbow
  • Sin Cara goes for the Swanton but Del Rio dodges it and then hits a superkick for the win
  • I don't think that went even 3 minutes
Del Rio says that people shouldn't be talking about Batista in the hype for the Rumble.  He says that they should be talking about him as he is going to demolish Batista and throw him out on his way to victory.


Bryan in the back with Harper and Rowan.

He is lecturing the two about how he can teach those two because he has been champion before.

Bryan says that next week he should team with one of them but Bray pops in and says that won't be necessary because it will be Bray and Bryan teaming up.


Rhodes Bros vs Real Americans

Result: Rhodes Bros win by pinfall


  • Goldie with some early chicanery on Swagger that leads to an atomic drop
  • Cesaro tags in and eats one himself before Goldie tags in his bro and they hit a double suplex
  • Rhodes Bros continue with a series of quick tags in the corner to keep up the assault on Cesaro
  • Cesaro able to drive Goldie into the RA corner and Swagger tags him in
  • Colter with a Wile E. Coyoteesque sign
  • RA with the quick tags now and they hit a series of team slams
  • Goldie makes it back to the corner after a gorgeous Goldierrana and tags in Cody who hits a missle dropkick to Cesaro
  • Cody then hits a disaster kick to Swagger on the apron but he turn around into a viscious upper cut from Cesar as we head to break
  • Back from break and they show us a PIP of Cesaro hitting the swing on Cody
  • Cesaro with some uppercuts to Cody before tagging in Swagger
  • Swagger stops a Cody charge to the corner and tags in Swagger
  • They try for a double team maneuver but Cody kicks them both hard
  • He slowly makes it to the corner but Cesaro sends Goldie off the apron with a runnign uppercut
  • He then hits one to the back of Cody's head
  • Cesaro goes for a spear in the corner but Cody dodges
  • Cesaro tags to Swagger
  • Swagger counters a disater kick with a slam and then an ankle lock
  • Cody gets the rope and then makes the tag
  • Goldie with a big crossbody to both the Real Americans
  • Goldy with the curtain call to Swagger for the win


Booker T and DDP talking about some yoga.

DDP shows off and bit and then Booker tries to demonstrate Booker T yoga.  He looks like he is about to put his back out as he just stands there and strains.

Ron Simmons with a timely DAMN!


Damien Sandow vs Greath Khali with Rajin Signh (well that's certainly a surprise)

Result: Great Khali wins by pinfall


  • Special guest referee will be Sgt. Slaughter who is rocking old school ref gear
  • Khali with some early stomps and chops
  • Sandow finally gets some offense in with an elbow and then stomps of his own
  • Khali with a big boot and then some clotheslines
  • Chop to the head gets Khali the win
Sandow is arguing with Slaughter because he had his foot on the rope.  Slaughter ignores him and they get into a shouting match.

Cobra Clutch from Slaughter!

Khali, Singh, and Slaughter all dance together.  It takes some cajoling to get Slaughter to do it


Lensar and Heyman make their way to the ring.

Heyman pronounces that once again Lesnar is the number one contender.

He says that Lesnar wants to express his dismay at the entire concept of old school.

Trotting out legends isn't old school, but two guys going mano y mano to be the man is old school.

Heyman name drops Sammartino, Hogan, and Stone Cold as being the guys who reigned supreme with everyone wanting to unseat them.

Heyman says that no matter who emerges from the Rumble as champ, they will be demolished by Lesnar.

Heyman reminds us of the beatdown from last week that Lesnar gave Henry.

Heyman starts pimping the new slogan of Eat. Sleep Conquer. Repeat. that is on Lesnar's shirt.

Henry makes his way out again and Lesnar has the biggest grin on his face.

Lesnar with a quick Brock Lock to Henry's arm and then he "snaps it"

Henry is down and being attended to by medical staff as Lesnar bounces over him before peacing out.

As Lesnar hits the ramp, Big Show makes and appearance that sends Lesnar back into the ring to have fisticuffs.

