WWE Raw results, live blog for Jan. 20, 2014: Batista returns, Royal Rumble go home show


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 20, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Dayton, Ohio, featuring the return of Batista and the go home show to the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in Pittsburgh.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 20, 2014) from the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio, featuring the go home show to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Advertised for tonight: All the closing angles to the second biggest event of the year this weekend, the return of Batista, an update on Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar is back to address his beef with Big Show, and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


HHH and Stephanie out to start things off.

He hypes the Royal Rumble as the start of Wrestlemania season.

HHH is seemingly about to introduce Batista when out comes Orton to interupt.

Stephanie gets on him quickly before he has much to say.

She brings up the Network and then replays the video of his loss to Kingston last week and his attack of Cena's father.

The Authority isn't pleased with his behavior because of all the eyes that were upon them thanks to the Network.

She gets in his face and calls his actions unbecoming of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and such behavior won't be tolerated.

She threatens stripping him of the titles and firing him if he keeps it up.

Orton immediately shifts the blame to the Authority.

He says the rematch with Cena and bring back Lesnar and Batista has been nothing but disrespect.

The Network wouldn't exist without Orton and if he had to go back in time he would do it again.

HHH proceeds to lecture Orton about how to conduct himself with his rage.  HHH has faith in Orton, but apparently has lost faith in himself.  HHH quickly turned this into a pep talk and wants to help him course correct.

HHH gives Orton a rematch with Kingston.

He says that he has to make it right with John Cena tonight.

Cue Batista's music.

The Animal is now back on Monday Night Raw.

Batista kisses the ring as the crowd chants his name.

HHH and Stephanie bail, leaving Orton in there with Batista.

Orton extends his hand out and Batista just says "Hello, Randy" without shaking his hand.

Batista is going to explain why he has returned since Orton has questions.

He says he has simply come back for the championship.

He doesn't care who is holding the title, because he is back to win the Rumble, become the champion, and headline Wrestlemania.

Batista drops the mic and leaves.


The Shield vs Big E Langston and Rhodes Bros

Result: Shield wins by pinfall


  • Ambrose works some quick strikes on Big E before tagging in Rollins
  • Rollins gets gorilla pressed by Langston who tags in Goldy
  • Goldy with a back body drop, uppercut, inverted atomic drop, and a brutal kick to the head
  • Tags in Cody who comes off the top rope onto Rollins arm
  • Delayed vertical suplex from Cody
  • The Rhodes Bros with a series of quick tags to keep Rollins isolated
  • Disaster Kick attempt from Cody is dodged
  • Rollins bails to the outside and Cody goes off the top rope with a huge splash to the outside
  • The rest of the Shield chases him back into the ring as we head to break
  • Back from break and Reigns is taking it to Cody
  • Cody dodges a Reigns charge and hits the Disaster Kick
  • Tags to both Ambrose and Langston
  • Langston rungs over Ambrose and then hits a Belly to Belly
  • Reigns tries to interfere but gets clotheslined out of the ring by Langston
  • Big E goes for the Big Ending but Rollins pulls Ambrose down but gets tossed out
  • Ambrose off the second rope with an ax handle but gets caught in a Belly to Belly
  • Splash from Langston gets a two count as Reigns break up the tag
  • Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but eats a Superman punch
  • Goldy tries to take out Reigns but eats a spear
  • Langston takes out Reigns
  • Rollins tags himself in and hits a Blackout for the win


Daniel Bryan out to the ring now and the crowd is eating him up.

"And some people say I shouldn't be the face of this company"

Bryan says that he took the journey into the Wyatt's family so that he could have that one moment to take him down.

That moment was last week inside of the steel cage.

Last week he became the buzzard and chewed on the carcus of Bray Wyatt.

Bryan says he heard that HArper and Rowan will be in the Rumble so that leaves Wyatt available for a showdown with Bryan.

Bryan leads the crowd in YES! chants before the lights go out and Wyatt appears on the titantron.

Wyatt says that Bryan didn't expose Wyatt, he exposed himself as a coward and a traitor.

I can't keep up with the genius his is laying out.

"You took your free wings and flew right back into the cage"

Wyatt says that Bryan should go home and hug his mother because it may be his last chance.

Both men absolutely killed it there.

The crowd chants Daniel Bryan as we head to break.


Fandango vs Xavier Woods

Result: Fandango wins by pinfall


  • R-Truth on commentary
  • Woods comes out and takes it to Fandango with a series of strikes
  • Fandango dodges a Woods splash attempt and then hits the top rope leg drop for the win.  Over in a blink of an eye
Emma sighting as Truth goes to check on Woods


Kane and Maddox talking in the back.

Stephanie comes in and dismissed Maddox.

She lectures Kane about his chokeslam on CM Punk.

She's says that it was a risk bringing him on as management and he can't do something like that again.

Kane apologizes to Steph and she says that he also must apologize to CM Punk.


Kane out to the ring and he asks for Punk to come out to the ring.

Punk obliges him.

Kane apologizes to Punk and says it was wrong of him to chokeslam Punk.

Punk says he didn't hear it and asks for it again.

Kane apologizes again.

Punk then attacks Kane and sets him out of the ring.

Kane is about to retaliate when Maddox comes out and stops Kane.

He books Punk in a match against Billy Gunn.

CM Punk vs Billy Gunn

Result: CM Punk wins by pinfall


  • Road Dogg on commentary
  • Punk with the early control after some elbows and stomps in the corner
  • He whips Gunn into the other corner and Gunn bails to the outside
  • Punk follows him out and tosses him into the apron
  • Punk makes a move towards Road Dogg and Gunn takes him out from behind as we head to break
  • Back from break and Punk is landing some forearms and then a sleeper hold
  • Gunn with a counter slam and then a sleeper of his own
  • Gunn with a dropkick and then a crotch chop which gives Punk time to land a roundhouse kick
  • As Gunn bails to the outside to recover, Punk goes to the announce table and hits a splash over it to Dogg.  He follows up with some punches before heading back into the ring
  • Punk with a crotch chop and then a running knee to Gunn
  • Gunn pushes him away but he ends up taking out Road Dogg on the apron
  • Gunn with a gunslinger for two
  • Gunn misses with a splash in the corner and Punk goes up top
  • Dogg drags out Gunn so punk hits a suicide dive to Dogg
  • Gunn with a clothesline and tosses him back into the ring
  • Gunn misses with the Fameasser and gets hit with a GTS to end the match
Maddox congratulates Punk and then Kane steals the mic from him.

Kane then announces that Punk will be the Number 1 entrant in the Rumble.


Shot of Heyman and Lesnar entering the arena as we head to break


Amazing Mae Young remembrance package that is narrated by Stephanie McMahon.


Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio



  • ADR side headlock slam
  • Series of lucha inspired exchanges from the two
  • ADR with a face buster onto to the ropes
  • ADR misses with a running dropkick through the rope
  • Mysterio with a springboard moonsault to ADR on the outside
  • Back in the ring and Mysterio hits a baseball slide to the crotch of ADR
  • ADR gets Mysterio tied up in the ropes and hits a brutal stomp to the head
  • ADR takes it to the outside and kicks Mysterio's (who is still tied up in the ropes) head into the steel steps
  • ADR tosses him into the ring and comes off the top rope with a stomp for a two count
  • Titl a whirl backbreaker
  • ADR sends Mysterio to the outside as we head to break
  • Back from the break and ADR is torqueing Mysterio around the ring post
  • He tries to follow up with some strikes buy Mysterio counters
  • Mysterio goes for a splash in the corner but ADR dodges and Mysterio goes shoulder first into the post
  • ADR tries to do the same but Mysterio dodges for some Kharmic retribution
  • Mysterio comes off the top rope as a missile into ADR
  • Hurricarana and then a seated senton off the top rope from Mysterio for a two count
  • ADR with a powerslam and then the superkick
  • He picks Mysterio up form another slam but Rey counters with a hurricarana and then a 619
  • Rey with a splash off the top rope but ADR grabs the rope to break up the count
  • Mysterio goes up top again but ADR counters the splash attempt with a slam
  • ADR with the arm bar for the win
As ADR celebrates out comes Batista.

The stare each other down and ADR makes the first move.

Batista immediately slams ADR and then follows it up with a jacknife Powerbomb.

He probably couldn't do the Batista Bomb because of his skinny jeans.


Big Show out now.

He does some Heyman impressions and then calls out Lesnar.

Heyman and Lesnar quickly oblige.

Lesnar makes his way to the ring but then laughs and walks away.

Show gets the mic and baits Lesnar back to the ring.

Lesnar makes his way in and tries to take him down but Show gutwrench tosses Lesnar right out of the ring.  Damn that was impressive.