Big Show on the apron and Brock is calling him out.

Show enters the ropes but Brock bails but not soon after charges back in but gets sent out when Show literally tosses him across the ring.

Lesnar is ready to go back in but Heyman says to save it for another day.


The Bellas vs Alicia Fox and Aksana

Result: Alicia Fox and Aksana win by pinfall


  • Nothing.  It was quick and bad with Aksana getting the pin after Nikki missed a missile dropkick


3MB vs Rikiski and Too Cool

Result: Rikishi and Too Cool win by pinfall


  • GM Sexxay with a dropkick to Mahal and then a running bulldog
  • Tags to Mahal and Scotty 2 Hotty
  • Big dropkick from Hotty and then he busts out the worm!
  • Hotty with some popping and locking
  • Slater with the distraction and Hotty gets laid out by a big boot from McIntyre
  • Stomps from McIntyre then a tag to Mahal
  • A couple of slams from Mahal and McIntyre is back into to lay out Hotty a few more times
  • Hotty is able to get the hot tag to Rikishi as he takes out Mahal and McIntyre
  • Slater is able to dodge a Rikishi attack
  • McIntyre and Mahal with some stomp in the corner to Rikishi
  • GM Sexxay with the hip hip hop drop
  • Rikishi sits on Mahal for the win


The Godfather comes out to join all of the other old timers that appeared tonight.

They give a shout out to each one individually.

Bad News Barrett's podium arises and he pounds hsi gavel for attention.

Barrett says that flea markets everywhere are panicing because they are missing all of the legends signing 25 yr old photos for seven people who still like them.

He mentions that the legends will fade and no one will remember as he cackles maniacally

Great job by Barrett as they are starting to find ground with BNB.


Mean Gene comes out and brings up his hotline.  Awesome.

He introduces the NAO and they do their schtick.

They then bring out CM Punk.

Shield comes out and it's time for a match.

CM Punk vs Roman Reigns

Result: Reigns wins by pinfall


  • The two with some lockups and a quick exchange of blows as we head to break early
  • Back from break and Rollins is tossing Punk into the post from the apron.  This leads to a face off between the rest of the Shield and NAO
  • They show a clip of Reigns ragdolling Punk and hitting a sick clothesline on him during the break
  • Reigns with some ground and pound
  • After grinding his foot into Punk, Reigns picks him up and punches him a few times
  • Punk escapes a press attempt and tries to hit a running knee but Reigns catches him in a bear hug to do damage to Punk's injured ribs
  • Reigns goes for the Superman punch but Punk dodges and lands a head kick that drops Reigns
  • Rollins has to hold Ambrose back from attacking NAO
  • Punk with a series of kicks when they both recover and then a swinging neckbreaker
  • Punk with the running knee in the corner and then a big elbow
  • Ambrose is taunting Punk as he goes up for the elbow drop
  • Reigns with some punches to Punk and then he goes up to go for a superlex but Punk fights him off
  • Punk hits the flying elbow
  • Punk teases the GTS and Ambrose hops up on the apron
  • Dogg takes him down but Ambrose takes him out, Gunn then put Ambrose into the steps which cause Rollins to take out Gunn
  • Punk with a suicide dive to Rollisn and then he goes up top
  • Axe handle attempt but he eats a Superman punch mid air! Two count
  • Reigns with a spear attempt but Punk leapfrogs him and tries for a roll up for two
  • Punk with a head kick for two
  • Punk with a GTS attempt but Reigns elbows out
  • Running knee and Ambrose hops up on the apron for the distraction
  • Reigns with the Spear off the distraction for the win
As the Shield celebrates its JAKE THE SNAKE!!!!

Shield and Outlaws start to brawl.  Reigns and Rollins get sent out as Ambrose eats a GTS.


Ambrose tries to hold back a smile as Jake takes a hold of Damien and circles the snake's head all around Dean's

Roberts celebrating with Damien as we fade to black



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