Lesnar tears apart the announce table and then takes hold of a chair and bashes it repeatedly into the table.

Heyman with a distraction and Lesnar tries to make it into the ring.

Show stomps on the chair to prevent Lesnar from getting in.

Lesnar tosses a tv monitor into the ring and then Show taunts him with the chair.

Lesnar and Heyman start to leave as the two continue to exchange words.


Clip from the app of AJ's celebration of being the longest reigning Diva's Champion.

Barrett delivers her some bad news.  No one showed up for her party because no ones likes her and she is universally reviled.

She screams a bunch and Matthews tries to get an interview.  She throws a cake at him but it hits Tamina.


AJ and Tamina vs the Funkadactyls

Result: Funkadactyls win by pinfall


  • Tamina with some early strikes to Cameron
  • She tags in AJ quickly who hits a neckbreaker and then a chinlock
  • AJ drags Cameron back into the corner and Tamina tags herself in
  • Tamina with some muay thai knees and then whips Cameron into the corner
  • Cameron with a big boot and then a hot tag to Naomi
  • Naomi with a front flip elbow attack
  • Hurricarana and then a corkscrew suppercut from the top rope
  • Tamina with a big boot and then tags in AJ
  • AJ skips her way over to Naomi right into a roll up for the win.
AJ scream a lot after the match.


Royal Rumble package and then a Martin Luther King Jr. package.


The Usos vs the Wyatt Family

Result: Usos win by pinfall


  • Harper with a series of brutal chops to start things off before he tags in Rowan
  • Rowan with some viscious forearms and stomps
  • Rowan tags in Harper who sends the Uso to the outside
  • He follows him out and misses a chop and hits the ring post
  • The Usos takes advatage with a series of forearms and kicks
  • He tags in his brother who comes off the apron with a splash to the outside
  • Series of kicks leads to sending Harper back to the inside
  • The two trade some haymakers before the Usos traps Harper in the ropes and tags in his brother
  • Uso lands a big punch and then hits a splash off the top rope
  • Rowan breaks up the pin attempt and tosses the Uso into the corner
  • Harper with a big boot in the corner and then he tags in Rowan
  • Rowan with a series of slams and stomps before tagging back in Harper
  • Uso with a kick and he goes up top for a moonsault but Harper shoves him off into the barricade as we head to break
  • Back from break and Harper has a side head lock after some stomps in the corner
  • Usos punches he way out but Harper quickly runs him over and then launches the Uso into the second rope
  • Wyatt gets the mic and asks is this not what they paid for?  He says that this is what waits for our hero Bryan.  He is walking into a meat grinder at the Rumble and they are the Reapers.  Hell awaits Bryan.
  • Uso fights his way out and hits a corkscrew moonsault and gets the hot tag
  • Uso is flying all over the place in between pepeering kicks
  • Samoan Drop and then the ass into the corner
  • He hits a superkick on Rowan off the apron.  The other Uso hits an over the rope splash
  • Original Uso goes for a suicide dive but Harper takes him out
  • Uso goes up top but Harper dodge and then hits a sitout powerbomb
  • Bray heads toward the ring but Bryan makes his way out and takes out Bray from behind!
  • Harper gets rolled up thanks to the reaction


Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston



  • Orton comes out like a maniac with some whips and then a spinning back elbow
  • Orton takes a break to taunt so Kofi takes advantage and mauls Orton before sending him to the outside
  • Kingston continues the assault on the outside but Orton is able to get control and puts Kofi's head into the announcer's table twice
  • Orton tosses Kingston back in and gets a two count
  • Kingston fights back with a flurry of kicks but Orton counters with a huge slam and then Orton does the you can't see me gesture
  • Suplex and a scoop slam from Orton
  • Orton goes for the draping DDT but Kofi counters into the SOS for a two count
  • Orton lays out Kingston with a big elbow
  • They cut to footage of the backstange entrance and Cena is making his way into the ring
  • Kingston just holds on to Orton's as Cena finally hits the ramp
  • Cena and Orton quickly brawl into the crowd
  • Orton tries to bail up the steps but Cena follows him up and almost hits the AA
  • Orton escapes and continues his ascent up the stairs
  • Cena continues to give chase as they brawl their way into a skybox
  • Orton makes his way past the concessions and to a care on the outside that drives away
  • Cena makes his way back into the hallway and then the arena to celebrate with the fans




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